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Wheeler, Nelson P., ex-congressman, lumberman, capitalist; born in Portsville, Cattaraugus County, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1841; educated in public schools and the academies of Olean and Deposit, N.Y. Married, in 1877, Rachel A. Smith, of Cincinnati, O. Came to Pennsylvania in 1865; became active partner in firm of Wheeler & Dusenbury, carrying on extensive lumbering operations. Also president Hickory Valley Railroad, and interested in banks and various other enterprises. Republican. Member state legislature, 1878-79; elected 1906, re-elected 1908 from the 28th Pennsylvania district to the sixtieth and sixty-first congresses, serving 1907-11; also county commissioner. Address : Endeavor, Pa.

Whelan, Charles Elbert, LL.B., writer and lecturer; born at Mazomanie, Wis., Aug. 26, 1862. Was a journalist until 1894, when he graduated in law at the University of Wisconsin. Was prosecuting attorney for the state fish and game warden, 1895-96; assistant atty.-gen. of Wisconsin, 1897-99; mayor of Madison, 1898-99. Grand master of Masons of Wisconsin, 1899-1900. Head of the lecturers of the Modern Woodmen of America, 1899 to the present. His best poems include "My Wish,” “The Kingdom of Every Day," and "Humility,” and besides numerous short stories he has just issued (1913) his book, "Bascom Clarke, Southern Refugee. Biographical sketches of Mr. Whelan may

found in the “Bench and Bar of Wisconsin” and “The University of Wisconsin,' by Thwaites.

Whitacre, John J., congressman, was born Dec. 28, 1860; is married; was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses.

White, Benjamin F., state senator of Dillon, Mont., was born in New Bedford, Mass. He graduated from Pierce Academy, and is a successful banker. He has been a member of the Montana state senate, and fills the office of governor. He was a member of the Montana state senate for Beaver-Head County for the term of 1905-07.

White, Edward Douglass, chief justice United States Supreme Court; was born in November, 1845; was educated at Mount St. Mary's near Emmitsburg, Md., at the Jesuit College in New Orleans, and at Georgetown College; served in the Confederate army; was licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Louisiana in December, 1868; elected state senator in 1874; was appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court of Louisiana in 1878; was elected to the United States senate as a Democrat, to succeed James B. Eustis, and took his seat March 4, 1891; while serving his term as senator from Louisiana was appointed, Feb. 19, 1894, an associate justice of the Supreme Court, and took his seat March 12, 1894.

White, Edward J., general attorney Missouri Pacific Ry. Office: Kansas City, Mo. Born Feb. 11, 1869, at St. Louis, Mo. Educated at University of Arkansas, 1883-85; University of Missouri, 1888-91. Entered railway service 1903, since which he has been consecutively to April, 1911, assistant attorney St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Ry. at Aurora, Mo.; April, 1911, to date, general attorney for Jackson County, Mo., for Missouri

Pacific Ry. at Kansas City, Mo. President Missouri State Bar Assn., 1913-14. Author: "Mines and Mining Remedies," "Personal Injuries on R.R.," "Law in Shakespeare," "Legal Antiquities,” etc.

White, George, congressman; born Aug. 21, 1872; was elected to the legislature and represented Washington County, Ohio, from 1905 to 1908. He is at present engaged in the production of crude petroleum and natural gas; and was elected to the sixtysecond and sixty-third congresses.

White, George E., attorney, of Weston, W. Va., was born Nov. 4, 1885, in Freemansburg, W.Va. He studied law and graduated in the University of Virginia in 1908. He was elected to senate as republican in 1912. He was state senator from the twelfth senatorial district of West Virginia. He is also interested in the production of oil and gas.

White, Horace, lawyer and statesman, of Syracuse, N.Y., was born Oct. 7, 1865, in Buffalo, N.Y. In 1895-1908 he was a member of the New York state senate; was elected lieutenant-governor, and in 1910 became governor to fill an unexpired term.

White, Horace, journalist, of 18 West 69th St., New York City, was born Aug. 10, 1834, in Colebrook, N.H. He graduated with the degree of A.B. from Beloit College, and received the degree of LL.D. from Brown University of Providence. In 1855 he was appointed an agent of the New York Associated Press in Chicago, and in 1857 became an editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune, and was Washington correspondent for that paper in 1861. In 1877 he became associated with Henry Billard, and subsequently became president of the New York Evening Post. He is the author of Money and Banking, Illustrated by American History and other works.

White, James W., journalist and fraternalist, was born Nov. 8, 1860, in Woodstock, N.B., Canada. He was educated in common and normal schools in Maine. He is past president of the Florida Press Association; past vice-president of the National Editorial Association; is editor and proprietor of the Florida Fraternal Record, and is on the editorial staff of the Florida Times-Union. He has been elected to office over two hundred times, and belongs to more secret societies than any other man in the United States. He has also been county commissioner, member of the city council, and member of the school board of Jacksonville, Fla., and also secretary of the National Good Roads Association. He is a successful journalist and lecturer, and resides in Jacksonville, Fla.

White, John Barber, lumberman, of Kansas City, Mo., was born Dec. 8, 1847, in Chautauuqa County, N.Y. He has been president of the board of education of Youngsville, and is now president of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company. was president of the National Conservation Congress for 1912.

White, Loren H., state senator, Delanson, N.Y., was born Duanesburg, N.Y., 1863; ed. public schs. and Quaker St. Literary Inst. Formerly postmaster of Delanson. Justice of Peace, Duanesburg, 14 years; supervisor of Schenectady County, 2 years;

elected mem. Assembly, 1908, 1909; elected State senator from 31st senatorial dist. 1910, and 1912, Democrat.

White, William Thomas, educator; born in Wahala, S.C., May 12, 1859; son of Thomas Warren and Margaret Branchefield (Keough) White. His father was a planter before the Civil War, and lived in South Carolina ; after the war he moved to Knoxville, Tenn., and engaged in real estate business. His father served in the Confederate Army. His great-grandfather was Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip Castle, Ireland, who was a Knight of Malta, and a lieutenant in his uncle, Sir Arthur Dillon's Irish Regiment, that fought in the French Army in the American Revolution, 1778. He is a direct descendant of John White, who Sir Walter Raleigh commissioned as “Governor of the City of Raleigh,” 1587. A duplicate of this John White's will, copied 1698, is still in the family archives. He was a cousin of Senator Stephen Mallory White of California, and of this family is Chief Justic White. His maternal grandparents were Edward and Margaret (O'Donnell) Keough. He was a nephew of Col. Myles Branchefield Keough, U.S.A., who was killed with Gen. Custer by the Sioux Indians near Yellowstone River, and for whom the American Army have named an important post in Montana in his memory -Fort Keough. His mother's ancestors, John and James Keough, were Revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. He was educated in the University of Tennessee, and graduated in June, 1879, with B.A. and M.A. degrees, and prospective candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in 1914. He was principal of the Knoxville High School for over thirty years. He conducted normals in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Writer for daily press and educational magazines, collector of books and owner of one of the largest private libraries in the south. Conversant with German, French, Italian and Spanish tongues. Sinking fund commissioner for City of Knoxville, Tenn., 1889-91. Member and officer in the National and Southern Educational Associations. Member of the National Historical Association, Association of Advanced Science, Classical Association of Middle South, The Society for the Promotion of the Aims and Objects of The Hague Conference, Society for Celebrating the Hundredth Anniversary of the Signing of the Treaty of Peace between England and the United States; a member of the Irving Club, University Club and a Knight of Columbus.

Whitman, Charles Seymour, district atty., of 37 Madison Ave., N.Y. City, was born, Conn., Aug., 1868; son of Rev. John Seymour and Lillie (Arne) Whitman; grad. Amherst Coll., A.B., 1890; Williams Coll., A.M., 1904; N.Y. Univ., LL.B., 1894; LL.D., from Amherst, and from N.Y. Univ., 1913; married, N.Y. City, 1908, Olive Hitchcock; one daughter, Olive, born 1910. Engaged in practice of law after graduation; was asst, corp. counsel, N.Y. City; pres. City Magistrates' Court, N.Y.City, and Judge of Court of Gen. Sessions; now Dist. Atty. N.Y. County. Presby. terian. Gov. Skin and Cancer Hosp. Mem. Assn. Bar City of N.Y. Clubs: University, City, Union League, Century Assn.,

Alpha Delta Phi, Sleepy Hollow, Aero, Republican, West Side Republican.

Whitman, William, manufacturer, capitalist; born, Round Hill, N.S., May 9, 1842; son of John and Rebecca (Cutler) Whitman; educated in the public schools and Annapolis (N.S.) Academy; married, Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 19, 1865, Jane Dole Hallett. Began active career at twelve years of age in wholesale dry goods store in St. John, N.B. Removed to Boston two years later and secured position as entry clerk in firm of James M. Beebe, Richardson & Co., which was at that time one of the largest mercantile houses. Continued with same eleven years, passing through the various departments by successive promotions, until dissolution of firm. Treasurer Arlington Woolen Mills (Lawrence, Mass.) 1867-1869. Treasurer from 1869 to 1902, and president from 1902 to 1913 of Arlington Mills (Lawrence, Mass.), which cover sixty-two acres of floor space; president, Whitman Mills, 1905 to 1909; Manomet Mills since 1905; Nonquitt Spinning Co. since 1906; Nashawena Mills since 1969 (all at New Bedford, Mass.); Hoosac Worsted Mills (North Adams, Mass.) since 1910. Director, Hope Webbing Co. (Pawtucket, R.I.) since 1910; Calhoun Mills (Calhoun Falls, S.C.) since 1909. Policyholders' Director, Equitable Life Assurance Society, 19051913. President, William Whitman Company, Inc., textile commission merchants, (Boston, Mass., New York City, etc.) succeeding firms in which he had been managing partner since 1889. Republican, Episcopalian. Author of the following articles among others: “Free Raw Materials as Related to New England Industries;" "Free CoalWould it Give New England Manufacturers Cheaper Coal!" "Some Reasons Why Commercial Reciprocity is Impracticable;" "Objecting to Reciprocity on Constitutional and Practical Grounds;" The Tariff Revisionist: An Example of the Nature of His Demand ;” “What are the Protected Industries." Member National Association of Wool Manufacturers (President, 1888-1894, 1904-1911); Member executive committee 1894-1904; National Association of Cotton Manufacturers; American Cotton Manufacturers Association; American Academy of Political and Social Science (life member); Massachusetts Horticultural Society, National Geographic Society, Boston Young Men's Christian Union (life member); Chamber of Commerce, Bostonian Society, Bunker Hill Monument Association, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Society of Arts, Brookline Historical Society. Clubs: Arkwright, Commercial, Country, Eastern Yacht, Home Market, Middlesex, Union. Residence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 78 Chauncy St., Boston.

Whitmore, Frank Hayden, librarian of Brockton, Mass., was born July 14, 1877, in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated with the degree of A.B. from Harvard University and the degree of B.L.S. from the New York State Library School. In 1901-05 he was assistant librarian of Bowdoin College Library; and since 1905 has been librarian of the public library of Brockton, Mass.


Whitney, Addis Merrill, corporation official, capitalist; born Gouverneur, N.Y., Sept. 27, 1862; son of William and Rosetta (Cushman) Whitney; graduated from Amherst College, A.B., 1886. Treasurer and trustee Massachusetts Lighting Companies; director Adams Gas Light Co., Arlington Gas Light Co., Ayer Electric Co., Clinton Gas Light Co., Harvard Gas and Electric Co., Leominster Gas and Electric Light Cos., Milford Electric Light and Power Co., North Adams Gas Light Co., Worcester County Gas Co., Williamstown Gas Co., Stamford (Vt.) Light, Heat and Power Co., Spencer Gas Light Co., Northampton Electric Lighting Co., Northampton Gas Light Co.; director Easton (Pa.) Gas and Electric Company. Address : 77 Franklin St., Boston.

Whitney, Alfred Rutgers, Jr., constructing engineer; born New York City, June 16, 1868; son of Alfred Rutgers and Adeline Peers (Nesbitt) Whitney; graduated from Stevens Inst. of Technology, Hoboken, N.J., M.E.; unmarried. Pres. and treas. of The Whitney Company, engaged in construction of buildings in U.S., Japan, Mexico, Ecuador and Europe; sergt. major Squadron A, N.G.N.Y., to 1905; appointed major, aide-de-camp, staff governor of state of N.Y., to 1907; 1st lieut. Troop 4, Squadron A, N.G.N.Y., to 1910; 1st lieut, and adjutant First Cavalry to 1912; reappointed aide-de-camp, staff governor of state of N.Y., 1911; captain and adjutant First Cavalry, N.G.N.Y. Resigned May, 1913, on completion of fifteen years' service; brevetted major. Member Sons of Revolution. Clubs: University, Union League, N.Y. Yacht, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht, Army & Navy, Squad. ron A. Residence: Morristown, N.J., and 44 W. 44th St., N.Y. City. Address: 1 Liberty St., N.Y. City.

Whitney, Charles, lawyer and jurist of Waukegan, Ill., was born Oct. 6, 1849, at Warren, Lake County, Ill. In 1876-87 he was state's attorney for Lake County, Ill.; and in 1887-94 was master in chancery in the circuit court of Lake County. He is now judge of the circuit court for the seventeenth judicial circuit of Illinois and judge of the appellate court for the second district: of Illinois.

Whitney, Fred Brown, publisher, lawyer and statesman of 414 Julian St., Waukegan, Ill., was born Sept. 18, 1874, in Waukegan, Ill. In 1898-99 he was managing editor of the Waukegan Daily Gazette; and in 1899-1903 was president of the Gazette Publishing Company. In 1901-04 he was clerk to the naval affairs committee of the house of representatives at Washington, D.C.; and since 1904 has been engaged as an international lawyer.

Whitney, William L., circuit judge of Hawaii, was born Feb. 8, 1870, in Cleveland, O. He received the degree of D.B. from Oberlin College and the degree of LL.B. from Columbia. He has been district judge of Honolulu, deputy attorney-general of Hawaii, judge of the juvenile court for the first circuit, and judge of the court of land registration. He is now serving his first term of 1909-13 as circuit judge of Hawaii; and resides in Hono. lulu, H.I.

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