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CHAPTER I.–An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to create

a Board of County Commissioners in the several counties of this State, and Define Their Duties and Powers," approved March 8, 1865.

[Approved January 11, 1871.]

of Board.

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1. Section eight of said Act is hereby amended so Powers and

jurisdiction as to read as follows:

Section eight. The Board of Commissioners shall have power and jurisdiction in their respective counties: First, To make orders respecting the property of the county in conformity with any law of this State, and to take care of and preserve such property. Second, To examine, settle and allow all accounts Same. legally chargeable against the county in the manner provided in this Act; and to levy for the purposes prescribed by law such amount of taxes on the assessed value of real and personal property in the county as may be authorized by law; provided, the salary of the District Judge need not be audited by the Board, but the County Auditor shall, on the first day of each quarter year draw his warrant on the County Treasurer in favor of the District Judge, for the amount due such Judge as salary for the quarter year preceding. Third, To examine and audit the accounts of all officers, having the care, management, collection or disbursement of any money belonging to the county or appropriated by law, or otherwise, for its use and benefit. Fourth, To lay out, control and manage public roads, turnpikes, Same. ferries and bridges within the county, in all cases where the law does not prohibit such jurisdiction, and to make such orders as



may be necessary and requisite to carry its control and management into effect. Fifth, To take care of and provide for the indigent sick of the county, in such a manner only, as is or may be provided by law. Sixth, To divide the county into townships and to change the divisions of the same, and to create new townships as the convenience of the county may require. Seventh, To establish, change and abolish election precincts, and to appoint inspectors and judges of elections. Eighth, To control and manage the property, real and personal, belonging to the county, and to receive by donation any property for the use and benefit of the county Ninth, Lease or purchase any real or personal property, necessary for the use of the county; provided, no purchase of real property shall be made unless the value of the same be previously appraised and fixed by three disinterested persons to be appointed for that purpose by the District Judge, who shall be sworn to make a true appraisement thereof, according to the best of their knowledge and ability. Tenth, To sell at public auction at the court-house of said county, after at least thirty days previous public notice (in the same manner as required by law for the sale of like property on execution,) and cause to be conveyed any property belonging to the county, appropriating the proceeds of such sale to the use of the same. Eleventh, To cause to be erected and furnished a court-house, jail and such other public buildings as may be necessary, and to keep the same in repair; provided, that the contract for building the court-house, jail and other buildings, be let out, after, at least thirty days previous public notice, as provided in sub-division ten of this section, in each case of a readiness to receive proposals therefor, to the lowest bidder who will give good and sufficient security for the completion of any contract which he may make respecting the same. But no bid shall be accepted which the Board may deem too high. Twelfth, To control the prosecution or defence of all suits to which the county is a party; and to offer and allow rewards for the apprehension or conviction of defaulting or absconding county or township officers. Thirteenth, To do and perform all such other acts and things as may be lawful and strictly necessary to the full discharge of the powers and jurisdiction conferred on the Board.


CHAP. II.-An Act to provide for the Payment of the Outstand

ing indebtedness of Treasure City in the coanty of White Pine.

[Approved January 23, 1871.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows :


SECTION 1. From and after the passage of this Act it shall not be prohibited lawful for the Treasurer of Treasure City, White Pine County, frarranging to pay any warrant or warrants, or orders drawn on the Treasury

of said city prior to the passage of this Act, or any indebtedness



from issuing or pay


money to be

of the said city incurred prior to the passage of this Act, except in manner as hereinafter provided.

SEC. 2. The Board of Trustees of said city are hereby re- Redemption quired from and after the passage of this Act, to set aside not less Fund to be than three fourths of all moneys which may come into the Treasury of said city, as a fund for extinguishing the existing debt, and to be known as the Treasure City Redemption Fund. The Treasurer of said city is authorized and directed, without further Revenues, order or authority from the Board of Trustees, to carry to the etc to be account of the fund hereby created, seventy-five per cent. of all account of revenues, taxes and moneys from whatever source derived, which may come into his hands, and such further amount or proportion of said revenues, taxes and moneys as may be ordered or directed by said Board of Trustees. The moneys belonging in said fund Moneys; shall be paid out by the Treasurer exclusively for the payment of out. the existing debt, as hereinafter provided.

Sec. 3. From and after the passage of this Act, and until the Trustees, entire existing debt is paid and extinguished, it shall not be law-hibited ful for the Board of Trustees of said city, or any officer or persons acting by or under its authority, to issue to any person or ing evidence persons, any warrant, order or evidence of indebtedness of said of indebtedcity, nor shall it be lawful for the Treasurer of said city to register or pay any such warrant, order or evidence of indebtedness. Whenever there shall be moneys in the Treasury other than When those belonging to the said Redemption Fund, the same may be

appropriatappropriated by the said Board of Trustees for the current ex-ed for curpenses of the said city; but no order or appropriation of moneys penses. shall be made, except of moneys actually in said Treasury. A certified copy of the order of appropriation from the Journal of the Proceedings of the Board of Trustees authenticated by the Money, how President of said Board, shall be the only form in which

money shall be drawn from the said City Treasury, and the only proper voucher on settlement of his accounts.

Sec. 4. Whenever, at any time there shall be in the Redemp- Duty of tion Fund of said city the sum of five hundred (500) dollars, and City Treasas often as said amount of money may accumulate, it shall be the duty of the City Treasurer to give ten (10) days notice by publication in a newspaper published nearest to said city, that sealed proposals, directed to him, will be received for the surrender of for surrencity warrants or other legal evidences of indebtedness of said der of warcity issued prior to the passage of this Act; and that said proposals will be received by him until the meeting of the Board of Trustees, the time and place whereof shall be particularly stated in said published notice. At the meeting of the Board of Trus- Proposals tees pursuant to said Treasurer's notice the said Treasurer shall open all sealed proposals, and the said Board shall then and there examine all said proposals and accept, to the extent of the moneys in the Redemption Fund, the lowest bids for the surren- to be acder of city warrants or legal evidence of indebtedness; but no cepted. bid shall be accepted unless accompanied with the warrant proposed to be surrendered.

Sec. 5. When any bids are accepted, the Clerk of the Board Accepted of Trustees shall take a description of the warrant or legal evidence of indebtedness to be redeemed, specifying the date, number and amount of each, and also the amount to be paid for each

drawn from Treasury,


Lowest bid be canceled.



Lowest bid.

of the same, and make a record thereof in the proceedings of the Board. The Board of Trustees shall thereupon, by order entered on the minutes, direct the Treasurer to purchase the warrants or legal evidences of indebtedness designated, and pay for the same

out [of] the said Redemption Fund. All warrants or evidences Warrants to of indebtedness so redeemed shall be canceled by the Treasurer

by writing across the face thereof, in red ink the words, purchased and redeemed," adding thereto the date of such redemption, the amount paid for the same, and signing his name offi

cially. The Treasurer shall keep a separate account of all Separate moneys received into, and paid out of the said Redemption

Fund; he shall also, on the margin of the register of city warrants or evidence of indebtedness, kept in his office, write, opposite the entry of registration, the word “purchased,” together with the amount paid therefor. In accepting proposals for the surrender of warrants or other evidence of indebtedness, that shall be deemed and regarded as the lowest bid, which offers the largest

amount of warrants or evidence of indebtedness in nominal par Preference. value for the smallest amount of money. The bids being equal

in percentage on the nominal value, preference shall be given to the warrants or evidences of indebtedness of smallest amount, except in case the redemption of such smaller amounts shall interfere with,or prevent the use of the full amount of the fund on hand.

Sec. 6. Nothing contained in this Act shall be construed to

preclude the Board of Trustees of said city, from contesting the testing va- validity of any warrant or warrants or evidences of indebtedness

issued prior to the passage of this Act upon an unjust or fraudulent claim against the said city, or in any case where the city

might have had a good and meritorious defense to the original Bid not to claim.

Sec. 7. No bid for the surrender of indebtedness shall be accepted if for more than the par value of such indebtedness.

Sec. 8. All Acts or parts of Acts, so far as the same are inconActs repeal- sistent with or repugnant to the provisions of this Act, are hereby


Board not precluded from con


be accepted for more than par value.



An Act authorizing the Secretary of State to furnish the Printed Public Documents, Statutes and Reports to certain parties therein named.

[Approved February 2, 1871.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assem

bly, do enact as follows:

Books and

SECTION 1. The Secretary of State is hereby authorized and documents, directed to deliver to the United States Circuit Judge for the ered to U.S. Ninth Circuit, and to each of the Judges of the United States judges, etc.

District Courts for Nevada, California and Oregon, and to the
Librarian of the San Francisco Law Library, one full set of the
Reports of Decisions of the Supreme Court of Nevada, and one

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