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Ferry over the Severn, Tewkesbury, 181; Preaching Cross, Coningsby Hospital, 182; Farmhouse, Wigmore Abbey, 182; At Tintern—Waiting for the Tide, 183; Wigmore AbbeyGatehouse used as Barn, 183; Old Church, Hereford, 184; West Facade, Gloucester Cathedral, 184; Bristol Cathedral, 185; Interior of Hereford Cathedral, 185; House of Abel Fletcher, 186; Abel Fletcher's Tannery, 186; Lizard Light, 256; Bishop's Palace, Wells Cathedral, 291; St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, 291; Bideford and Torridge Estuary, 292; St. Andrews, Clevedore, 292; Newquay Harbor, 293; Exeter Cathedral, 293; Drake's Statue, 294; Cross St. Buryan's, 294; St. Cleer's Well, 295; St. Colomb Minor, 295. Clovelly Court, 296; Country House, Falmouth, 296; Bay, Clovelly, 297; Boscastle, 297 ; Carn Brae, 298; Slate House, Tintagel, 298; Church Cove, Lizard, 299; Devon Cottage, 299; Fal at Malpas, 300; On the Fal, 301; Logan Rock, 302; Coast from Logan Rock, 302; Nave, Wells Cathedral, 303; St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury, 304; Harbor Plymouth, 305; Figureheads of Ships, Scilly Isles, 305; Street and Jacob's Ladder, Falmouth, 306; Coffee House, Exeter, 306; Entrance to Clovelly, 306; Clovelly, 315. Clovelly from Pier, 316;_Street, Clovelly, 317; Tintagel Castle, 318;

Arthur's Castle, Tintagel, 319; Land's End, 320. English Paintings, Representative: “Ecce Ancilla Domini" (Ros

setti), 101; "The Huguenot" (Millais), 227; “Love and Death”

(Watts), 351. Locking up the Tower : Nightly Ceremony in the Citadel of London,

12. MAPS : Oxfordshire, 21; Oxford, 46; Arrangement of Houses in Garden

City, 95; Severn Counties, 148; Southwestern Sea Counties, 274 PORTRAITS :

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 265.
Botha, General, 265.
Bryce, Mrs. James, 139.
Burdett-Coutts, Baroness, II.
Carducci, Giosue, 139.
Casimir-Perier, M., 265.
Choate, Joseph H., 263.
Davis, Gen. Geo. W., 265.
Higgins, Frank W. 11.
Hughitt, Marvin, II.
Jowett, Benjamin, 130.
Judson, Harry Pratt, 139.
King, Henry C., 366.
Lamsdorff, Count, 265.
McKenna, Reginald, 139.
Mitchell, John, II.
Mohammed Ali Merza (Shah of Persia), II.
Russell, Sir W. H., 139.
Smith, Hon. Herbert K., II.
Thring, Lord, 139.
Toynbee, Arnold, 345.

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The Chantamana Prese

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Adoration of the Magi..

-Frontispiece Highways and Byways........

3 The Jamestown Exposition and "Militarism.” Reform in Politics and Legislation. Railroads, Labor and Commerce. A New Ger. man Reichstag and New Tendencies. The Church-State Conflict in France. The Jamaica Earthquake and Anglo-American Rela. tions. England and a Channel Tunnel. News Notes from Abroad. From Punch. With Portraits of John Mitchell, Marvin Hughitt, Herbert K. Smith, Mohammed Ali Merza, Baroness Burdett-Coutts

and the late Governor Higgins. A Reading Journey In English Counties...... Katharine Lee Bates 19

The Cotswolds and Oxford. English Men of Fame.......

...Cecil F. Lavell 69 Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelites. Memory Kodaks of England...

.“Filius" 79 The Garden City Movement..

John H. Whitehouse 88 Augustine Birrell........

...Henry Ingraham 96 Representative English Paintings.

.W. Bertrand Stevens 101 Ecce Ancilla Domini. Library Shelf.........

105 The Vesper Hour..

..Chancellor John H. Vincent 111 C. L. S. C. Round Table..

.Conducted by Kate F. Kimball 114 News Summary




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THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI Tapestry in Exeter Chapel, Oxford, woven by William Morris after

a design by Burne-Jones.

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