Independent Offices Appropriation Bill for 1947: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-ninth Congress, Second Session, on the Independent Offices Appropriation Bill for 1947 ...

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Page 107 - Interior, who shall transmit and dispose of such power and energy in such manner as to encourage the most widespread use thereof at the lowest possible rates to consumers consistent with sound business principles, the rate schedules to become effective upon confirmation and approval by the Federal Power Commission.
Page 852 - That such course shall be initiated not later than two years after either the date of his discharge or the termination of the present war...
Page 152 - To investigate, from time to time, trade conditions in and with foreign countries where associations, combinations, or practices of manufacturers, merchants, or traders, or other conditions, may affect the foreign trade of the United States, and to report to Congress thereon, with such recommendations as it deems advisable.
Page 151 - Commission shall also have power — (a) To gather and compile information concerning, and to investigate from time to time the organization, business, conduct, practices, and management of any corporation engaged in commerce, excepting banks and common carriers subject to the act to regulate commerce, and its relation to other corporations and to individuals, associations, and partnerships.
Page 81 - That the licensee shall pay to the United States reasonable annual charges in an amount to be fixed by the commission for the purpose of reimbursing the United States for the costs of the administration of this Act...
Page 59 - The bureau, when directed by the President, shall make a detailed study of the departments and establishments for the purpose of enabling the President to determine what changes (with a view of securing greater economy and efficiency in the conduct of the public service...
Page 107 - ... public bodies and cooperatives. The Secretary of the Interior Is authorized, from funds to be appropriated by the Congress, to construct or acquire, by purchase or other agreement, only such transmission lines and related facilities as may be necessary in order to make the power and energy generated at said projects available in wholesale quantities for sale on fair and reasonable terms and conditions to facilities owned by the Federal Government, public bodies, cooperatives, and privately owned...
Page 519 - Provided, That Joint Board members and cooperating State commissioners may use Government transportation requests when traveling in connection with their duties as such.
Page 152 - ... (f) To make public from time to time such portions of the information obtained 'by it hereunder, except trade secrets and names of customers, as it shall deem expedient in the public interest; and to make annual and special reports to the Congress and to submit therewith recommendations for additional legislation; and to provide for the publication of its reports and decisions in such form and manner as may be best adapted for public information and use.
Page 623 - Defence, their proximity and the complementary characteristics of their resources clearly indicate the advantages of coordinating their plans for industrial mobilization, in order that the most effective use may be made of the productive facilities of the two countries.

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