A Digest of the Laws of the United States Governing the Granting of Army and Navy Pensions and Bounty-land Warrants; Decisions of the Secretary of the Interior, and Rulings and Orders of the Commissioner of Pensions Thereunder

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1885 - Military pensions - 636 pages

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Page 210 - ... shall be exempt from taxation, shall be exempt from the claims of creditors, and shall not be liable to attachment, levy, or seizure by or under any legal or equitable process whatever, either before or after receipt by the beneficiary.
Page 39 - It shall not be lawful for any person appointed after the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two, as an officer, clerk, or employee in any of the Departments, to act as counsel, attorney, or agent for prosecuting any claim against the United States which was pending in either of said Departments while he was such officer, clerk, or employee...
Page 524 - California, or of any political subdivision thereof, who shall violate any of the provisions of this section, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. and shall upon conviction be punished by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment, not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.
Page 239 - States, any claim upon or against the Government of the United States, or any department or officer thereof, knowing such claim to be false, fictitious, or fraudulent; or whoever, for the purpose of obtaining or aiding to obtain the payment or approval of...
Page 600 - States, there to give full and true answers to such written interrogatories and crossinterrogatories as may be submitted with the application, or to be orally examined and cross-examined upon the subject of such claim.
Page 240 - States, and every person who knowingly purchases or receives in pledge for any obligation or indebtedness from any soldier, officer, sailor, or other person called into or employed in the military or naval service...
Page 239 - Into any agreement, combination, or conspiracy to defraud the Government of the United States, or any department or officer thereof, by obtaining or aiding to obtain the payment or allowance of any false or fraudulent claim...
Page 49 - Nevada, against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign, and that I will bear true faith, allegiance, and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution or law of any state convention or legislature to the contrary notwithstanding...
Page 239 - Any person not in the military or naval forces of the United States, or in the militia called into or actually employed in the service of the United States, who shall make or cause to be made, or present or cause to be presented, for payment or approval, to or by any person or officer in the civil, military, or naval service of the United States...
Page 43 - ... attorneys, before being recognized as representatives of claimants, that they shall show that they are of good character and in good repute, possessed of the necessary qualifications to enable them to render such claimants valuable service, and otherwise competent to advise and assist such claimants in the presentation of their cases.

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