Annual Report, Volume 2

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Page 88 - Treasury proceeding from the sales of public lands, to be paid in equal quarterly payments, on the first day of January, April, July, and October in each...
Page 106 - ... the names and places of residence of the persons to be its directors until its first annual meeting, and the time for holding its annual meetings.
Page 109 - ... may apply to any judge of the supreme court in the judicial district in which such person resides, or in which the chief office of such corporation is situated, for a writ of certiorari, and upon the return of such writ the reasonableness of such decision shall be subject to review by the supreme court of this state.
Page 23 - The managers may take and hold in trust for the state any grant or devise of land, or any donation or bequest of money or other personal property, to be applied to the maintenance of insane persons and the general use of the state lunatic asylum. LAWS TO BE REPEALED. Official oath.— - 8. The superintendent, treasurer and steward of the asylum before entering...
Page 41 - If such woman, at the time of such commitment, shall be the mother of and have under her exclusive care a child more than one year of age, which might otherwise be left without proper care or guardianship, the magistrate committing such woman shall cause such child to be committed to such asylum as may be provided by law for such purposes, or to the care and custody of some relative or proper person willing to assume such care.
Page 43 - ... between the first day of November and the first day of April...
Page 2 - Existing laws relating to institutions referred to in the foregoing sections and to their supervision and inspection, in so far as such laws are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution, shall remain in force until amended or repealed by the Legislature. The visitation and inspection herein provided for shall not be exclusive of other visitation and inspection now authorized by law.
Page 2 - Board are to visit, inspect and maintain a general supervision of all institutions, societies or associations which are of a charitable, eleemosynary, correctional or reformatory character, whether State or municipal, incorporated or not incorporated, made subject to its jurisdiction by the Constitution and the statutes.
Page 9 - The commissioner or commissioners designated to make such investigation are hereby empowered to issue compulsory process for the attendance of witnesses and the production of papers, to administer oaths, and to examine persons under oath, and to exercise the same powers in respect to such proceeding as belong to referees appointed by the supreme court.
Page 40 - Such magistrate shall, before committing any such female, inquire into and determine the age of such female at the time of commitment, and her age as so determined shall be stated in the warrant. The statement of the age of such female in such warrant shall be conclusive evidence as to such age, in any action to recover damages for her detention or imprisonment under such warrant, and shall be presumptive evidence thereof in any other inquiry, action or proceeding relating to such detention or imprisonment.

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