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Nat. Surety Co.; mem. N.Y. Chamber of Commerce, Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Soc. of the Genesee (pres., 1910); exec. com. of Boy Scouts of America ; was on Citizens' Com. of One Hundred appt'd by Mayor of N.Y., to receive Col. Theodore Roosevelt on his return from Africa; was one of the commissioners for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Clubs: Aldine (pres., 1907-1910), Princeton, Lotos, Sleepy Hollow Country, Garden City, Apawamis, Brooklawn Golf, Gridiron (Washington, D.C.).

Preston, James Harry, lawyer, banker; born Hartford County, Md., March 23, 1860; son of James Bond and Amelia (Wilks) Preston; educated in St. Johns College, Annapolis, and Maryland Univ. School of Law, LL.B.; married, Baltimore, Md., 1894, Helen Jackson; children: Alice Wilks, James Walter, Mary Bond, Wilks Jackson, Helen Jackson. Was first president of Commonwealth Bank. Vice-president, director and counsel Calvert Bank; vicepresident and director Southern Soda Fountain Co., director and counsel Miller Fertilizer Co., Colonial Park Estates, Dukeland Park Co.; director United Surety Co., Development and Securities Corporation, and Lorraine Electric Railway Co. Police commissioner, 1904-1908; member Legislature, 1890; speaker House of Delegates in 1894; colonel on Gov. Brown's staff, 1892-1896. Elected Mayor Baltimore for a four-year term beginning May 16, 1911. Democrat; Episcopalian. Member Sons of American Revolution, Baltimore Bar Association, Maryland State Bar Association, Maryland Historical Association; Mason. Clubs: Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Country, Baltimore Yacht, Merchants, Green Springs Kennels. Residence: (country), The Colonies, Pikesville; (winter): 820 N. Charles St. Office: 218 St. Paul St., Baltimore.

Price, Alfred, assistant general manager, Canadian Pacific Railway Company's Eastern Lines. Office, Montreal, Que. Born December 6, 1861. Educated in the public schools of Toronto. Employed as a telegraph messenger, Montreal Telegraph Company, Toronto, July, 1875; check boy in operating room same company, July, 1877; entered railway service September, 1879, since which he has been consecutively to 1881, messenger car service clerk and stenographer Credit Valley Railway; 1881 to 1882 car accountant same road at Toronto; 1882 to 1884, operator and relief dispatcher Canadian Pacific Ry., at Toronto; 1884 to July, 1888, train dispatcher, same place; July, 1888, to May, 1896, car distributor, same place; May, 1896, to August, 1898, car distributor and chief train dispatcher; August, 1898, to May, 1903, superintendent at Toronto; May, 1903, to August, 1904, superintendent at Fort William ; August, 1904, to March 1, 1907, superintendent of transportation western lines, Winnipeg, Man.; March 1, 1907, to November 30, 1907, general superintendent, Central division at Winnipeg, Man.; December 1, 1907, to July 1, 1913, general superintendent, Alberta division, at Calgary, Alberta; July 1, 1913, to date, assistant general manager, Canadian Pacific Railway, Eastern Lines, Montreal.

Price, Byron Sprague, born Feb. 22, 1872, Springfield, N.B., Canada; parents, Allen and Charlotte (Sprague) Price; educated

Springfield, Can., St. John, N.B., and McGill, Can.; grad. 1895, McGill, Montreal; lic. Maritime Provinces, Can., 1895; Missouri 1906; New York, 1907; New Jersey, 1910; degree M.D. and C.M.; mem. British Medical Association; N.Y. State and County Society; American Medical Association; American Electro-Therapeutic Association; N.Y. Electrical Society; Regular; surgery and chronic diseases. Office and sanatorium : 65 Central Park West, New York City; hours by appointment; Tel. Col. 9760-9761.

Price, Richard Nye, minister of the gospel and author; born Elk Garden, Va., July 30, 1830; English-Welsh and German descent; son of John Wesley and Mary (Miller) Price; father was a farmer in Washington Co., Va.; paternal grandparents Richard and Priscilla (Crabtree) Price, maternal grandparents Joseph and Susan (Lyons) Miller; graduated from Emory & Henry College, Va., A.B., in 1854, received degree A.M. in 1858, and D.D. was conferred later by Weaver College, N.C., Trinity College, N.C., and Emory and Henry College, Va. Was a traveling preacher in early life. Married, May 8, 1855, Miss Ann Edgeworth Vance at Asheville, N.C., a daughter of David and Mira Baird Vance, and sister of Zebalon B. Vance, governor of North Carolina, and U.S. senator, and of General Robert B. Vance, of the Confederate army. Member Sons of Temperance and I.O.O.F.; chaplain in Confederate army, 1861-1862, with rank of lieutenant; chaplain in 4th Tenn, regiment Vol. U.S.A., in 1898, with rank of captain; member of M.E. Church, South; editor of Holston-Methodist about 15 years; four years professor of mathematics in Emory & Henry College; three years professor of mathematics and ancient languages in Holston Conference Female College; three years professor of mathematics in American Temperance University, Harriman, Tenn.; three years president of Peoples' College, Pikeville, Tenn., and one year editor Price's Magazine of Psychology, Atlanta, Ga.; now a retired minister and engaged in historical writing; author of "Cofractions," and five volumes of “Holston-Methodism,” comprising 2,500 duodecimo pages; a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines and quarterly reviews; and an occasional lecturer on scientific and popular themes.

Prince, George Harrison, banker of St. Paul, Minn.; born Amherst, Mass., July 18, 1861; son of George H. and Sarah E. (Nash) Prince; educated in Amherst, Mass.; married, Stillwater, Minn., Sept. 20, 1883, Jessie B. Robertson; children: Frank R., Mary R. Entered employ of First National Bank, Stillwater, Minn., May 19, 1879; elected cashier Capital Bank, St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 1, 1890; cashier Merchants' National Bank, St. Paul, Feb. 1, 1897, and vice-president since 1899; vice-president and director First National Bank, Cloquet, Minn.; director First National Bank, Carlton, Minn., and St. Paul Gas Light Company. Elected chairman Merchants’ National Bank, St. Paul, February, 1913. Republican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Minnesota, Town and Country, University (St. Paul).

Prince, Le Baron Bradford, lawyer, jurist, state senator, governor and author, was born July 3, 1840, in Flushing, N.Y.

In 1866 he graduated from the Columbia Law School, and received the degrees of LL.D. from Kenyon and Colorado Colleges. In 1871-75 he was a member of the New York Assembly; and in 1872 was chaplain of the Judiciary Committee, having charge of impeachments of judges of New York City. In 1874 he was father of the Constitutional Amendment Committee; and in 186677 was a member of the New York State Senate. In 1878 he declined the governorship of Idaho; in 1878-82 was chief justice of New Mexico; and in 1889-1903 was governor of New Mexico. Since 1883 he has been president of the New Mexico Historical Society; and has the largest collection of American stone idols in existence. He is the author of E Pluribus Unum, or American Nationality ; General Laws of New Mexico; The American Church and Its Name; and the Money Problem.

Pritchett, Henry Smith, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 576 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. tronomy, Geodesy. Was born, Fayette, Mo., April 16, 1857. A.B., Pritchett, 1875; Ph.D., Munich, 1895; LL.D., Hamilton, 1900; Pennsylvania, Harvard and Yale, 1901 ; Hopkins, 1902; Michigan and Williams, 1905; Toronto, 1907; hon. Sc.D., Tufts, 1905; Stevens, 1908. Asst. astronomer, U.S. Naval Observatory, 187880; astronomer, Morrison Observatory, 1880-81; prof. astron. and director, observatory, Washington (St. Louis), 1883-97 ; supt., U.S. Coast and Geod. Surv., 1897-1900; pres., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1900-06; Carnegie Foundation for Adv. of Teaching, 1906-. Mem. board of trustees, Carnegie Institution, 1906-. F.A.A.; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc.; assoc. fel. Am. Acad.; Philos. Soc.; Astron. Gesell. Positions of fixed stars; double star systems; comet orbits; orbits of satellites; stellar parallax.

Probasco, Edgar Burton, physician and surgeon, of Glens Falls, N.Y., was born, Geneva, N.Y., Dec. 6, 1869; son of William C. and Mary G. (Probasco) Probasco; graduated, Mynderse Academy, Seneca Falls, N.Y., 1887; received special instruction in languages at Rochester, 1893; graduated, College Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia), M.D., 1898; married; Rochester, N.Y., June 6, 1899, Grace E. Shedd; one daughter: Marjorie Helen, born Sept. 19, 1901 Engaged in general practice of medicine in Glens Falls, N.Y., since 1900; made professional visit to all the principal cities of the east, northwest, south and southwest (U.S.), 1906-1907, covering 14,000 miles. Republican in nat., independent in municipal politics. Preby'n. Attending surgeon in Glens Falls Hosp.; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Med. Soc. State of N.Y., Med. Soc. County of Warren, Glens Falls Med. and Surg. Soc.

Probert, Sidney W., educator and artist, of Paterson, N.J., was born in 1865 in Paterson, N.J. He has attained success as a painter, and his productions can be found in various galleries. He is principal of School No. 13 of Paterson, N.J. In 1897 he was president of the Paterson Teachers' Association.

Proctor, Charles Albert, of Hanover, N.H. Physics. Born, Hanover, N.H., Sept. 15, 1878. A.B., Dartmouth, 1900. Ph.D., Chicago, 1909. Asst. physics, Chicago, 1903; instr., Missouri,

1904-07; asst. prof., Dartmouth, 1907-. F.A.A.; Physical Soc.; Math. Soc. Measurement of refractive indices with interferometer; variation of mass of an electron with change in velocity. -Variation in mass of an electron.

Prouty, Solomon Francis, congressman, was born Jan. 17, 1854, in Delaware, Ohio. In 1879 he was elected to the Iowa State Legislature. In 1890 became district judge, and was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a Republican, and resides in Des Moines, Ia.

Pryer, Charles, New Rochelle. Born at New Rochelle; educated N.Y. City. Married. Member Century Assn., Larchmont Yacht, New Rochelle Yacht, New York Yacht Clubs, Wool, Strollers, N.Y. Athletic Club, N.Y. Historical Soc., Am. Geographical Soc., Zool. Soc., N.Y. Botanical Soc., Numismatic Soc., Met. Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Nat. History, N.Y. Geneological Soc., City Club of N.Y., St. Nicholas Soc. of N.Y., Huguenot Soc. of Am., Colonial Order, Royal Soc. of Art, Great Britain; Royal Soc. Club of London, British Numismatic Soc., and others.

Pulitzer, Walter, author, editor, publisher, of 57 W. 58th St., N.Y. City., was born, N.Y. City, April, 1876, son of Albert and Fanny (Barnard) Pulitzer of London and nephew of Joseph Pulitzer; educated by private tutors; Harvard course interrupted by nervous breakdown; married, 1909, Lillian W. Hearne. One of the best known American chess problematists; one of the promoters of American Chess Magazine; editor American Tit-Bits, 1902 founded Satire (a political humorous paper), 1911 established Pulitzer's Magazine (formerly Uncle Remus Magazine). Pres. and dir. Pulitzer Publishing Co., Inc., N.Y., and Pulitzer Magazine Co., Inc., N.Y. Author: Chess Harmonies (problems), 1894 (copies now rare and valued by collectors); That Duel at the Chateau Marsanac (novel), 1899 (Funk & Wagnalls); A Cynic's Meditations (epigrams), 1904 (Dodge Pub. Co.), went through 17 editions; Cozy Corner Confidences (epigrams), 1906 (same); Cupid's Pack of Cards, 1908 (Luce); My Auto Book (Outing Pub. Co.); Meditations of a Mean Man (Dodge Pub. Co.); Memoirs of Albert Pulitzer; contrib. of humor, verse and fiction to leading periodicals. Recreations: Horseback riding, tennis and musical compositions, embracing comic operas, dances and songs (Witmark, Boston Music Co., Remick, Fischer, Feist, Stern, Presser, etc.).

Pumpelly, Josiah Collins, lawyer, retired, 255 W. 108th St., New York City, was born, Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y., Aug. 16, 1839; son of George James and Susan Isabella Pumpelly (1st cousins); grad. Rutgers Coll., A.B., 1860; A.M., 1863; LL.B., Columbia Law Sch., 1863; married, 1st, Frankfort, Germany, 1876, Margaret Lanier Winslow, widow of James Winslow (died 1890); 2d, N.Y. City, May 20, 1896, Mary Amelia Harmer, daughter Charles G. Harmer, merchant. During Civil War recruited and drilled men for Union Army. Settled at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and later at Morristown, N.J. and in 1890 removed to N.Y. City where has since been active in social betterment and philanthropic work. Aided founding Huguenot Soc. of America; the Patriotic League;

Nat. Soc. S.A.R. and its N.J. branch; N.J. State Charities and Prison Reform Assn., N.Y. Peace Soc., Soc. for the Advancement of India. At the celebration of the tercentenary of the signing of the edict of Nantes, 1898, read a paper entitled The Huguenot Settlers in N.J. Among his many other published addresses are: Washington, 1888; Fort Stanwix and Battle of Oriskany, 1888; Our French Allies, 1889; Joseph Warren, 1890; Mahlon Dickerson, 1891; Paul Jones, 1892; Incidents in the Early History of Berkshire County, Mass., and the Pumpelly, Pixley, Paterson and Avery Families, 1896; The Jumel Mansion, Its History and Traditions, 1903; has also given much time and literary effort to the discussion in public press of philanthropic and social economic questions. Assoc. editor Americana Magazine. Republican; Presbyterian. Hon. vice-pres. mem. Alumni Assn. of Columbia Coll. Law Sch., and of the Rutgers Coll. Alumni Assn.; mem. Exec. Bds. of Church Assn. for Advancement of the Interests of Labor; the Actors' Church Alliance, and Nat. Court Guardians of Liberty; Citizens Com. on Congestion of Population; historian Empire State Soc., S.A.R.; mem. of Publication Com., N.Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc. Club: Union League.

Purcell, Rev. Francis Andrew, born March 17, 1872; educated in public grammar school, St. Benedict's College, Atchison, Kan.; St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. (degrees of A.B., 1894; A.M., 1895; S.T.B., 1897); University of the Minerva, Rome, Italy (degrees of S.T.L., 1904; D.D., 1905). Is president of the Cathedral College, Chicago. Contributor to Abbey Student, Nazareth Chimes and Catholic Educational Review. Member of the Knights of Columbus, Father Mathew League and University Club. Address : 719 Cass St., Chicago, Ill.

Putnam, Henry St. Clair, 100 Broadway, New York City, consulting electrical engineer. Born, Davenport, Ia., July 8, 1861. LL.B., Iowa, 1882; B.S., Rose, 1886; M.S., 1904; E.E., 1906. Treas. Thomson-Houston Carbon Co., 1887-92; manager American Carbon Co., 1892-95; consulting engineer, 1895. A.A.A.S.; member A.I.E.E.; Davenport Acad. Electrification of railways; electric operation of canals; conservation of power resources.-Water power resources.

Putnam, Herbert, librarian of the United States congress, was born Sept. 20, 1861, in New York City. In 1883 he graduated from Harvard College, and he has received the degrees of Litt.D. and LL.D. In 1886 he was admitted to the Minneapolis bar; in 1892 to the bar of Suffolk County, Mass., and in 1892-95 practiced law in Boston, Mass. In 1884-87 he was librarian of the Minneapolis athenæum ; in 1887-91 was librarian of the Minneapolis public library, and in 1895-99 was librarian of the Boston public library. Since 1898 he has twice been president of the American Library Association. Since 1899 he has been librarian of the library of congress, and resides in Washington, D.C.

Putnam, John Bishop, publisher; born in Staten Island, N.Y., in 1847; son of George Palmer and Victorine (Haven) Putnam. He received a public school education. Mr. Putnam has been a member of the publishing firm of G. P. Putnam's Sons for thirty

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