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Page 2 - An Act relating to certain inspections and Investigations in coal mines for the purpose of obtaining information relating to health and safety conditions, accidents, and occupational diseases therein, and for other purposes...
Page 3 - ... garrison is supplied with coals, which is not far from the top. A fire being made by the workmen not far from the place where they dug the coal, and left burning when they went away, by the small dust communicated itself to the body of the coals and set it on fire, and has now been burning almost a twelve month entirely under ground, for the space of twenty yards or more along the face of the hill or rock, the way the vein of coal extends, the smoke ascending up through the chinks of the rocks....
Page 4 - To conduct surveys, investigations, and research relating to the character of soil erosion and the preventive measures needed, to publish the results of any such surveys, investigations, or research, to disseminate information concerning such methods, and to conduct demonstrational projects in areas subject to erosion by wind or water; 2.
Page 3 - The smoke arising out of this mountain appears to be much greater in rainy weather than at other times. The fire has already undermined some part of the mountain so that great fragments of it and trees with their roots are fallen down its face.
Page 2 - Intrinsically safe equipment and wiring are incapable of releasing sufficient electrical energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture.
Page 2 - Interior, to make diligent investigation of the methods of mining, especially in relation to the safety of miners, and the appliances best adapted to prevent accidents, the possible improvement of conditions under which mining operations are carried on, the treatment of ores and other mineral substances, the use of explosives and electricity, the prevention of accidents, and other inquiries and technologic investigations pertinent to said industries...

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