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Brinkerhofl', John Jones, actuary of the Association of Life Insurance Presidents, was born in Adams county, near Gettysburg, Pa., September 20, 1848. He was educated in Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, from which he graduated in 1869. Soon after graduating he entered the ofiice of the state auditor of Illinois as clerk, where he remained several years, and devoting his spare time to the study of law. He later entered the law school of Union University, from which he graduated in 1874. After being admitted to the bar in New York state and Illinois he again entered the insurance department of the state auditor ’s ofiice. He continued with the department until 1908, holding the position of actuary of the department from 1885 until 1908. He was secretary of the National Convention of Insurance Commissioners from 1892 to 1894 and again from 1899 to 1908, when he resigned this ofiice and that of actuary of the Insurance Department of the state of Illinois and accepted the position of Actuary of the Association of Life Insurance Presidents, which position he now holds. He is a fellow of the Actuarial Society of America.

Brister, Charles James, General Freight Agent Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry. Of’fice Cincinnati, 0. Born June 22, 1875, at Dayton, 0. Educated in the public schools at Dayton. Entered railway service 1889, since which he has been consecutively to Feb., 1891, stenographer Dayton, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Ry. at Dayton, 0.; Feb., 1891, to Jan., 1892, stenographer joint ol’fice Union Pacific and Chicago & North Western Rys. at Cincinnati, 0.; Jan., 1892, to date, with the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry., successively as rate clerk, chief clerk, assistant general freight agent, general freight agent, and trafiic manager.

Bristow, Joseph Little, United States senator from Kansas, was born July 22, 1861, in Wolfe County, Ky. In 1886 he was graduated from Baker University at Baldwin, Kan. In 1886-90 he was clerk of the District Court for Douglass County, Kan. In 1890-95 he owned and edited the Daily Republican of Salina, Kan.; and in 1895 bought the Ottawa Herald of Kansas. In 1895 he was private secretary to the governor of Kansas. In 18971905 he was fourth assistant postmaster-general; and he had charge of the reorganization of the Cuban Postal Service. In 1905 he was appointed special Panama Railroad Commissioner. In 1903 he again purchased the Salina Daily Republican-Journal. In 1909 he became United States senator from Kansas for the term ending in 1919; and resides in Salina, Kan.

Britten, Fred A., United States congressman from the ninth district of Illinois, was born Nov. 18, 1871, in Chicago, Ill. He is a building contractor; and has been alderman of his city. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Chicago, Ill.

Brockson, Franklin, United States congressman at large from Delaware, was born Aug. 6, 1865, near Clayton, Del. He is a successful lawyer; and has been a representative in the State Assembly. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Clayton, Del.

Brodbeck, Andrew R., United States congressman from the twentieth district of Pennsylvania, was born April 11, 1860, in Jefferson, Pa. He has been sheriff of his county. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Hanover, Pa.

Brodeur, Hon. Louis Philippe, Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada; b. 1862, in the Province of Quebec; s. of Toussaint Brodeur, patriot of 1837, and of Justine Lambert; ed. at the College of St. Hyacinthe and Laval University (LL.D.); called to Quebec Bar, 1884; K.C., 1899; sat for Rouville in Federal Parliament from 1891 to 1911; editor Le Soir, 1896; Deputy Speaker House of Commons, 1896; Speaker, 1900; entered Cabinet, 1904, as Minister of Inland Revenue. His administration of that Department was most successful, and the legislation he introduced against the Tobacco Trust met with approval in both Canada and America. Was minister of Marine Fisheries from 1906 to 1911; a representative of Canada to the Imperial Conferences of 1907, 1909 and 1911; negotiated in that year the Franco-Canadian Treaty, the first Treaty to be negotiated exclusively by Canadians; Canadian delegate to the subsidiary Conference of 1909 to discuss the establishment of a Canadian Navy. He has successfully carried out the widening and dredging of the whole channel of the St. Lawrence, the compilation of International Fishery regulations between Canada and American territories, and the splendid outfitting of the Harbor of Montreal; has placed in England a contract for the largest ice-breaking steamer yet made, in order to maintain constant winter communication between Prince Edward Island and the mainland. M. Emma, daughter of J. R. Brillon, a Notary of Belueil. Address: Ottawa, Ont., Canada.

Brodnax, Samuel Houston, farmer, banker; born Newton County, Ga., Nov. 27, 1844; son Samuel and Margaret (Aycock) Brodnax; was student of Emory Coll., Oxford, Ga., 1861, when Civil war broke out, so never graduated; married Walton County, Ga., Dec. 6, 1871, Edda Selman of Monroe, Ga., children: Joel C., Samuel E., and George II. Engaged in mercantile business, 1866-1877. President Brodnax Banking Co., and director Bank of Monroe, Ga. Served as private in Civil War, Co. D., Second Regiment Georgia Cavalry, under Gen. Joe Wheeler; represented Walton County in Georgia Legislature, 1890, 1891. Democrat; Christian. Mason. Address: Walnutgrove, Ga. '

Bronson, Samuel L., jurist; born in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1834; son of Dr. Henry B. Bronson. He received his preparatory education in the schools of Waterbury and New Haven, Conn., and then entered Yale College, from which he was graduated with the degree of BA . in 1855. He was admitted to the bar of Connecticut in 1857, practiced at Seymour, Conn., until 1860, then removed to New Haven. He was a member of the Connecticut Legislature from Seymour in 1859, recorder of. the City of New Haven from 1866 to 1869, member of the Connecticut Legislature from New Haven in 1869, 1876 and 1877; was the first judge of the New Haven County Court of Common Pleas for a year and declined reelection because of ill health. Later he resumed practice, was corporation counsel of New Haven from 1873 to 1878, and then retired from practice in order to manage the family estates to the ownership of which he succeeded on the death of his father, Dr. Bronson, in 1893. He is a Democrat in politics and was the nominee of his party for governor of Connecticut in 1900. Address: 58 Dwight St., New Haven, Conn.

Brooke, John Rutter, Major-general U. S. Army, retired; born in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, July 21, 1838. In April, 1861, he was captain in the Fourth Pennsylvania Infantry, and was promoted until he became brigadier-general of volunteers, May 12, 1864. On Aug. 1, 1864, he was made brevet majorgeneral, and was commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the Thirtyseventh U. S. Infantry July 28, 1866. He was transferred to the Third Infantry, March 15, 1869, and March 20, 1870-1879, was made colonel of the Thirteenth Infantry; was again transferred to the Third Infantry, June 14, 1879, and was commissioned brigadier-general April 6, 1888. He commanded the Departments of the Platte, Dakota and the Missouri, and on May 22, 1897, was made major-general. In April, 1898, he was sent to command troops at Chickamauga Park, and in July, 1898, was ordered to Porto Rico, as head of the Military Commission, becoming governor-general of Porto Rico. In December, 1898, he was appointed governor-general of Cuba, and commanded the Division of Cuba; and May, 1900, he was placed in command of the Department of the East. He was retired July 21, 1902. Major-General Brooke is a companion of the Pennsylvania Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion. Address: Rosemont, Pa.

Brooke-Rawle, William, soldier, lawyer, author, of 211 South Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa., was born Aug. 29, 1843, in Philadelphia, Pa. During the civil war he served as lieutenant and captain in the third Pennsylvania cavalry; and was brevetted major and lieutenant-colonel. He has been agent of the Penn estates in Pennsylvania; has been treasurer of the Philadelphia Law Association; and vice-president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. He is the author of The Right Flank at Gettysburg; With Gregg in the Gettysburg Campaign; and Gregg’s Cavalry Fight at Gettysburg. _

Brookmire, James Hamill, broker; born in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 3, 1869; son of James H. and Anna (Forbes) Brookmire; educated in Smith Academy and Manual Training School; married, in St. Louis, Nov. 23, 1898, Annie M. Kennard; one son: Samuel Kennard. Entered business with father in 1887 in James H. Brookmire wholesale grocery house; went with Curtis & Co. manufacturers, as vice-president and general manager, 1893, remaining until January, 1904;.entered brokerage business in same year in firm of Simon, Brookmire & Clifford, October, 1906, being still connected with that firm. Publisher the Brookmire Economic Service, which is the result of his study of financial and business conditions as influenced by fundamental conditions. Republican; Methodist. Clubs: St. Louis, Racquet, St. Louis Country, Noonday, Cuivre. Residence, 4970 Berlin Ave. Office, 315 N. 4th St., St. Louis.

Bross, Ernest, editor and author of Indianapolis, Ind., was born Sept. 1, 1860, in Newaygo, Mich. In 1897-1904 he was managing editor of the Portland Oregonian; and since 1904 has been editor-in-chief of the Indianapolis Star. He is the author of various stories and poems.

Broussard, Robert F., congressman, was born Aug. 17, 1864, in Iberia, La. He became the nominee of the anti-lottery wing of the Democratic party for the district attorneyship of the Nineteenth Judicial District of Louisiana, to which position he was elected at the state election of 1892, he being the only one of that wing of the Democratic party elected in the district at that election. In 1894 he was unanimously renominated to the same position by the Democratic party and re-elected at the election of that year. He was a member of the fifty-fifth, fifty-sixth, fiftyseventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first congresses as a Democrat. He was re-elected to the sixty-third congresses from the Third District of Louisiana for the term of 1913-15; and resides in New Iberia, La.‘

Brown, Albert R., merchant, banker, manufacturer, born at Knox County, Tenn., July 7, 1863; son of William L. and Nancy C. Brown; educated in city schools of Knoxville; married, Plumtree, N. C., July 19, 1903, Tuppy L. Burleson; three children. Began work in drug store at Knoxville, at the age of thirteen, later worked in tobacco factory; with W. W. Woodruff & Co., wholesale hardware, 1878-93, last seven years being traveling salesman; engaged in mercantile business since 1903 at Erwin, Tenn. Erwin Manufacturing Co., Erwin Water Co.; vice-president Unicoi Telephone Co., and proprietor A. R. Brown, merchant. Served two terms as alderman, one term as mayor of Erwin. Prohibition Republican; Baptist. President Board of Trustees Unaka Academy; trustee Carson & Newman College, Jefferson City; Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner. Address, Erwin.

Brown, Amos Peaslee, 20 E. Penn St., Germantown, Pa. Geology, mineralogy. Germantown, Dec. 3, 1864. B.S., Pennsylvania, 1886, E.l\I., 1887, Ph.D., 1893. Asst. Pa. Geol. Surv., 1887-89; instr. mining and metal, Pennsylvania, 1889-93, prof. geol. and miner. med. dept., 1892-98, asst. prof., 1895-1903, prof., 1903. F.A.A.; Geol. Soc.; Min. Eng.; Philos. Soc. (secy. 1910); Franklin Inst.; Phila. Acad. Larval baculites; mineralogy; crystallography; crystallography of hemoglobin. Palaeontology. Structure of crystals; petrography.

Brown, Curtis, journalist and publisher of 6 Henrietta St., London, England, was born in 1866 in Lisle, N. Y. He is proprietor of the International Publishing bureau, of London and New York.

Brown, Edward Everts, United States congressman from the eighth district of Wisconsin, was born Feb. 16, 1868, in Wau

paca, Wis. He has been prosecuting attorney of his county; and served two terms as a member of the state senate. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Waupaca, Wis.

Brown, Edward W., merchant, 29 Broadway, New York City'; residence, Dougan Hills, N. Y. Born in Boston, Mass., Aug. 30, 1862. Educated at St. John’s School, Sing Sing, and School of Mines, Columbia College; vice-president Sterling Salt Co.; treasurer Halite-Northern R. R. Co.; married Leonora C. Lathrop in 1895. Member Union League, Riding, Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, Down Town Assn., Automobile of America, and Richmond County Country Clubs, and Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Brown, Garrison Lee, physician of Euclid, N. Y., was born, Cicero, N. Y., June 30, 1854; son of Palmer and Miriam M. (Palmer) Brown; educated at Cazenovia Sem. and Syracuse Univ., M.D., 1878; married, Cicero, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1882, Alice M. Whiting; children: Ethel E. (Ph.B.), born, 1884; Gladys M., born, 1890; Donald W., born, 1893. Med. practitioner since 1878 at Baldwinsville, and Euclid, N. Y.; health ofiicer since 1880. Republican; mem. M. E. Ch. Mem. Onondaga Med . Soc., N. Y. State Med. Soc., Mason, and mem. Knights of Maccabees.

Brown, George McLaren, European manager, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, was bom, Hamilton, Ont., Jan. 29, 1866; son of Adam Brown and Mary Kough; married 1890, Eleanor

Graham, daughter of John Crerar, K. C., of Hamilton. Educa- _

tion, private school at Shrewsbury, England, Hamilton grammar school, Upper Canada College. Became clerk in freight department of Northern and Northwestern Railway in Hamilton; employed in G. T. R. system at Hamilton, 1883-87; became agent of the C. P. R. at Vancouver, 1887; assistant general passenger agent of C. P. R. for western division, 1892-97; appointed executive agent of western lines, 1897; transferred to Montreal, 1902, as superintendent of dining and sleeping car services; appointed general passenger agent of Atlantic Steamship services, 1905; general traffic agent (European business) 1908; European manager, 1910. Address, 62-65 Charing Cross, London, S. W., England. Brown, H. Martin, merchant, manufacturer, banker and statesman of Providence, R. I., was born April 28, 1850, in Bolton, Conn. In 1899, 1901 and 1902 he was a member of the Rhode Island general assembly. In 1899 he was elected treasurer and general manager of the U. S. Bobbin and Shuttle Co. He was a delegate at large to the National Republican Convention in 1904 and represented Rhode Island in the national bodies elected by that convention to notify Theodore Roosevelt of his nomination for president of the United States. He was also a presidential elector in 1908. In 1912 he was elected president of the Industrial Trust Co., the largest bank in Rhode Island. Brown, J. F., state senator of Casa Grande, Ariz., was born June 8, 1875, in Hartland, N. Y. He is state senator; United States commissioner; president of the Casa Grande Valley Water Users’ Assn.; secretary of the Casa Grande Commercial Club. Brown, J. Woods, general agent for the Middle Department,

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