Monthly Consular and Trade Reports, Volume 8, Issues 25-26

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Page 569 - ... intention to put an end to its operation, the Treaty shall continue in force for another year, and so on from year to year, until the expiration of a year, counting from the day on which one or other of the High Contracting Powers shall have announced its intention to put an end to it.
Page 560 - ... and two dollars to and from any ship or point in the anchorage outside of the buoys, if the boat have four oars, and only half of said fares if the boat have less than four oars : Provided, always, that if the boat shall be detained by any passenger alongside of any ship, or at any point, over fifteen minutes, the owner shall be entitled to charge fifty cents additional for every half hour of such detention. Any...
Page 552 - House within forty-eight hours after their arrival at either of the ports of entry, and previous to discharging or shipping any seamen, or taking off any supplies or stores, under penalty of not less than ten, or more than one hundred dollars. They shall also, within the time above stated, furnish under oath a list of all wines and spirits on board as stores, and a manifest of all cargo and freight, except the...
Page 559 - No combustible materials such as pitch, tar, rosin, or oil, shall be heated on board any vessel within the harbor of Honolulu; but all such combustible articles shall be heated either on shore, or in a boat, or on a raft, at a reasonable distance from the vessel, of which distance the harbor master shall be the judge.
Page 560 - The colored glass stands at equal angles, side and front, and a vessel in ten fathoms of water will have two bright lights for about half a mile each way from directly in front of the lighthouse. At a greater distance, it will show a colored light until the lights almost appear like one, or the red light like a reflection from the other light. The light towards Molokai is the brightest, so that the lights npw have the appearance of a large and small light close together.
Page 554 - GOODS. Goods taken from the Stores must be in original packages. If for consumption, not less than One Hundred Dollars in value will be delivered, or the remainder of an importation. Nothing less than a whole package will be delivered, except as samples, and then in the least quantity that will make a fair sample. In ordering goods out of the ^Bonded Stores for exportation or consumption, the same form must be observed as with spirits.
Page 45 - Our former commercial policy was founded on monopolies, and artificial protections and encouragements, — maintained for the benefit of the few, at the expense of the many.
Page 554 - Every master or commanding officer of a vessel who shall convey out of this Kingdom any person not having a passport, shall be subject to a fine of fifty dollars and be liable for all debts ,which such person may have left unpaid in this Kingdom. And if he shall fail to pay such fine and debts, such vessel shall be subject to seizure, condemnation and sale, for the payment thereof provided always that these provisions shall not be construed as applicable to any seaman legally shipped on board of...
Page 559 - ... penalty of a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars; and the master of the vessel from which the same are thrown shall be subject to a like fine. Any person who shall leave or cause to be left, for the space of six hours, upon the shores or reefs of any harbor in this...
Page 557 - ... shall be signed the white flag shall be immediately hoisted at the main, and the pilot shall be at liberty to bring the vessel into port; but in case the commanding officer shall decline to sign the certificate of health, the pilot shall deliver him a yellow flag, which the master shall hoist at the main, and the vessel shall be placed in quarantine outside of the harbor and anchored where the pilot may direct. Any pilot who shall conduct a vessel into any port in this...

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