A Peep at the Western World: Being an Account of a Visit to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada, and the United States

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J.R. Smith, 1863 - Canada - 126 pages

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Page 87 - God hath set His rainbow on thy forehead : and the cloud Mantled around thy feet. And he doth give Thy voice of thunder, power to speak of him Eternally — bidding the lip of man Keep silence — and upon thy rocky altar pour Incense of awe-struck praise.
Page 87 - Tis meet for them, To touch thy garment's hem, and lightly stir The snowy leaflets of thy vapor-wreath, For they may sport unharmed amid the cloud, Or listen at the echoing gate of heaven, Without reproof. But as for us, it seems Scarce lawful, with our broken tones, to speak Familiarly of thee. Methinks, to tint Thy glorious features with our pencil's point, Or woo thee to the tablet of a song, Were profanation. Thou dost make the soul A wondering witness of thy majesty, But as it presses with delirious...
Page 87 - The morning stars, that hail'd creation's birth, Heard thy hoarse anthem mixing with their song Jehovah's name; and the dissolving fires, That wait the mandate of the day of doom To wreck the earth, shall find it deep inscribed Upon thy rocky scroll. The lofty trees That list thy teachings, scorn the lighter lore Of the too fitful winds; while their young leaves Gather fresh greenness from thy living spray, Yet tremble at the baptism. Lo ! yon birds, How bold they venture near, dipping their wing...
Page 102 - From the dam the aqueduct proceeds, sometimes tunnelling through solid rocks, crossing valleys by embankments and brooks by culverts, until it reaches Harlem river. It is built of stone, brick, and cement, arched over and under...
Page 85 - Earth's emerald green, and many tinted dyes. The fleecy whiteness of the upper skies; The tread of armies thickening as they come, The boom of cannon and the beat of drum; The brow of beauty and the form of grace, The passion and the prowess of our race; The song...
Page 53 - Brave youth ; the fairest in the list of Fame ; Proud of thy Birth, we boast th' auspicious year, Struck with thy Fall we shed a general tear; With humble grief inscribe one artless stone, And from thy matchless Honors date our own.
Page 87 - The insect trump that tells her trifling joys Or fleeting triumphs, 'mid the peal sublime Of thy tremendous hymn. Proud Ocean shrinks Back from thy brotherhood, and all his waves Retire abash'd. For he hath need to sleep, Sometimes, like a spent labourer, calling...
Page 20 - They had their lodges in the wilderness, Or built them cells beside the shadowy sea, And there they dwelt with angels, like a dream : So they unroll'd the volume of the Book, And fill'd the fields of the Evangelist With antique thoughts, that breath'd of Paradise.
Page 38 - TO THE WEST! TO THE WEST! TO the West ! to the West ! to the land of the free, Where mighty Missouri rolls down to the sea, Where a man is a man, if he's willing to toil, And the humblest may gather the fruits of the soil.
Page 53 - George in sorrow bows his laurel'd head, And bids the Artist grace the Soldier dead, We raise no sculptur'd Trophy to thy name, Brave youth ; the fairest in the list of Fame ; Proud of thy Birth, we boast th...

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