"These from the Land of Sinim.": Essays on the Chinese Question

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Chapman & Hall, 1901 - China - 254 pages

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Page 119 - The position the Chinese take up may be said to be this : " We did not invite you foreigners here," they say ; " you crossed the seas of your own accord and more or less forced yourselves on us. We generously permitted the trade you were at first satisfied with, but what return did you make ? To the trade we sanctioned you added...
Page 122 - And yet all these things you compel us to grant you ; why can you not treat us as you treat others ? Were you to do so you would find us friendly enough, and there would be an end of this everlasting bickering and these continually recurring wars ; really you are too short-sighted, and you are forcing us to arm in selfdefence, and giving us grudges to pay off instead of benefits to requite.
Page 142 - ... they believe in right so firmly that they scorn to think it requires to be supported or enforced by might.
Page 53 - You are all too anxious to awake us and start us on a new road, and you will do It; but you will all regret it for, once awaking and started, we shall go fast and far— farther than you think — much farther than you want!
Page 142 - Honour thy father and thy mother" been so religiously obeyed, or so fully and without exception given effect to, and it is in fact the keynote of their family, social, official, and national life, and because it is so " their days are long in the land God has given them.
Page 142 - ... literature, and everywhere they have their literary clubs and coteries for learning and discussing each other's essays and verses ; they possess and practise an admirable system of ethics, and they are generous, charitable, and fond of good works; they never forget a...
Page 18 - Yameu that they knew nothing of the Taku occurrence — that they regretted any misunderstanding — and that they could not possibly quit, or make transport arrangements, on such short notice. A proposal to visit the Yamen in a body was set aside, but on the morning of the 20th Baron von Ketteler, the German Minister, attended by his interpreter, Mr. Cordes, set off for the Yamen alone : his colleagues advised him not to go, but he felt that, having announced his visit, he must pay it.
Page 55 - In fifty years' time there will be millions of Boxers in serried ranks and war's panoply at the call of the Chinese Government...
Page 8 - I, and men of the same stamp and standing, and their advice to the throne was to try conclusions with foreigners and yield no more to their demands. However mistaken may have been their reading of foreigners, and however wrong their manner of action, these men — eminent in their own country for their learning and services — were animated by patriotism, were enraged at foreign dictation, and had the courage of their convictions...
Page 121 - ... with them, and instead of the welcome their good intentions merit, localities and officials turn against them. When called on to indemnify them for losses, we find to our astonishment that it is the exactions of would-be millionaires we have to satisfy ! Your people are everywhere extra-territorialized ; but, instead of a grateful return for this ill-advised stipulation, they appear to act as if there were no laws in China, and this encourages native lawlessness and makes constant difficulties...

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