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Illinois Warehouse and Storage Co., and director Real Estate Title and Trust Co. Member Cook County Republican Committee eighteen years; chairman 15th Ward Republican Club, six years; member and one year treasurer Cook County Republican Executive Committee. Republican Executive Committee. Republican. Mason, member of the Royal Arcanum and Royal League. Club: Union League. Address : Tribune Bldg., Chicago.

Wilkinson, Henry B., lawyer and banker of Phoenix, Ariz.; born in Illinois, July 31, 1870; son of Rufus H. and Adelia (Quackenbush) Wilkinson; attended Northwestern University, class 1894,- to sophomore year; Northwestern University Law School, graduated 1897; married, Dundee, Ill., Sept. 19, 1903, Mary E. Adams; one daughter: Mary Eleanor. Member firm of Chalmers & Wilkinson, Phoenix, Ariz., since 1900; president Phoenix Title and Trust Co. Republican. President Arizona Bar Association; member Delta Upsilon, and Modern Woodmen. Clubs: Arizona (Phoenix), Yavapai (Prescott).

Willard, Ashton Rollins, born Montpelier, Vt., April 14, 1858, seventh in descent from Major Simon Willard, who settled in Concord, Mass., in 1634; son of Charles W. Willard (secy. of state of Vermont, also member of Congress, 1869-1875) and Emily Doane Reed; prepared for college in schools in Vermont and Washington, D.C.; graduated from Dartmouth, 1879; took up residence in Boston, 1887; 1888, married Agnes, daughter of Gov. Horace Fairbanks of Vermont and granddaughter of Gov. Erastus Fairbanks; contributor to periodicals on art subjects since 1890; author of “Life and Work of Painter Domenico Morelli,'' 1895; "History of Modern Italian Art,” 1898; 2d ed., 1900; Land of the Latins," 1902; made knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel III, 1902; visited Europe at intervals from 1882 to 1900; resided in Europe, 190408; resumed residence in Boston, 1908; member Boston Authors Club, Italian Club, Round Table and Copley Society; president of trustees of St. Johnsbury Athenaeum since 1895; ress : 43 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.

Willett, Charles Joseph, lawyer; born Essex, N.Y., June 5, 1849; son of Joseph T. and Cornelia A. (Whallon) Willett; first ancestor in America was Capt. Thomas Willett, who arrived in Plymouth, Mass., in 1630, succeeded Miles Standish as captain; largely engaged in trade with N.Y. and became first mayor of N.Y. under the English ; Col. Marinus Willett of reverend fame was a relative; Hon. Ruben Whallon, his mother's father, was member of congress from northeastern N.Y. in Jackson's time, a judge and leading business man. Educated in Essex Academy; graduated from Grand Rapids, Mich., High School, 1867; Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, A.B., 1871; A.M., 1874. Married Hattie Crossman, May 13, 1874, at St. Louis, Mich. Vice-pres. Throop Polytechnic Inst.; pres. Crown of the Valley Oil Co.; pres. Western Masons Mutual Life Assn.; vice-pres. Pasadena Masonic Temple Assn. Life member Am. Acad. Political and Social Science; life member Am. Statistical Assn.; life member Natl. Geographical Soc. Member National Municipal League, Naval League,

U.S., Sons of the Revolution, Tournament of Roses Assn., Pasadena board of trade, Los Angeles Bar Assn., 33d degree Masons, Knights Templar, Shriners, past grand high priest of R.A.M. of Cal.; past grand master R.&S.M. of Cal.; past potentate Al Malaikah Temple of Los Angeles; past grand patron 0.E.S. of Cal. Republican. Clubs: University (Los Angeles), Annandale Country (Pasadena). Residence: 352 N. Los Robles Ave. Office: 309-13 Slavin Bldg., Pasadena, Cal.

. Williams, Arthur, electrical engineer, was born, Norfolk, Va., Aug. 14, 1868; son Rev. Christopher S. and Hannah Sanford (Rogers) Williams; educated private and public schools of Hartford, Conn., and N.Y. City; unmarried. Entered service of N.Y. Edison Co., Feb., 1885, as ass’t in Chem. Meter Dep't; sup't of interior construction, 1887; electrician of co., 1887-1888; sup't Third Dist., 1888; of Underground Dep't, 1889; gen. insp., 1898; gen. agent, 1893; has exercised functions of both gen. inspector's and gen. agents dep't, since that time. Pres. Elec. Show Co., N.Y. Edison Savings & Loan Ass'n; vice-pres. Yonkers Elec. Light & Power Co.; dir. Broadway Trust Co., Flatbush Branch. Commanding officer N.Y. Vol. Forces, Mining Harbor of N.Y., during Spanish-Am. War. Republican; Methodist. Fellow Am. Inst. Elec. Eng 'rs; mem. Nat. Electric Light Ass 'n (past pres.), Illuminating Eng’ring Soc. (past vice-pres.), Ass'n of Edison Illuminating Companies (past pres.), N.Y. Elec. Soc. (past pres.), Electric Vehicle Ass 'n of America (past pres.), N.Y. Electric Vehicle Ass 'n (pres.), Technical Publicity Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc., A.A.A.S., Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Municipal Art Soc. (vice-pres.), Am. Museum of Safety (pres. and trustee), Met. Museum of Art, Soc. for Protection of the Adirondacks, Nat. Ass'n of Corp 'n Schs. (pres.), Franklin Inst. (Philadelphia), Electro-Chemical Soc., Internat. Eng 'ring Congress, Comite Permanent des Congres Internationale des Habitations a Bon Marche, Statist. Ass 'n of Paris, Improved Dwellings Soc. of Paris, Am. Section Internat. Dwellings Congress, Internat. Ass'n of Social Ins., Internat. Law Ass 'n (London), N.Y. Zool. Soc., Efficiency Soc., Economic Ass'n, Broadway Ass'n, Safety First Soc., Nat. Council for Industrial Safety (dir.), N.E. Soc., Chamber of Commerce, Fifth Ave. Ass'n, Merchants' Ass'n, Nat. Civic Federation, N.Y. Commercial Tercentenary Comm’n. Decorated by French Gov't, Officer de l'Instruction Publique, and by King of Spain, Knight of Royal Order of Isabel, the Catholic. Clubs : Union League, Lotos, National Golf, Engineers, Press, Nat. Arts, N.Y. Squash, N.Y. Boston Terrier (past pres.), Nassau Country, Twilight, Lake Placid, Lawyers, City (Yonkers), Aero of America, Riding and Driving (Brooklyn), Upanin (Brooklyn), Pilgrims, Touring of France, Am. Universities (London). Resi. dence: 531 Fifth Ave. Address : Irving Place and 15th St., N.Y. City.

Williams, George, sales specialist, Gas & Electric Corporations, of 60 Wall St., New York City; born in Bronte, Canada, March 23, 1873; educated in public schools; married. Served U.S.V., with 1st Infantry, U.S.V., at siege of Santiago, July,

1898. Mgr. new business depts. of Doherty Gas, Electric & Traction Corporations; director Pueblo (Colo.) Gas & Fuel Co., Lebanon (Pa.) Gas & Fuel Co. Senior mem. firm of Williams, McConnell & Coleman. Author: "New Business Methods," Vol. I, 1905; Vol. II, 1906; Vol. III, 1909. Knight Templar, Shriner. Member N.E.L.A., N.C.G.A. Clubs: Sphinx, Staten Island. Address : 60 Wall St., New York City.

Williams, John Edward, Blacksburg, Va. Mathematics. Born Charlotte County, Va., Sept. 17, 1867. A.B., Hampden-Sidney, 1892; fellow, Virginia, 1897-99; M.A., Ph.D., 1899. Principal high school Boydton, Va., 1892-94; asst. principal Commerce St. Sch., Roanoke, Va., 1894-95; licentiate math., Virginia, 18971903; prof. math., Va. Polytech., 1903 to date. M.A.A.; Math. Soc. Lie's transformation groups. Approach curves. Revised "Patton's Treatise on Foundations."

Williams, John Langbourne, banker; born Richmond, Va., July 13, 1831; son of John and Sianna Armistead (Dandridge) Williams; graduated from University of Virginia, A.M., and Mixed Mathematics, 1851; honorary title D.Litt. from Washington & Lee University, 1908 for address on Principles of Business; married, Powhattan County, Va., Oct. 13, 1864, Maria Ward Skelton. Taught school for some time and later practiced law; became interested in banking business 1858; member Lancaster & Co., financial agents of Confederate States; after the war founded banking firm of John L. Williams & Sons, who established Seaboard Air Line and Georgia & Florida Railroad and have reorganized and reestablished various city railways and institutions in Richmond, Petersburg, Norfolk, Augusta, Macon, Nashville, and Knoxville, also Baltimore and New York. Presi. dent Virginia Bible Society; vice-president American Bible Society for State of Virginia; president Richmond Male Orphan Society, Memorial Hospital, Southern Churchman Co.; treasurer Virginia Negro Reformatory; honorary member Phi Beta Kappa William & Mary Chapter. Donated Univ. of Va. Portraits of John Marshall and Mathew F. Maury, and busts of Sir Isaac Newton and Shakespeare and choice books. Randolph Macon, Portraits of Henry Clay and Patrick Henry. Contributor to weekly philosophical observations to leading Richmond journals for many years. Address: Richmond.

Williams, John Sharp, United States senator from Mississippi was born July 30, 1854, in Memphis, Tenn. He was a member of the fifty-third to the sixtieth congresses; and is now a member of the United States senate for the term of 1911-17; and resides in Benton, Miss.

Williams, John Skelton, banker, railroad president, was born in Powhatan County, Virginia, July 6, 1865, and his parents were John Langbourne Williams and Maria Ward Skelton Williams. On his father's side his ancestry was Scotch-Irish. John Williams came to Virginia about 1820 and married Sianna Dandridge and their son is John Langbourne Williams-a well known banker and broker of Richmond, father of the subject of this sketch. Sianna Dandridge was a daughter of William

Dandridge of New Kent, who was son of Judge Bartholomew Dandridge, the brother of Mrs. Martha Washington, the wife of George Washington, first President of the United States. The wife of William Dandridge was Susannah Armistead, only daughter of Major William Armistead, of New Kent, who was descended from William Armistead, the emigrant to Virginia, in 1635, through Captain Anthony Armistead, Major William Armistead and Colonel John Armistead. Through his mother, Mr. Williams is descended from the Skeltons and Randolphs, old Virginia families of splendid standing, who have illustrated the best traits of humanity in peace and war. Edmund Randolph, first attorney general of the United States and secretary of state under General Washington, was his mother's great-grandfather. The early life of John Skelton Williams was passed principally in the city of Richmond, where he was educated at the private schools. His parents were persons of high ideals, who never lost an opportunity of stimulating his character and directing it to lofty aims. In the refined circle of his family he developed into a strong, healthy man, endowed with the strongest kind of will power and broad, ambitious, generous purposes. After a splendid training in Richmond, he attended the University of Virginia, where, in 1886, he took a short term in law at the University of Virginia, not with a view to practicing but merely as a matter of education. He began the active work of life as apprentice in his father's office, and when only eighteen years of age, attracted attention by the publication of a pamphlet entitled “A Manual of Investments,” which became so popular that it was reissued yearly, until the growing demand on his time from other engagements caused him to cease the publication. He was taken in partnership with his father, but not content with the routine of office duty entered actively in the material development of the South. His most famous project was a railroad from New York to Florida by a route much shorter than the lines in use, and he, accordingly, organized and consolidated the Seaboard Air Line railway system of about three thousand miles, of which, in 1900, at the age of thirty-four, he was elected the first president. In 1901 he was elected president o fthe Trust Company Section of the American Bankers' Association. Mr. Williams has been an active factor in the establishment and development of banks, trust companies, railroads and industrial corporations in different parts of the country, especially in the South, from all of which he retired when he accepted from President Wilson, in March, 1913, appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. In December, 1913, Mr. Williams was appointed by President Wilson Comptroller of the Currency and ex-officio member of the Federal Reserve Board. As Comptroller of the Currency he is a member of the Organization Committeecomposed of the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Agriculture and the Comptroller-which is charged, as provided in the Federal Reserve Act, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banks and the designation of their respective regions. Mr. Williams is also, under appointment by President Wilson,

member of the Central Committee of the American Red Cross, and in December, 1913, was elected Treasurer of the Society. His cultivated mind and literary character have been recog. nized by an election as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society of William and Mary College. In his political affiliations he is a democrat, and in his religious preferences and connections a Protestant Episcopalian. General athletic exercises afford him the amusement which he most enjoys. In estimating the influence which have shaped his character and contributed most of to his success in life, he ranks those of his home first and contact with men in active life second. On November 27, 1895, he married Lila Lefebvre Isaacs, and two children were born of this marriage—John Skelton Williams, Jr., born August 12, 1897, and Hubert Lefebvre Williams, born October 21, 1900. His address is Richmond, Va.

Williams, William Elza, United States congressman-at-large from Illinois, was born May 5, 1857, in Pike County, Ill. Since 1880 he has practiced law. He was a member of the fifty-sixth congress; was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Pittsfield, III.

Williams, William Henry, third vice-president Delaware & Hudson Co. Offices: New York, N.Y. Born June 25, 1874, at "Athens, O. Educated at the Toledo (0.) public schools and Beaver Valley Business College. Entered railway service May, 1890, since which he has been consecutively, to 1891, assistant to cashier local freight station Pennsylvania Lines at Toledo; 1891, assistant on engineer corps Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd. February to September, 1892, stenographer to superintendent of telegraph Pennsylvania Lines; September, 1892, to January, 1896, stenographer to general manager same lines; January, 1896, to January, 1901, secretary to general manager same lines and chief clerk to third vice-president same lines; January, 1901, to vicepresident same lines; January, 1901, to April, 1904, assistant secretary Baltimore & Ohio Rd. and assistant to general manager same road; April 1 to Oct. 6, 1904, superintendent freight transportation, yard and station service, Frisco Lines; February, 1905, to June, 1907, statistician for General Managers’ Association at New York and Chicago; 1905 to May 19, 1907, traffic manager Merchants' & Manufacturers' Association and Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh ; May 19 to Oct. 1, 1907, assistant to president Delaware & Hudson Co.; Oct. 1, 1907, to date, third vice-president same company. Director the Delaware & Hudson Co., the Hudson & Manhattan R.R. Co., the Norfolk Southern R.R. Co., the Kansas City Southern Ry. Co., the Hudson Coal Co. and the Quebec, Montreal & Southern Ry. Co.

Williamson, Bright, planter, manufacturer, banker; born in Darlington, S.C., March 3, 1861; son of B. Frank and Margaret (McIver) Williamson. Attended Kings Mountain Military Academy, and the University of Virginia; married, Sept. 12, 1906, Margaret Jones. Was cashier, later vice-president, and has been president since 1890 of the Bank of Darlington, S.C.; president South Atlantic Oil Co., Darlington Brick Co.; vice-president and

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