Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume 1

Front Cover
Newton Bateman, Paul Selby
Munsell Publishing Company, 1900 - Chicago (Ill.) - 608 pages

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Page 383 - It is hereby ordained and declared by the authority aforesaid, that the following articles shall be considered as articles of compact between the original states and the people and states in the said territory, and forever remain unalterable, unless by common consent...
Page 320 - Give a man this taste and a means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of making a happy man, unless indeed, you put into his hands a most perverse selection of books. "You place him in contact with the best society in every period of history; with the wisest, the wittiest, with the tenderest, the bravest, and the purest characters who have adorned humanity. " You make him a denizen of all nations, a contemporary of all ages. The world has been created for him.
Page 253 - There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted...
Page 147 - An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing of Lands in the Western Territory.
Page 19 - Assembly after such enumeration, be fixed by law, and apportioned among the several counties according to the number of white inhabitants...
Page 362 - In all elections of representatives aforesaid, each qualified voter may cast as many votes for one candidate as there are representatives to be elected, or may distribute the same, or equal parts thereof, among the candidates, as he shall see fit; and the candidates highest in votes shall be declared elected.
Page 253 - Resolved, That it be earnestly recommended to the State of Virginia to reconsider their late act of assembly for opening their land office; and that it be recommended to the said State, and all other States similarly circumstanced, to forbear settling or issuing warrants for unappropriated lands, or granting the same during the continuance of the present war.
Page 438 - In 1830 he was elected to the United States Senate, to fill the unexpired term of John McLean.
Page 201 - Ind., graduating in 1852, and the same year became an instructor in the Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb in that State. In 1856 he became Principal of the Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb at Jacksonville, remaining there until 1893, when he resigned. Thereafter, for some years, he was President of the Association for the Promotion of Speech by the Deaf, with headquarters in Washington, DC, but later returned to Jacksonville, where he has since been living...
Page 499 - The affiant making the affidavit of registration must be at least twenty-one years of age at the time of the next succeeding election...

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