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receive certain canceled stamps.

No. XXXI.-Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to the ex

changing of Revenue Stamps by the Central Pacific Railroad Company.

[Passed March 1, 1871.] Authorizing the Treas- WHEREAS, The Central Pacific Railroad Company has purchased

from the State of Nevada upwards of twenty thousand revenue stamps of the State of Nevada, of the value of one dollar each, and has accidentally canceled four hundred and seventy of the same which have never been used; therefore, be it

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That the State Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to receive said canceled stamps from said company in exchange for stamps of any denomination which said company may require, in value equal to said canceled stamps; provided, that the Treasurer shall be satisfied that said canceled stamps have never been used on any instrument.

Resolved, That the Controller be, and is hereby, directed and required, in his settlement with the Treasurer, to allow said Treasurer four hundred and seventy dollars in his stamp account for said canceled stamps, and destroy the same.

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No. XXXII.---Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to grant

ing Leave of Absence to Robert Stein, Sheriff of Nye County.

[Passed March 1, 1871.]

Stein granted leave of absence.

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That Robert Stein, Sheriff of Nye County, be, and is hereby, granted leave of absence from this State for the period of six months, at any time he may select during his term of office.

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No. XXXIII.–Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to print

ing Report of Committee on Defalcation of State Treasurer.

[Passed March 1, 1871.]

Report ordered printed.

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That five hundred copies of the report of the special committee appointed to investigate the affairs of the late State Treasurer, together with the evidence taken by said committee, be ordered printed.

No. XXXIV.–Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to instruct

ing Secretary of State to furnish exc-Governor Blasdel certain copies of Statutes and Journals.

[Passed March 1, 1871.)


Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That the Secretary Secretary of State furnish, free of charge, to ex-Governor Blas- to furnish del, a copy of the Statutes of this State, and of the Journals of documents. the Senate and Assembly for each session from 1864 to 1871, both inclusive.

No. XXXV.-Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to Compen

sation of Secretary of State for Enrolling.

[Passed March 2, 1871.]


favor of

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That the Authorizing Controller of State is hereby authorized to draw his warrant on to issue the Legislative Fund in favor of James D. Minor, for the sum of warrant seven hundred and fifty dollars, or so much thereof as may be Secretary necessary to pay for the enrolling of the laws passed at the fifth session of the Legislature of the State of Nevada, when the same shall have been properly certified to said Controller by the Secretary of State.

of State.

No. XXXVI.-Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to Joint


[Passed March 2, 1871.]

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That a com- Committee mittee of two from each House be appointed to wait on his Ex- to wait on cellency the Governor, to ascertain whether he has any further ernor. communications to make to either branch of the Legislature.

No. XXXVII.-Senate Joint Resolution asking the State of

California to cede the territory east of the summit of Sierras to

[Passed March 2, 1871.]
WHEREAS, In the establishment of boundaries, naturally and

geographically defined lines are generally preferable, and should

Relating to natural boundaries between Nevada and California,

be adopted rather than artificial ones, in the separation and erection of communities into independent governments; and

Whereas, Manifest and great injustice is generally done by the adoption of artificial instead of natural division lines between States, especially when the latter are well defined, as in case of a river, or a mountain range; and

Whereas, So much of the State of California as lies east of the summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains belongs, as it were, naturally to the State of Nevada, and the people inhabiting such territory are accustomed to the transaction of their business abroad chiefly in this State, and would, therefore, be better accommodated if such territory were annexed by cession to this State; and

Whereas, The Act of Congress of March 2, 1861, organizing the Territory of Nevada, provides that the boundary line between Nevada and California may be established by the Legislature of the latter State on the ridge separating the waters of Carson Valley from those which flow into the Pacific ocean; therefore,

Resolved, by the Senate and Assembly of the State of Nevada, conjointly, That the Legislature of the State of California be, and is hereby, most respectfully requested and urged to cede to the State of Nevada all the territory of said former State lying east of the summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor of Nevada be, and is hereby, requested to forward a certified copy of the foregoing preamble and resolution to each, the Governor of California, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the Assembly, immediately upon the meeting and organization of the next Legislature of said State.

Asking California to cede.

No. XXXVIII.–Senate Concurrent Resolution relative to Com

mittee on Defalcation in State Treasury.

[Passed March 2, 1871.]

to Hon.
L. Doron.

Resolved, by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That the Joint Committee on State Treasury defalcation amend its report, so as to show that in speaking of the late State Controller, it does not refer to Hon. Lewis Doron.





Fiscal Years 1869 and 1870.

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