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Death Bell, famous as the poem that frightened Roosevelt; orator with voice of great volume; singer; composer, Mermaid Operetta, The Same Dream, etc.; editor of a published-when-convenient journal called "1919" with unique special features; author or Princess Zey detective stories, Hand of Invincible Death mysteries; Modern Methods, dialogues of wit and love; Catechism for Babies satires; Versatility Verses; Sayings of Sphinx; Mirage of Futurity. Was first to seek political coalition of Prohibition, Socialism, Labor Unions and Woman's Suffrage, --cornerstones of Platform of Irish Bull. Prophesies that such a political merger will lead the politics of the world.

Daley, Alexander F., born March 29, 1852, in Effingham County, Georgia. Educated at Wrightsville High School. Admitted to the practice of law March, 1872. Entered railway service by organizing the Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad Company, December, 1883, since which time, up to October, 1899, he acted as Director and General Counsel, and since then as President, Director and General Counsel. In 1898 purchased Oconee and Western Railroad Company and acted as President and General Manager until February, 1899, when consolidated with Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad. July 1, 1906, bought Dublin and Southwestern Railroad and consolidated' it with Wrightsville and Tennille in 1907. In 1898 bought Atlantic Short Line and re-organized it as Brewton and Pinora Railroad, acting as President until sold to Central of Georgia Railway Company.

De Young, Michael Harry, newspaper proprietor; born in St. Louis, Oct. 1, 1849. His mother, whose maiden name was Morange, was daughter of a French nobleman. When a boy five years old, he was taken to California and was educated in the schools of that State. He became associated with his brother, Charles De Young, in 1865, in-establishing The Dramatic Chronicle, a theatrical paper from which they afterward developed The San Francisco Chronicle, which, in a few years, they made the leading daily paper of the Pacific Coast. Upon his brother's death in 1880, he became sole proprietor of the paper, and its editor-in-chief, and has so continued ever since. Mr. De Young was twice the California member of the National Republican Committee, and for one term its vice-chairman, and was a delegate at large to the National Republican Conventions, 1888, 1892. He has also taken an especially prominent part in the creation and management of international expositions, beginning with the Paris Exposition of 1889, to which he was a commissioner from California. He was commissioner from California and vice-president of the World's Columbian National Commission in 1892 and 1893, and was the originator of its classification plan; was president of the International League of Press Clubs in 1893, was projector, organizer and director-general of the California Midwinter Exposition at San Francisco in 1893 and 1894; organizer of the Midwinter Fair Memorial Museum, 1894; commissioner-general for California at the Omaha TransMississippi Exposition in 1898, and president of the United States Commission at the Paris Exposition in 1900. Vice-president and member Executive Committee Panama Pacific Exposition. He is

a member of the Légion d'Honneur of France, and has been a director of the Associated Press since 1882. Residence: Meadowlands, San Raphael, Calif. Address : 1919 California Street, San Francisco, Calif.

Field, Archelaus G., physician and surgeon of Des Moines, Iowa. Was born Nov.. 15, 1829, in Gorham, N.Y. In 1854 he graduated from the Starling medical college; studied in the medical department of Columbia university; and graduated from the Simpson centenary college of law. He attained success as a noted physician and surgeon of Iowa; and for many years filled the chair of physiology and pathology in the Keokuk medical school. In 1872 he was president of the Iowa state medical society; and was president of the Des Moines school of technology, In 1876 he was a delegate to the international medical congress; served two terms as mayor of North Des Moines; and has filled numerous other positions of trust and honor; and resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

Fitzhugh, James Spencer, lawyer; born, near Waco, Texas, July 14, 1863 ; son John Spencer and Mary I. (Everett) Fitzhugh, B.L., Baylor Univ., Waco, Texas, 1888; spent year, 1888-9, at Texas State Univ.., Law Dept. Married Hettie M. Spalding, 1889, at Waco, Texas; second, Mrs. Ida M. Gossett, July, 1908, at Clovis, N.M. Taught in the public schools of Texas, year, 1889-90; Pres. of Blum College, Texas, 1890-1; settled at Waco, Fall of 1891, and practiced law there until Jan., 1903, then moved to Carlsbad, N.M., and practiced law there until Sept. 1904; then moved to Portales, N.M., and practiced law there and at Roswell and Carlsbad until May, 1907, when quit law practice and purchase large amount of property at Clovis, N.M., to which has since given exclusive attention. Stockholder, Brownhorn Townsite Co., and Atty and Treas., of same, also of the Melrose Tucumcari Automobile & Townsite Co., 1906-7. Chairman, 2 years, Bd of Education, Clovis, N.M., 1907-12. Member: Masons, Clovis Lodge, No. 41; Scottish Rite, L.O.O.F., Clovis Lodge, No. 31; Knights of Maccabees, Supreme Tent. Res.: 403 E. Belden st.; Office: 101 S. Main st., Fitzhugh bldg., Clovis N.M.

Gillespie, Thomas Andrew, gen. contractor, of 50 Church st., New York City, was born, Pittsburgh, Pa., July 1, 1852; s. James and Diana (Mitchell) Gillespie; grad. Schs. Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 7, 1875, Julia B. Wall; children: Thomas H., b. 1875; Henry L., b. 1877; Jean Gillespie Jones, b. 1887; James Parke, b. 1889. Pres. The T. A. Gillespie Co., which has built Rondout siphon for Catskill aqueduct (412 miles long), tunnel under Hudson River for Catskill aqueduct (1200 feet below ground level), water supply works for many cities in U.S. and Can., locks and dams for U.S. Gov't, filtration plant for city of Pittsburgh, and many other large contracts. V.-p. and dir. East Jersey Pipe Co.; dir. Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of U.S. ; Liberty Nat. Bạnk. Mem. Select Council, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1885-1895; chm'n Sinking Fund Comm'n, West Orange, N.J., 1909-1912. Presby 'n. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng’rs, Am. Inst. Mining Eng’rs, Am. Water Works Ass'n, Pa. Soc. Recreations: Golf, motor boating.

Clubs: Union League, Lawyers, Railroad (N.Y. City), Essex County Country (Orange, N.J.), Thousand Islands Yacht (commo. 1911-1913), Frontenac Yacht, Duquesne (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Hamilton (Paterson, N.J.). Residence: Silver Spring, Orange, N.J.

Green, Milton James, lawyer; born, Oroville, Butte Co., Cal., Sept. 8, 1858; son of James and Catherine Gomber (Moore) Green. Educated in public schools of Oroville, Cal.; read law in office of P. 0. Hundley, Oroville, and George M. Shaw, Oakland. Married Kittie C. Brock, Nov. 19, 1884. Senior member law firm Green, Humphreys & Green. Served as referee in bankruptcy, San Francisco, twelve years, retiring in 1910. Member Masons. Clubs : Southern, Union League. Republican. Residence: San Mateo. Office: Holbrook Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.

Hebert, Casimir, educator, linguist and poet of 168 Fullum St., Montreal, Canada, was born Jan. 12, 1879, in La Pigeonniere, Quebec. He makes a specialty of translating into French; and is a philologist and a polyglot, speaking eight languages, translating fourteen and has studied the grammar of over twenty languages, mostly European. He is a member of the Montreal Historical Society, and has translated and edited various works. He is preparing an edition of his own poems, and a series of books on archæology. He is professor of languages and manager of the religious and theological department of Granger Fréres.

Hoover, Herbert Clark. Mining eng 'r; b. West Branch, Iowa, 1874 ; s. Jesse Theodore and Hulda (Minthorn) Hoover, ed. public schs., Iowa and Oregon; Stanford Univ., Calif., B.A., 1895. Dep't of Mining Engøring; m. 1899, Lou, d. Charles D. Henry, Monterey, Calif. Ass’t Ark. Geol. Survey, 1893; U. S. Geol Survey on geological work in Sierra Nevada Mountains, 1895; ass't mg’r Carlisle Mines, New Mexico, and Morning Star Mines, Calif., 1896; in West Australia as chief mining staff Bewick, Moreing Co., 1897; mg'r Hannan's Brownhill Mine, Sons of Gwalia and East Murchison Mines, 1898; chief eng’r of Chinese Imperial Bureau of Mines, doing extensive exploration in interior of China, 1899. Bureau ended by Boxer disturbances, Mr. Hoover and staff being among those besieged at Tientsin and taking part in defense of settlement; representative of bondholders in construction Ching Wang Tow Harbor, and Oriental Syndicate, in China, 1900; gen. mg’r Chinese Eng'ring & Mining Co., operating coal mines, steamship lines, canals, railways, etc., 1901 ; partner Bewick, Moreing & Co., mine operators, London, operating 40 to 50 mines in Australia, China, Africa, New Zealand, Burma, etc., 1902-1908; since 1908 chairman or corp. dir. Chinese Eng’ring & Mining Co., Ltd., Zinc Corp'n, Ltd.; Burma Corp'n, Ltd.; Kyshtim Corp'n, Ltd.; Tanaby Corpin, Ltd.; Camp Bend, Ltd.; Santa Gertrudio, Ltd.; Messina Copper Co., Ltd.; Intercontinental Trust Co., Ltd.; Lake View & Oroya Exploration Co., Ltd.; Granville Mining Co., Ltd.; Russo-Asiatic Corp’n, Ltd., etc. Mem. Am. Inst. M. E. Mining & Metallurgical Soc. of America, Soc. Ing. Civils de France, Soc. Belge des Ingenieurs, A. I. Civil Eng’rs, Nat. Geog. Soc.; fellow Royal Geog. Soc. Trustee Leland Stanford Univ.; chairman American Relief Com. mittee in London. Has published various papers in proceedings

scientific institutes and in technical journals. Joint author : Economics of Mining, Principles of Mining, Translation from Latin of 16th Century of Agrocola's De Re Metallica. Clubs : City, Law. yers (New York), Albemarle, Devonshire, Automobile, Ranelagh, Hurlingham (London), Pacific Union, Bohemian, Burlingame (San Francisco). Residences : Red House, Hornton St., London; Stanford Univ., California. Addresses: 1 London Wall Bld'gs, London, E.C.; 71 Broadway, N. Y. City, and Alaska Commercial Bldg, San Francisco, Calif.

Long, Geo. W., merchant, builder and banker; born Woodville, N.C., Nov. 19, 1856; son of Samuel and Margaret (Reed) Long; father was an ante-bellum plantation owner; educated at Belvi. dere, N.C.; began his career as a farmer; taught school and clerked in store 1878-80; married Susan Elizabeth Mathews, Nov. 12, 1878; Democrat; postmaster under Cleveland's first term; former justice of the peace and notary public 12 years; member of Methodist church, trustee and steward in same; since 1880 he has been interested in mercantile, livery, hotel business, farming, mining and in building; also president of Bank of New Market, Tenn. Also at present chairman Jefferson Co. Court and president of Jefferson Co. S. S. convention.

Lovejoy, Andrew J., insurance president and statesman of Rockford, Ill., was born Dec. 5, 1845, in Roscoe, Ill. For forty years he has been a breeder of pure bred live stock with an international trade. He has been state game commissioner and also state grain registrar of Chicago. He is president of the Rockford Life Insurance Company; president of the International Live Stock Exposition, and a member of the Forty-eighth General Assembly of Illinois.

McCarn, Jeff, United States District Attorney for the Territory of Hawaii, was born Aug. 7, 1867, in Marshall, Ark. In 1894 he received the degree of LL.B. from Vanderbilt University. He married Mary D. Allison, of Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 9, 1895. Since 1894 he has been engaged in the practice of law in Nashville, Tenn.; in 1903 was attorney for the committee of 100, organized to suppress lawlessness in Nashville; and in 1908-10 district attorney-general of Nashville. Since Nov. 6, 1913, he has been United States District Attorney for the Territory of Hawaii. Home: Nashville, Tenn. Address : Honolulu, Hawaii.

McFarland, Henry Moses, lawyer, banker; born Waterville, Vermont, Aug. 5, 1852, son of Moses and Livonia A. (Leach) McFarland; graduated Univ. of Vermont, A.B., 1878; married, Hyde Park, Vt., Dec. 21, 1881, Julia Brigham; children: Helen Marion, Grace Brigham, Brigham Wheeler. Admitted to bar of Lamoille County, Vt., 1881; states attorney for Lamoille County, Vt., 18841886; vice-president Lamoille County National Bank, Lamoille County Savings Bank & Trust Co., vice-president for Vermont of American Bankers' Association, 1910-1911; vice-president Vermont State Bankers' Association, 1914-15; director Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Burlington Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Hyde Park Lumber Co., Hyde Park Warehouse Co., Morse Manufacturing Co. Secretary of civil and military affairs for Vermont, 1890

1892. Republican; Congregationalist. Mason, Odd Fellow (Grand Master 1898), member Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. Address : Hyde Park.

McMillan, Clemens Wesley, Surgeon; born, Marlin, Texas, Jan. 12, 1878; son, Zepheniah Harvey and Augusta (Dietzel) M. Grad., Marlin, Texas, High School, 1895. Barnes Med. College, St. Louis, Mo., honor grad., Apr. 12, 1899; post grad., 1900; grad., U.S. Army Med. School, Washington, D.C., Mar., 1911. Married, Edna Blanche Williams, Jan. 17, 1905, at St. Louis, Mo. Officer Med. Corps, U.S. Army. Hosp. Steward, 1st Texas Inf., May 13, to Oct. 8, 1898; Contract Surg., U.S. Army, Aug. 8, 1900, to July 7, 1908; First Lieut., Med. Reserve Corps, U.S. Army, July 7, 1908, to Feb. 18, 1911; 1st Lieut. Med. Corps U.S.A., Feb. 18, 1911, to March 20, 1914. Captain Med. Corps, U.S. Army, since March 20, 1914. Address : Fort Myer, Va.

Meagher, James Luke, clergyman; b. in Ireland, Aug. 14, 1848; s. John and Bridget (Connelly) Meagher; relative of the famous Gen. T. F. Meagher, commander of “Irish Brigade'' during Civil War; prepared for Cornell Univ., but went to Montreal, where was prof., 1 year, in St. Mary's Coll. ; then studied French and sciences, two years in philosophy, and 372 years, divinity. Ordained, 1875, priest in Roman Catholic Church and began ministry. Writer of many works on Christian Doctrine; degree of D.D., conferred by Pope Leo XIII, 1903, the ceremony taking place in the Pope's Cathedral, St. John Lateran, Rome, Cardinal Satolli officiating (the only American who received this honor). Served six years as ass't priest and fourteen as pastor; while pastor of church at Cazenovia was directed by Cardinal Satolli to establish a publishing soc. in N.Y. City to supply libraries, churches, etc. Founder and pres. Christian Press Ass 'n Publishing Co., an asscciation composed of 2,000 bishops and priests. Founder and pres. Christian Literary Union, founded for composition of Christian literature to defend religion and uphold the Government of this country, and deeded property worth $50,000 to this union in 1897. Officiates and preaches in many churches in Greater N.Y. and vicinity, but has a private chapel in residence at Long Island City, granted by Papal Brief of Pope Pius X. Has a watering place of 11212 acres on Cazenovia Lake, where sometimes spends Summers. Has visited Europe frequently; also extensive traveler in U.S., Canada, Mexico and Orient. Address: 110 East Av., Long Island City, N.Y.

Orcutt, Charles Russell, Broadway and 17th St., San Diego, Cal. Botany. Born at Hartland, Vt., April 27, 1864. Educated at public schools. Ed., “W. Am. Scientist” and “Am. Plants." Davenport Acad.; San Diego Soc. Nat. Hist. West American Molusca; Cactaceae; botany of western America. Botanical Collector with Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Mexico City, Mexico.

Page, Samuel Davis, lawyer and financier of 281 South Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa., was born Sept. 22, 1840, in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1886 he was appointed assistant treasurer of the United

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