The (Kirby's) Wonderful and scientific (eccentric) museum, Volume 6

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Page 185 - Not so Tiney ; upon him the kindest treatment had not the least effect. He too was sick, and in his sickness had an equal share of my attention ; but if, after his recovery, I took the liberty to stroke him, he would grunt, strike with his fore feet, spring forward, and bite.
Page 32 - I will arise and go to my father, and say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy son : make me as one of thy hired servants.
Page 184 - ... repast. I had not long habituated him to this taste of liberty, before he began to be impatient for the return of the time when he might enjoy it. He would invite me to the garden by drumming upon my knee, and by a look of such expression as it was not possible to misinterpret. If this rhetoric did not immediately succeed, he would take the skirt of my coat between his teeth, and pull at it with all his force.
Page 186 - It is no wonder that my intimate acquaintance with these specimens of the kind, has taught me to hold the sportsman's amusement in abhorrence : he little knows what amiable creatures he persecutes, of what gratitude they are capable, how cheerful they are in their spirits, what enjoyment they have of life, and that, impressed as they seem with a peculiar dread of man, it is only because man gives them peculiar cause for it.
Page 184 - ... upon my knee. He was ill three days, during which time I nursed him, kept him apart from his fellows, that they might not molest him, (for, like many other wild animals, they persecute one of their own species that is sick,) and by constant care, and trying him with a variety of herbs, restored him to perfect health. No creature could be more grateful than my patient after his recovery...
Page 207 - The more the king and his ministers were determined to give into the illusion, the more scruples they pretended. An assembly of grave doctors and theologians cautiously examined Joan's mission, and pronounced it undoubted and supernatural. She was sent to the parliament, then...
Page 213 - It was in vain even for the English generals to oppose with their soldiers the prevailing opinion of supernatural influence: they themselves were...
Page 256 - ... below. All that possibly could, got upon deck, but from the crowd and confusion that prevailed, the orders of the officers and master to the soldiers and seamen were unavailing; death staring every one in the face; the ship striking on the rocks, as though she would instantly upset. The shrieking and pressing of the people to the starboard side was so violent, that several were much hurt.
Page 405 - May it please your Lordship, Gentlemen of the Jury, my learned friend...
Page 218 - The ceremony of his coronation was here performed with the holy oil, which a pigeon had brought to King Clovis from heaven on the first establishment of the French monarchy. The Maid of Orleans stood by his side in...

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