Proceedings of the American Forestry Congress ..., Issue 9

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American Forestry Association, 1891 - Forests and forestry

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Page 88 - May. 1840-44 29.88 42.62 51.22 1850-54 30.24 40.06 50.68 1860-64 29.02 40.80 52.86 . 1870-74 27.24 40.18 53.36 This undoubted fact causes what is termed a late spring, the period for growth and development of the plant being shorter than formerly. The temperature of May, the first month of real growth, is now warmer than formerly, by an average of nearly two degrees. The growth is thus apparently forced unnaturally to make up for loss in April, but the attempt is rendered futile by an undue dryness,...
Page 35 - ... investigative operations for which topographical maps are essential. If the reduction to $7,800,000 is allowed to stand, not only will the Survey have departed further from a logical long-range program for the completion of the mapping of the United States, but it will not be able to fulfill commitments made by the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of War for the immediate mapping of areas vitally important to national defense. The present gap between map needs and map production will...
Page 57 - Superior shore of the general level of the country for several miles inland, northward the rise towards the height of land, between the waters of the St. Lawrence and those of Hudson Bay, is so slight as to be scarcely perceptible on the various rivers. A Region of Hills and Valleys In general the surface of the country, with its broken ridges, alternating wit!> narrow linear valleys, may be spoken of as hilly.
Page 34 - ... reservoirs; water stored for future use is on the same basis as diverted water. The chairman and secretary are requested to furnish copies of this statement to the chairman of the Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation of the Public Lands Committee of the United States Senate and to the chairman of the subcommittee of the Public Lands Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States, to the Secretary of the Interior, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, and to the...
Page 23 - The report of the special committee which had been appointed ' ' To consider the report of the Executive Committee, and the best means of securing some practical result from the work of the Association," was then read by the chairman of the special committee, Mr.
Page 57 - Lake St. John," East and West, the territory watered by the Saguenay and the whole of its tributaries. ' ' The Saguenay Agency ' ' comprises all that part of the Northern basin of the river and gulf of St. Lawrence from the Saguenay to Ause au Blanc Sablon, at the Eastern extremity of the Province. The others, of much less importance, are the "Gaspe," East and West, " Bona venture,'-' East and West, " Rirnouski," East and West, " Grandville," "Montmagny," Beauce, " Arthabaska,
Page 9 - ARTICLE 2. The objects of this Association shall be the discussion of subjects relating to tree-planting, the conservation, management, and renewal of forests, and the climatic and other influences that affect their welfare ; the collection of forest statistics ; and the advancement of educational, legislative, or other measures tending to the promotion of these objects.
Page 87 - ... or, between the 1st and 4th periods there was a total decrease of 63.95 inches, or a yearly difference of 12.79 inches. The total moisture is divided as follows : — * TOTAL RAIN FALL. 1840-44 191.020 inches. 1850-54 137.999 „ 1860-64 131.706 „ 1870-74 113.150 ., or, between the 1st and 4th periods there was a total decrease of 77.87 inches, or a yearly difference of 16.35 inches.
Page 92 - ... indeed, is a profound disorganization of the nervous mechanism that presides over the temperature of the body ; and that this upsetting of the heat-regulating centre is likely to happen when the body has been exposed during the day to extreme solar heat and to fatigue, and...
Page 9 - Committee and shall be custodian of all documents, books and collections ordered to be preserved. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Association and...

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