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First, Nupe was not an Islamic state at the time of Elempe.
Nupe was an indigenous African civilization.
Second, these are histories written by scholars who speak no Yoruba language.
History, as you know, is the terrain of ideological battles.
It is always slanted to reflect the interest of the conquering party.
When Yoruba history is written by an ideologically savvy Yoruba scholar, a different page will turn about these narratives. meanwhile, you may keep consuming western propaganda

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rubish book where did you see your Sango is or was a muslim ? Another f0olish propaganda book. muslim propaganda book.
sango was never and will never be a muslim. if not for one omo ale that turned
kwara to what it is today. Sango was a warrior that kep the oyo empire together and was never a muslim as he himself is a God. 

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