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March—May, 1907

Volume 46



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March-MAY, 1907

BATES, KATHARINE LEE. A Reading Journey in English Counties,

19, 145, 271.

Birrell, Augustine, 96.

BROOKS, JOHN GRAHAM. William Ewart Gladstone, 329.

Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelites, 69.

C. L. S. C. Round Table: Oxford, 115; Thyrsis, Rhodes Scholars

at Oxford, 116; A Chautauqua Tragedy, Literary Diversions,

117; Programs, 118; News from Readers and Circles, 121; New

Points of View of War, 240; Program for Peace Meeting,

A Year's Progress Towards Peace, 241; A Shakespeare Mus-

ical Program, 243; 1907's Class Banner, 245; Program, 247;

News from Readers and Circles, 249; Class of 1907, 364; 1907

Class Pin, 364; The Author of “Rational Living,” 366; Notice

to Class of 1907, 367; Collections of English Poetry, 368; Class

of 1900, 369; A New Browning Course, 369; A Modern Atlas,

369; Programs, 370; News from Readers and Circles, 372.

England, Child Labor Legislation in, 217:

England Progress in Elementary Education in, 336.

England, Memory Kodaks of, 79.

English Counties, A Reading Journey in (Illustrated): The Cots-

wolds, 19; Oxford, 30. The Counties of the Severn Valley,

145. The Sea Group: Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall, 271.

English Men of Fame: Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelites, 69;

Benjamin Jowett, Teacher, Platonist and Scholar, 205. Wil-

liam Ewart Gladstone, 329:

English Paintings, Representative: “Ecce Ancilla Domrini” (Ros-

setti), 103; “The Huguenot" (Millais), 226; “Love and Death"

(Watts), 340.

"Filius," Memory Kodaks of England, 79.

Garden City Movement, The, 87.

Gladstone, William Ewart, 329.

GRABO, Carl H. Arnold Toynbee, 342.

Highways and Byways, 3, 131, 257.

HUYCK, EMILY Niles. The Bower, 356.

INGRAHAM, HENRY, Augustine Birrell, 96.

Jowett, Benjamin, Teacher, Platonist and Scholar, 205.

LAVELL, CECIL FAIRFIELD. Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelites, 69.

Library Shelf, 105, 233, 357.

LOVEJOY, Owen R. Child Labor Legislation in England, 217.

News Summary, 128, 254, 377:

Reading Journey in English Counties, A. (See English Counties.)

SHOREY, Paul. Benjamin Jowett, Teacher, Platonist and Scholar,


STEVENS, W. BERTRAND. Representative English Paintings, 103, 226,

Vesper Hour, III, 229, 352.
VINCENT, CHANCELLOR, John H. The Vesper Hour, III, 229, 352.
WHITEHOUSE, John H. The Garden City Movement, 87; Progress

in Elementary Education in England, 336.

ILLUSTRATIONS. Adoration of the Magi, The (Burne-Jones-Morris), 20. Blessed Damozel, The (Rossetti), 67. . Burne-Jones, Edward, 68. CARTOONS: St. Augustine (Augustine Birrell), 96. Birrell's Buzzer.

99; Will They Bell the Cat, 140. The Two Dromios, 266; Rail

way Cartoon, 266. C. L. S. C. Round Table Illustrations: View near the Glommen,

Norway, 123; A Norwegian Saw-mill, 123; Sir Henry Irv. ing's Tomb, 242; Banner of C. L. S. C. Class of 1907, 244; Pine Tree of the C. L. S. C. Class of 1900, 366; Library, Hawarden,

365; Class Pin, C. L. S. C. Class of 1907, 365. English Counties, A Reading Journey in, Illustrations: Along the

Isis, 25; Magdalen College, Oxford, from the Meadows, 26; Reredos, All Souls College, 31; The Tower, Magdalen College, 32; Within the Quadrangle, Oriel College, 33; Dining Hall, Christ Church College, 34; Entr. nce to old Guild-Hall, Chipping Campden, 43; The Almshouse, Chipping Norton, 43; The King Stone of the Rollright Stones, 44; On a Gala Day, Broadway, 44; The Rollright Stones, 45; Blenheim, the Seat of the Churchill Family, 45; The Schools Tower. 47; Founder's Tower, Quadrangle, Magdalen College, 47; Porch of St. Mary the Virgin's Church, 47; Pulpit Built into the Walls of Magdalen College, 47; Chipping-Campden Church, 48; Oxford Cathedral, 48; Burne-Jones Window in Christ Church (Oxford Cathedral), 49; College Crew on the River, 50; High Street, Oxford, 50; New College Chapel and Tower and a part of the City Wall, 51; Iffley Church, Oxford, 51; Broad Walk, Christ Church College, 52; Addison's Walk, Magdalen College, 52; Tom Tower, Christ Church College, 53; Quadrangle of Christ Church College, 53; New College from the Garden, 54; Trinity College Chapel, 54; Merton College from the Fields; All Souls College and the Radcliffe Library, 55; Sheldonian Theater and Clarendon Building, 56: Keble College, 56; The Castle, Oxford, 57; Interior of the Bodleian Library, 57; Staircase to the Hall

, Christ Church, 58; Martyrs' Memorial, Oxford, 58; South Porch, Gloucester Cathedral, 157; On the Wye, 158; The Severn below the Quarry, 159; Ludlow Castle, 160; Tewkesbury Abbey, 161; Malvern from Beacon Hill, 162; Tintern Abbey, 171, 172; Cloister, Gloucester Cathedral, 173; Old Hatte Inn, Tewkesbury, 174; Old Houses, Shrewsbury, 174; Tablet to Miss Mulock, Tewkesbury, 175; Mortimer's Tower, Ludlow Castle, 175; Arthur's Tower, Ludlow Castle, 176; Hall, Ludlow Castle, 176; Lodge, Ludlow Castle, 177; The Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, 177; Suspension Bridge over the Avon at Clifton, 178; Battlefield, Tewkesbury, 178; Caerleon, 179; King John's Bridge over the Severn at Tewkesbury, 179; The Spire of Ross, 180; Abbey Mill, Tewkesbury, 180; Bridge over the Teme, Ludford, 181;

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