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cated at the Troy (N. Y.) high school and Troy Academy. Entered railway service 1865 as water boy on gravel train Troy & Boston Rd., since which he has been consecutively brakeman same road, conductor Delaware & Hudson Rd., conductor New York Central & Hudson Rd., conductor New York Central & Hudson River Rd., trainmaster same road at Utica and Syracuse, N. Y., assistant superintendent same road at Syracuse; to Feb. 29, 1896, superintendent Buffalo division Lehigh Valley Rd. at Buffalo, N. Y.; April 16, 1896, to April, 1897, general superintendent South Jersey Rd.; April, 1897 to 1898, general manager same road; December, 1898, to August, 1900, superintendent terminals Central Rd. of New Jersey at Jersey City, N. J.; August to October, 1900, superintendent Atlantic City Rd. (Philadelphia & Reading Ry.) at Camden, N. J.; October, 1900, to March, 1902, superintendent Philadelphia division Philadelphia & Reading Ry. at Philadelphia; March, 1902, to date, superintendent New York division same road at Philadelphia.

Beadle, Chauncey Delos, Biltmore, N. C., was born at St. Catharines, Ont., Aug. 5, 1866. Ont. Agr. Col., 1884; Cornell, 1889. Director, Biltmore Herbarium, 1890. Botany of the southern states. Crataegus; Philadelphus; Rudbeckia; Marshallia.

Beakes, Samuel Willard, United States congressman from the second district of Michigan, was born Jan. 11, 1861, in Burlingham, N. Y. For twenty years he has been editor and publisher of the Ann Arbor Argus; and has been postmaster and mayor of his city. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Beal, Fay Charles, manager; born at Topeka, Kan., May 7, 1882; son of Carroll N. and Cordelia C. (Huggins) B. Educated, Hearst & Crocker Grammar Schools, Lowell High School, Stanford Univ. Married, Grace Alyce Coyne, Jan. 24, 1906, at Sausalito, Cal. Started first taxi company on the Pacific Coast; assistant to president, Taxicab Co. of California; Taxicab Co. of California and Pacific Taximeter Cab Co., consolidated, now largest company west of Chicago. Clubs: The Family, Olympic, Corinthian Yacht, San Francisco Automobile Rotary. Residence, 2425 Vallejo St.; office, Bush & Larker Sts., San Francisco, Cal.

Beal Thomas Prince, banker; born Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 27, 1849; son of James H. and Judith D. (Beal); graduated from Harvard Univ., A.B., 1869, A.M., 1872; married, Baltimore, Md. Oct. 27, 1881, Ida, daughter of William Young and Eliza Ann (Baker) DeFord of Baltimore. Traveled in Europe, 1860-70; engaged in business in Boston since 1871 in the Second National Bank, becoming a director, 1873, vice-president, 1878, president, 1888, in which position he continues; also trustee Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others; director, Bigelow Carpet Co., Hamilton Woolen Co., Clinton Wire Cloth Co. Member, Common Council of Boston, 1885. Residence: 36 Gloucester St. Office: Second National Bank, Sears Bldg., Boston.

Beall, Jack, congressman, was born Oct. 25, 1866, in Ellis Co., Texas. In 1884-85 he taught school; and since 1890 has been

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engaged in the practice of law. For three years he was a representative in the Texas State Legislature; and for four years was a member of the Texas State Senate. He was a member of the fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first congresses from Texas as a democrat. He was re-elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Waxahachie, Texas.

Beall, Joseph H., lawyer, 233 Broadway, New York City; residence, Bronxville. Born in Charlestown, W. Va. Married. City judge, city of Yonkers, New York, re-elected three successive terms. Member, Democratic, Southern and West Virginia Societies.

Beals, John D., lawyer, of 1 Madison Ave., New York City, was born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., Dec. 8, 1868; son of Oliver B. and Emma (Champion) Beals; graduate University City of N. Y., LL.B., 1889; married April 11, 1893, Mary H. Nicholson; children: John D., Jr., Donald Marcy, Helen. Practicing law in N. Y. City since 1889; senior member, firm of Beals & Nicholson. President, Washington Heights Taxpayers' Assn., one of the oldest associations in city of N. Y.; vice-president, Bank of Washington Heights; officer and director of numerous other corporations. Member Dutch Reformed Church. Clubs: Riding, Greenwich Country.

Bean, Charles D., lawyer; born, Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y., April 21, 1863; son of Charles and Chloa Maria (Danford) Bean; most of early life spent in N. Y. City; removed with parents to Geneva, 1874; graduate, B.S., Hobart Coll. ; Ph.B., Syracuse Univ.; A.M., Alleghany Coll.; LL.D., Southern Normal Univ. Coll. of Law; unmarried. After graduating from college enjoyed pleasure tour in Europe; since then practicing law in Geneva, N. Y.; elected judge (two terms) of the Ontario County Court of Sessions. Democrat. Episcopalian. Elected master of Ark Lodge, 33, F. and A. M., two terms. Member, Phi Kappa Psi Coll. Fraternity; Geneva Commandery, K.T.; Elks. Member, Y.M.C.A., N. Y. State Hist. Assn., and member, American Hist. Assn., N. Y. State Bar Assn., N.Y. State Geographic Society, mem, A.A.A.S.; and Empire State Society, Sons of the Amer. Rev. Non-resident professor of law at Keuka Coll. Member, Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Geneva Bar Assn.; Monarch, Umarkan Grotto, M.O.V. P.E.R. President, Board of Trustees, Endymion Prep. School. Contributor to various journals on legal topics and author of a history of Geneva and papers on college fraternity matters. Clubs: University, Political Equality. Office address : 9 Masonic Temple, Geneva, N. Y.

Bean, Stephen Liford, mechanical superintendent Coast Lines Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Office: Los Angeles, Cal.; born March 26, 1851, in Franklin County, N. Y. Educated in the public schools at Manchester, N. H. From May, 1871, to Jan. 1, 1874, was machinist apprentice in Manchester Locomotive Works, Manchester, N. H. Entered railway service Feb. 15, 1874, since which he has been consecutively to March 15, 1879, machinist Wisconsin Central Rd. at Stevens Point, Wis., April 1, 1879, to Jan. 1, 1881, machinist and foreman Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. at North Hudson, Wis.; Jan. 1, to Feb. 15, 1881, ma


chinist St. Paul & Duluth Rd. at St. Paul, Minn.; Feb. 15, 1881, appointed machinist Northern Pacific Ry., and a few days later was made foreman same road in charge of locomotives and equipment engaged in construction work in western North Dakota, which position he held until March 1, 1882; March 1, 1882, to June 15, 1887, master mechanic Yellowstone division same road at Glendive, Mont., June 15, 1887, to Sept. 1, 1893, master mechanic Dakota division and branches same road at Fargo, N. D.; Sept. 1, 1893, to Nov. 1, 1902, master mechanic Minnesota, Lake Superior and Manitoba divisions at Brainerd, Minn.; Nov. 1, 1902, to June 10, 1903, shop superintendent same road at Brainerd; June 10, 1903, to April 20, 1904, master mechanic Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. at Albuquerque, N. M.; April 20, 1904, to date, mechanical superintendent Coast Lines same system.

Beard, Daniel Carter, illustrator, journalist and author of 87 Browne Ave., Flushing, Long Island, N. Y., was born June 21, 1850, in Cincinnati, O. He began his professional career in Earshaw's and R. C. Phillips' offices. He is founder and national scout commissioner of Boy Scouts of America. Chief scout and founder of the first Boy Scout Society, the Boy Pioneers and Sons of Daniel Boone. He is vice-president of the Mark Twain Library, and president of the Camp Fire Club of America. He received the gold medal for eminent service in recognition of his life work for the Boys of America. He is a member of the Aldine, the Camp Fire, Canadian Camp, Pipe and Pewter, Forest Lake and Single Tax Clubs.

Beard, John S., state senator of Pensacola, Fla., was born June 14, 1859, in Tallahassee, Fla. He was educated in the public schools of Florida; and at the University of the South. He has attained success at the bar of Florida ; and is a prominent member of the Democratic party. In 1900 he was a presidential elector for the state at large; and in 1904 was a delegate from the state at large to the national democratic convention held in St. Louis, Mo. He has been a speaker in many states; and took a conspicuous part in the campaigns of 1900 and 1904 under the auspices of the National Democratic Committee. He is a member of the Florida State Senate.

Beasor, Guy M., general freight and passenger agent, auditor and superintendent New York & Pennsylvania Ry. Office, Canisteo, N. Y., born Sept. 8, 1868, at Buffalo, N. Y. Educated in the grammar and high schools of Buffalo, N. Y. Entered railway service in 1885 as clerk Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry., since which he has been consecutively clerk in various departments same road; clerk Railway Car Association of Buffalo, N. Y.; clerk Union Steamboat Co. of Buffalo; clerk and commissary agent Wagner Palace Car Co., and is now auditor, general freight and passenger agent and superintendent New York & Pennsylvania Ry.

Beck, James M., lawyer of 55 Wall St., New York City, was born at Philadelphia, July 9, 1861; educated in Philadelphia schools, Moravian Coll., Bethlehem, Pa., A.B., 1880; LL.D., 1894 (LL.D., Mühlenberg Co., 1892, Univ. of Pa., 1910); married, 1890

Lilla, daughter, James Mitchell of Philadelphia. Admitted to bar at Philadelphia, 1884; partner, William F. Harrity, 1885-98; assistant U. S. attorney, Eastern Dist. of Pa., 1888-1902 and 1896-1900; assistant attorney-general, U. S., 1900-03. Prosecutor many important criminal cases, convicting Cuban filibusters, the Lancaster counterfeiters, and derelict officials of Chestnut St. Bank; argued before U. S. Supreme Court, Neely case, lottery cases, paper trust, federal press censorship, consolidated gas, Danbury hatters and many other important cases, and argued the Northern securities case circuit judges; as master, appointed by U. S. Court, sold, in April, 1902, Philadelphia Record for $3,000,000, highest price ever obtained for an American newspaper at public sale; in 1903 entered law firm of Sherman & Stirling of N. Y. City, removing there. Delivered Fourth of July oration in Independence Sq., 1892; oration on Pennsylvania Day at World's Columbian Exposition, orations at unveiling of statues of Stephen Girard and Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, and spoke in response to toast : The American Bar, at dinner given in London by Bench and Bar of England to American Bar. Ex-president N. E. Soc. of Pa., and Pa. Soc. of N. Y.; general counsel American Sugar Refining Co., trustee Moravian Coll., Bethlehem, and of Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. Clubs: Art, Franklin Inn (Philadelphia), Metropolitan, Lotos (N. Y. City).

Beckwith, John P., vice-president Florida East Coast Ry. Office: St. Augustine, Fla. Previous to 1891 was general agent Western & Atlantic and Central of Georgia Rds. at Jacksonville, Fla.; May, 1891, to April, 1893, general freight agent Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Ry.; June to August, 1893, general agent Central of Georgia Rd. at Philadelphia, Pa.; August, 1893, to March, 1895, general agent same road at Jacksonville, Fla.; March, 1895, to September, 1896, general freight and passenger agent Ocean Steamship Co. of Savannah and New England & Savannah Steamship Co. at New York;. September, 1896, to date, successively traffic manager and vice-president Florida East Coast Ry.

Behrens, Ludwig Philip, banker, born, Shasta County, Cal., Aug. 24, 1860; son of Ludwig P. and Louise Behrens; educated in public and high schools of Shasta County, Cal.; married, Spokane, Wash., Nov. 1, 1891, Eva E. Greenwood; children: Luella and Louis. Organized, 1891, and is now cashier First National Bank of San Mateo County, Redwood City, Cal.; organized, 1906, and now president San Mateo County Savings Bank, Redwood City, Cal.; director West Coast Life Insurance Co., Redwood City Realty Co., Redwood City Water Co.; president California Bankers' Assn. Served as treasurer of Redwood City, Cal., ten years. Republican; Congregationalist. Chairman Board of Trustees, Sequoia Union High School. Knight Templar, Odd Fellow (treasurer of both sixteen years); member Eastern Star. Residence: 406 Jefferson St. Office: 2 Broadway, Redwood City.

Behring, Fred H., assistant general freight agent Southern Ry. Office, St. Louis, Mo. Born Jan. 23, 1867, at St. Louis, Mo. Educated in St. Louis public schools and graduated from night

Polytechnic School 1887. Entered railway service Feb. 22, 1880, with the Virginia & Tennessee Air Line, since which he has been consecutively to Jan., 1884, messenger boy St. Louis & Southeastern Rd. (now a part of Louisville & Nashville Rd.); Jan. to April, 1884, bill of lading clerk and stenographer Louisville & Nashville Rd.; April to Sept., 1884, secretary to general freight agent same road at Evansville, Ind.; Sept., 1884, to Feb., 1885, chief clerk division freight office Gould lines at Texarkana, Ark.; Feb., 1885, to 1888, stenographer and rate clerk general freight office same lines at St. Louis, Mo.; 1888 to July, 1891, chief tariff clerk St. Louis Southwestern Ry.; July, 1891, to Sept., 1892, chief clerk South Eastern Mississippi Valley Association at Memphis, Tenn., and its successor, the Southern Ry. and Steamship Association; Sept., 1892, to Jan., 1895, chief rate clerk East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Ry. (now Southern Ry.); Feb. 1, 1895, to July, 1897, rate clerk Southern Ry. and Steamship Association; July, 1897, to Aug., 1899, commodity rate clerk Missouri Pacific Ry.; Aug., 1899, to June, 1906, successively chief rate clerk and chief clerk assistant freight traffic manager's office Southern Ry., at Louisville, Ky.; June, 1906, to June 15, 1912, assistant general freight agent same road, same place; June 15, 1912, to date, assistant general freight agent same road at St. Louis, Mo.

Behrman, Martin, mayor of New Orleans, La., was born Oct. 14, 1864, in New York City. He has been president of the Louisiana state board of assessors; in 1898 was a member of the Louisi. ana state constitutional convention; and in 1904-05 was state auditor. Since 1906 he has been mayor of New Orleans, is now serving his third term ending in 1915; and is known as the “School Mayor."

Behymer, L. E., musical and theatrical manager of 705 Auditorium Theatre, Los Angeles, Cal., was born Nov. 5, 1862, near Cincinnati, Ohio. He was educated at the Northwest Normal School of Stanberry, Mo. In 1884-86 he was territorial commissioner of Hyde county, Dakota; and since 1886 has lived in Los Angeles, Cal. He is manager of the Auditorium Theatre, the L. A. Symphony orchestra and the Woman's Symphony orchestra. In 1908 he was elected an officer of the French Academy; and six months later received the decoration of The Palms.

Belcher, Charles Edwin, insurance publisher, Boston, Mass.; born at Chelsea, Mass., July 15, 1871; educated in the public schools of Chelsea, and also studied for a time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; worked for a short time as a mechanical draughtsman, but has been connected with the Standard of Boston in different capacities since 1892. He was local reporter from 1892 to 1894, and traveling agent from 1894 to 1898, since when he has been business manager. He has been president and active manager of the Standard Publishing Co., since September, 1911. He is a 32° Mason, also a member of the Song of the Revolution, Boston City Club, old Beacon Club, Boston Life Underwriters' Assn., Insurance Library Assn., Technology

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