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full set of the Legislative Documents and Statutes of Nevada, including such of the printed documents and statutes of the Territory of Nevada as may be in the State Library for public distribution, and from time to time hereafter, as the same shall be published, to each of said Judges one copy of the Supreme Court Reports and one copy of the Legislative documents and statutes of the State, and to said Librarian two copies of each of said reports, documents and statutes.

Sec. 2. This Act shall take effect from and after its passage.

CHAP. IV.-An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to Con

solidate and Pay certain Indebtedness of the County of Ormsby,approved March 12, 1866.

[Approved February 4, 1871.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Section five of the aboveentitled Act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Section Five. On the first Monday of the next month after Opening of such notice has expired, or on the first day of the next regular proposals meeting of the Board of Commissioners of said county, after said der of bonds notice has so expired, the Auditor of said county, in the presence of said Board of Commissioners and of the County Treasurer, shall open said sealed proposals, and accept the lowest bids for the to be acceptsurrender of any bonds, warrants or legal claims, payable out of ed. said Redemption Fund of said county, to the full amount of money then in said fund; provided, that no bid asking a greater amount than the principal and interest then due upon such bond, Proviso. warrant or legal claim, shall be considered or accepted; nor shall any proposal be considered or accepted unless it be accompanied by the obligation or obligations of said county proposed to be surrendered; and, provided further, that when sealed proposals are opened, as above prescribed, if there be not a sufficient amount of obligations of said county offered, at not exceeding the amount of the principal and interest then due thereon, to exhaust the money then in said Redemption Fund of said county, the Treasurer of said county shall immediately give notice, for Notice of ten days, as required for sealed proposals, of the amount of maining in money remaining in said fund, and that the same will be applied to the payment of the then oldest outstanding obligations of said county (specifying them,) payable out of said fund, at par of principal and interest then due thereon; and shall state in such notice that the obligations specified in the notice will, if not presented and paid, cease to bear interest from and after the expiration of said notice; and the money so specified for their payment shall be reserved in the said fund for that purpose, until called Money to be for under such notice, provided it be called for within two years; and if not so called for within two years after such notice,





When to be such money shall then be applied to the payment of other obliother obli- gations of said county, payable out of said Redemption Fund, if gations.

there be any such, and if none, then said money shall be placed When to be placed in in the general fund of said county.


CHAP. V.-An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act for the

Incorporation of Railroad Companies, and the Management of the Affairs thereof, and other matters relating thereto," approved March 22, 1865.

[Approved February 9, 1871.]

cles shall set forth.

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and As

sembly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1. Section two of the Act of which this is amendatory

is amended so as to read as follows: What arti- Section Two. The said articles of association shall set forth

the name of the incorporation, the number of years' the same is to continue in existence, which shall not exceed fifty years, the amount of the capital stock of the company, which shall be divided into shares of not exceeding one hundred dollars each, and not less than ten dollars each, as may be fixed in the articles of association, and which shall be the actual contemplated cost of constructing the road, together with the cost of the right of way, motive power, and every other appurtenance and thing, for the completion and running of said road, as nearly as can be estimated by competent engineers; the names and number of the directors to manage the affairs of the company, who shall hold their offices until others are elected, as shall be provided by the by-laws of the company; the place from, and to which, the proposed road is to be constructed, and the counties into and through which it is intended to pass, and its length, as near as may be; each subscriber to such articles of association shall personally subscribe thereto his name, place of residence, and the number of shares

of stock taken by him in such company; provided, that in case a cles may be person desirous of becoming a subscriber, but compelled to be signed by absent from the State ato the time of subscribing to such articles

of association, he having duly paid the ten per cent. required by law upon his subscription, may sign the same by written proxy, or power of attorney, to that effect; and there shall be endorsed

or attached to said articles so subscribed, an affidavit made by Affidavit of three directors therein named, setting forth in substance, that

said amount of stock has been subscribed, and that ten per cent. in cash, thereon, has actually and in good faith been paid in as aforesaid, and that the subscribers to said articles are all known

by one or the other of the said three directors to be subscribers Division of thereto, and to be the persons so represented. Any corporation capital stock heretofore formed under the Act of which this is amendatory, tions here a desiring to divide the capital stock of the company into shares of

a less denomination than one hundred dollars, according to the

When arti

amount of stock.

tofore formed.


provisions of this section, may do so by a majority vote of the directors of the company, at any regular or called meeting of the board, and may issue the stock of such company in accordance therewith, after having filed in the office of the Secretary of State a certificate setting forth the amount or denomination, in which they propose to divide such shares, verified by the affidavit of three of such directors. In case the shares of stock of such corporation shall have already been issued, or any portion thereof, of the denomination of one hundred dollars, the holders of the same may at their option surrender their certificates of stock, and receive in lieu thereof the equivalent of the same in certificates of shares of the smaller denominations, so fixed and established by the board of directors.

Sec. 2. Section six of said Act is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Section Six. Meetings of the stockholders may be called, at Called

meetings of any time during the interval between the annual meetings, by the directors, or by any number of stockholders owning not less than ers. one fourth of the stock, by giving fifteen days public notice of the time and place of the meetings, in the manner provided in the next preceding section, for the annual meetings; and when ang such meeting is called by the stockholders, the particular object of such meeting shall be stated in such notice, and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting, when so called by the stockholders as aforesaid, except such as shall be so stated in such notice; and if, at any such meeting thus called, a majority in value of the stockholders are not represented, in person or by written proxy, such meeting shall be adjourned from day to day, not exceeding three days, without transacting any business; and if, within said three days, stockholders having at least a majority in interest of the stock do not attend and participate in such meeting, then the meeting shall be dissolved. In case the capital when and stock shall be ascertained to be greater or less than is necessary may he refor completing, operating and maintaining the road, then the duced. capital stock may be reduced or increased by a vote of the holders of the majority of the capital stock to the amount thus required; or the holders of a majority of the capital stock may, by a vote at any annual or called meeting of the stockholders, provided for the return to, or distribution among the stockholders in such manner and according to such plan as they may direct, of any surplus capital or funds that may accrue to the corporation by payments on subscriptions to the capital stock, grants, donations or otherwise, over and above the amount necessary to construct, complete, maintain and equip the road; provided, that no troviso. such division or distribution shall be made, until the road shall be built and equipped, between the extreme points named in the articles of association.

SEC. 3. The Legislature shall, from time to time, when it may Legislature deem proper, change the rates of fare and freight of all narrow may change gauge railroads constructed under the provisions of this Act. freight.

fare and

CHAP. VI. -- An Act for the Relief of C. Lark, Treasurer of Hum

boldt County.

[Approved February 13, 1871.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows : Auditor re- SECTION 1. The County Auditor of Humboldt County is heredraw war. by authorized and directed to draw a warrant on the Redemption

Fund of said county for three hundred and ninety dollars and seventy-five cents, in favor of C. Lark, County Treasurer, for expenses incurred in making supplemental assessment of said county in the years eighteen hundred and sixty-nine and eighteen hundred and seventy.


CHAP. VII.---An Act concerning Conveyances executed without

the State.

[Approved February 13, 1871. ]

Acknowledgments, by whom

the State.


The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1. The proof or acknowledgment of every convey

ance affecting any real estate taken without this State, but within taken out of the United States, shall be taken by some one of the following

officers: A Judge or clerk of a court having a seal, or some Notary Public or Justice of the Peace, or by any commissioner appointed by the Governor of this State for that purpose ; provided, that when the acknowledgment is taken by a Justice of the Peace, the same shall be accompanied with the certificate of the clerk of a Court of Record of the county having a seal as to the official character of the Justice and the authenticity of his signature.

All acknowledgments of proofs heretofore taken of takemalla. the execution of any instrument authorized by law to be recorded,

acknowledged or proven, and certified, or which may have been certified in the manner hereinabove provided, the record thereof now or hereafter made shall be valid and of like force and effect as if proven before the officer and certified to in the manner heretofore required by law; provided, that nothing herein shall affect any right of a bona fide purchaser, or acquired by operation of law, prior to the passage of this Act.



CHAP. VIII.-An Act to Create Legislative Funds.

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows :

lative Fund


control of

SECTION 1. For the purpose of paying the salaries of mem

State Legis bers and attachés of the present Legislature, the mileage of created. the members and the incidental expenses of the same, the State Treasurer is hereby authorized and required to set apart from the first moneys coming into the General Fund not otherwise specially appropriated, the sum of seventy-three thousand five hundred and eighty dollars in gold coin, which shall constitute a fund to be denominated the State Legislative Fund. Any deficiency that may exist in the “Legislative Fund” of the last session may also be paid out of the “Legislative Fund” hereby created. The State Controller is hereby authorized and required to draw his warrants on said fund in favor of the members and attachés of the present Senate and Assembly for mileage and compensation when duly certified to him in accordance with law; provided, said warrants shall bear interest at the rate of ten per Proviso. cent. per annum from date until paid or advertised for payment as provided in section number five.

SEC. 2. The State Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed Contingent to set apart from the first moneys coming into the “ Legislative Fund” not otherwise appropriated, the sum of nine thousand dollars, five thousand dollars of which shall constitute the Contingent Fund of the Assembly, and four thousand dollars the Contingent Fund of the Senate.

SEC. 3. The said funds shall be under the exclusive control Exclusive of the Senate and Assembly respectively. Each House may funds. direct the payment of moneys from its own Contingent Fund by resolution, and the Controller of State is authorized and required to draw his warrants in accordance therewith. Said warrants to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent. per annum from date Interest. until paid, as provided in section five of this Act. Said amounts are hereby exempted from the operation of an Act entitled “ An Exempt Act relating to the Board of Examiners, to define their duties from Act and powers, and to impose certain duties on the Controller Board of and Treasurer," approved February seventh, A. D. one

one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five. Any balance remaining Balance rein the “Contingent Fund” created by this Act, upon the

maining to adjournment of the Legislature, shall revert to the General General Fund.

SEC. 4. Any money that may remain in the fund created by Same. this Act, after the payment of all warrants drawn or directed to be drawn upon said fund prior to the adjournment of the Legislature, shall revert to the General Fund.

SEC. 5. The State Treasurer shall number and register in the Duty of order of presentation in a book to be provided by him, all the warrants presented to him drawn by the State Controller on the Legislative Funds” and “ Legislative Contingent Funds,” and whenever there shall be the sum of five thousand dollars in the hands of the Treasurer, he shall give notice on a bulletin board in Bulletin his office, setting forth the fact, and that warrants bearing certain


revert to


State Treasurer.


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