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1894. Since 1895 serving the term ending in 1919; and resides in Macon, Ga.

Bacon, John Lord, construction engineer; born, Chicago, Ill., Nov. 3, 1878; son, Nathaniel and Mary (Landon) B.; great nephew of John Lord, author of "Beacon Lights of History. Married, Leola Shields at Chicago. Ilas been consulting engr. with Chicago Reduction Co.; instructor in Engrg. dept., Lewis Inst., Chicago; inspector, concrete masonry, Ill. Central R. R. In charge of Bureau of Building & Inspection, City of San Diego. Member: Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs. Episcopal church. Club: San Diego Rowing Author: “Forge Practice," published by Wiley & Sons, N. Y.; author of several parts of text books for Am. School of Correspondence. Res.; 4015 E St. Office: Room 5, City Hall, San Diego, Cal.

Bacon, Louis, banker; born Boston, 1872; son of Francis E., and Louisa (Crowningshield) Bacon; attended St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., and graduated from Ilarvard College, A.B. Member firm Edgerly & Crocker since 1900; also of Central Aguirre Sugar Co. Republican. Trustee Sailor's Snug Harbor, Quincy and Marine Museum of Boston. Recreations: Yachting, motoring. Clubs: Tennis and Racquet, Eastern Yacht (Boston); Harvard (New York). Residence: Mattapoisett, Mass. Office: 111 Devonshire St., Boston.

Badgley, Sidney Rose, architect and banker of Cleveland, Ohio, was born in Ontario, Canada, May 28, 1850; son of William E. and Nancy (Rose) Badgley. He was educated in Grantham Academy, St. Catherines, Ont.; studied architecture at Toronto, Ont. Married in St. Catherines, Ont., Sept. 21, 1876, Charlotte J. Gilleland. Vice-president The Equity Savings and Loan Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Methodist. Independent in politics. Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, London, England. Member Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and Cleveland Chapter American Institute of Architects. Forester, United Workman. Residence: Springbark Farm, Wickliffe, Ohio. Office: 6408 Euclid Av., Cleveland.

Baer, Eugene W., silk manufacturer; born Paterson, N. J., Sept. 9, 1867; son of J. F. and Louise (Blatner) Baer; educated in Paterson, N. J.; married, Paterson, N. J., 1889, Corra B. Tice; six children. President and manager The Baer Co.; vice-president Helvetia Silk Mills. Republican; Presbyterian. Address: 261 South 3rd St., Lehighton.

Bagley, William Chandler, Urbana, Ill. Teacher and writer, was born Detroit, Mich, March 15, 74. B.S., Mich. Agr. Col., '95; M.S., Wisconsin, '98; Ph.D., Cornell, '00. Teacher, pub. schools, Mich., '95-'97; asst. psychol., Cornell, '00-'01; principal pub. schools, St. Louis, '01-'02, v. pres, and director of training, Mont. State Nor. Col., '02-'06; supt., training dept., State Nor. Sch., Oswego, N. Y., '06-'08; prof. educ., Illinois, 08—, director, sch. of ed., '09— Lecturer, summer session, Columbia, '08. Author, “The Educative Process" (1905), “Classroom Management" (1907), “Craftsmanship in Teaching" (1911), etc. Editor, “Schools and Home Education''; joint editor “Journal of

Educational Psychology.” Fellow Am. Association Adv. of Science; member, Natl. Acad. of Social Sciences.

Bailey, Everett H., banker; born Jamestown, N. J.; son of Francis P. and Caroline (Pier) Bailey; attended Erie (Pa.) Academy, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1867-1870. Clerk in office of Clark & Goodwin, Erie, Pa., 1870-1871; clerk in First National Bank of St. Paul, Minn., afterward assisting in organization of Second National Bank of Winona, of which he became cashier until April, 1873, when he returned to First National Bank of St. Paul as receiving teller, later becoming paying teller; promoted to cashier, 1880, vice-president, 1897; and since 1907 has been its president. On organization of Northwestern Trust Co., 1903, became its president, in which office still continues. Member Minnesota Historical Society, Society of Colonial Wars. Clubs: Minnesota, Commercial Residence: 459 Holly St. Office: 4th and Minnesota Sts., St. Paul.

Bailey, John Tyley, banker; born in England, Dec. 20, 1868; son of Ben Tyley and Mary (Bird) Bailey; graduated from University of Iowa, B.A., 1890; married, Chicago, Ill., Oct. 20, 1897, Estella S. Miller; one son, John Miller, born 1902. Engaged in practice of law, Chicago, Ill., 1892-1903; Charles City, Iowa, 1903-1904; city attorney Charles City, Iowa, 1903-1904; organized Bank of Talihina, Talihina, Okla., Jan., 1905; First National Bank of Talihina, June, 1905; Bank of Albion, Albion, Okla., May, 1907; First State Bank, Talihina, Okla., April, 1909, and organized and is president First State Bank, Albion, Okla., since Jan., 1910. Republican; Congregationalist. Member National Geographic Society, American Forestry Ass'n; president Albion Park and Improvement Ass'n. Mason, Elk, member Phi Beta Kappa. Recreations: Lawn tennis, shooting. Clubs: Albion Taft Republican (president), Albion Commercial (president). Address : Albion.

Bailey, Liberty Hyde, educator, lecturer and author of Ithaca, N. Y., was born March 15, 1858, in South Even, Mich. For four years he was professor of horticulture and landscape gardening in the Michigan Agriculture College; in 1889-1903 was professor of horticulture in Cornell University of Ithaca, N. Y.; and is now director of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University. He was appointed by President Roosevelt as chairman of the Commission on Country Life. He is the author of Annals of Horticulture; the Farm and Garden Rule-Book; the Nursery Book; Plant Breeding; The Pruning Book; Manual of Gardening; Principles of Fruit Growing; Principles of Vegetable Gardening; Principles of Agriculture; Evolution of Native Fruits; Survival of the Unlike ; Lessons with Plants; Cyclopedia of American Horticulture, in four volumes; The Rural Outlook set, Comprising Outlook to Nature; State and Farmer; Nature Study İdea, Country Life Movement; Poems; and other works. Editor of Rural Science Series, and Rural Text Book Series.

Bailey, Warren Warren, United States congressman from the nineteenth district of Pennsylvania, was born Jan. 8, 1855, in Hendricks County, Ind. He is a successful journalist; and is

now editor and publisher of the Daily Democrat. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Johnstown, Pa.

Baillie, Frank Seymour, mine manager; born, Flint, Mich., Aug. 11, 1869; son, William P. and Emily Seymour (Pier) B.B.S. (C.E.) Univ. of Mich., 1890. Married, Jessie Allen Perkins, Nov. 25, 1905, at Coffeyville, Kan. ; vice-pres., and gen. mgr., Columbia Gold Mining Co. Address: Sumpter, Ore.

Bainbridge, Oliver, lecturer, author and explorer. Mr. Bainbridge is British-born, but aptly designated a “citizen of the world whose heart is no island cut off from other lands but a continent that joins them.” He has traveled 200,000 miles and penetrated the unfamiliar regions of the earth, mingled with every color, sort and condition of mankind. He enjoys the personal acquaintance of nearly every ruler in the world, has received many honors from various countries and fellowships from geographical, literary and scientific societies for his notable contributions to the world of science. He discovered the Black Jews in the Gulf of Papua. Mr. Bainbridge was the first scientist to visit the Chinese Jews in Kaifengfu-the ancient capital of China, where he discovered a sepher, sepher Torah and an old, long, narrow stone in the side of an empty mud hut which bore traces of an inscription, dealing with these strange people. He is author of “India Today,” “Peace," "Hidden Jewish Tribes, “Rambles in Thoughtland," "The Heart of China," "Every Day with Another Mind," "The Devil's Note Book," "The Balkan Tangle," "The Lesson of the Anglo-American Peace Centenary, etc., and is an occasional contributor to leading magazines and journals on travel and education. Mr. Bainbridge is a member of the National Peace Council of England and says with much truth that the heroes of peace are greater because more glorious in their usefulness than demigods of war. He who builds is better than he who destroys, that one who binds up a wound is nobler than he who strikes down. When he was received at the White House by President Wilson he thanked the President for the great lesson in humanity which he taught the world by the patience he showed with Mexico and the able and just manner in which he dealt with the difficult Panama tolls question. Julius Otto, in speaking of Mr. Bainbridge's lectures, says they are masterpieces of wit and eloquence. They possess a grandeur, a depth, a power of arresting and thrilling the heart, and that he does not wonder that his opinion is endorsed by the press and public from all parts of the world who have felt the charm of Mr. Bainbridge's words and paid tribute to his eloquence in laughter and tears. Mr. Bainbridge owns the largest collection of autographed photographs and letters from dignitaries and celebrities in the world.

Bainbridge, William Seaman, physician and surgeon; born in Providence, R. I., Feb. 17, 1870, son of William Folwell and Lucy Elizabeth (Seaman) Bainbridge. He was educated at the Mohegan Lake School at Peekskill, N. Y., and he received the degree of A.M. from Shurtleff College, and M.S. from Washington and

Jefferson; was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York (Medical Department of Columbia University) with the degree of M.D. in 1896. In June, 1907, the Western University of Pennsylvania conferred upon him the degree of Sc.D. He was for over two years on the house staff of the Presbyterian Hospital of New York City, and later was physician of the Sloane Maternity Hospital. He was a graduate student of Columbia University, for one winter, in bacteriology, and has been abroad seven times, several times professionally, and twice to study. In all he has spent about four years abroad, part of the time in China, Japan and India. He was quiz-master at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1894-1896, and he volunteered as surgeon in the Spanish-American War, but did not see any active service. He was formerly for years adjunct professor of gynecology at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; and is now surgeon and gynecologist to the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; attending surgeon to the New York City Children's Hospitals and Schools; is clinical professor of surgery, New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital; consulting gynecologist to St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, Jamaica, Long Island, and consulting surgeon to the Manhattan State Hospital, Ward's Island, and to the New York Home for Dependent Crippled Children; associate surgeon Woman's Hospital. Dr. Bainbridge, when a student, was graduated as senior captain from the Mohegan Lake School served one year in Cadet Company of the Thirteenth Regiment, National Guard of the State of New York, years ago; and was for a time surgeon-general, with the rank of brigadiergeneral, of the Boys' Brigade of America.

He is now Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Navy Reserve Corps. He was given the first New York State appointment as Assistant Surgeon in the newly created Medical Reserve Corps for the United States Navy, with the rank of Junior-Lieutenant. He is a member of the Delta Epsilon fraternity, of the American Medical Association, of the New York Academy of Medicine, New York State Medical Society, Greater New York Medical Association, Alumni Societies of the Presbyterian Hospital and Sloane Maternity Hospital, etc., and was honorary president of the Heidelberg Congress on Cancer, held in September, 1907. He has been an extensive contributor to medical and scientific literature, and is author of: Life's Day; Guide Posts and Danger Signals in Health ; Our Unseen Foes, a work on bacteriology, and The Growing Years (both based on lectures delivered at Chautauqua, and populo-scientific in character); also of a Compend of Operative Gynecology, published by the Grafton Press, New York City, and many scientific papers. Dr. Bainbridge is a bachelor, and member of the Quill and Students' Club. Address: (summer) Hotel Athenæum, Chautauqua, N.Y.; (winter) 34 Gramercy Place, New York City.

Baird, William James, physician; born, Coalfire, Alabama, June 21, 1861; son, Duke Orleans and Eliza (Robertson) B.; according to family tradition, he is dsecended from Bairds of

Auchmedden, Scotland, financiers, statesmen, philanthropists. Edu.: private schools; Univ. of Alabama; M.D., Univ. of Maryland, 1881; Univ. of Colorado, 1893-4; Fellow in Physiology, Univ. of Chicago, 1894-5; Instr., Experimental Physiology and Pathology, Univ. of Colorado, 1895-97; Student of Johns Hopkins Univ., summer 1896 and 1897; Imperial Univ. of Vienna, Austria, 1899-1901. Married, Maud Elden, Aug. 31, 1907, at Jefferson, Iowa. Editor, Foreign Literature Dept., “Denver Medical Times, 1903-7; Collaborator (Foreign Literature Internal Medicine), Colorado Medicine, 1907-10. Active in City Planning and Social Service. Gave beautiful Gregory Canyon (160 acres) to the City of Boulder to be used as a public park. Founder and Secy., Boulder City Improvement Assn., 1903 to date; Scout Master and Scout Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America; President, Boulder Young Men's Christian Association. Member: Boulder County Med. Soc., Colorado State Med. Assn., Am. Med. Assn. Res.: 402 Pine St. Office: Physicians Bldg., Boulder, Colo.

Baker, Alfred L., banker and broker; born in Boston, Massachusetts, April 30, 1859; son of Addison Baker and Maria (Mudge) Baker. He was educated at the Lynn High School, Lynn, Massachusetts, and was admitted to the bar of Essex County, Massachusetts, at Lynn, in 1881; removed to Chicago in 1886, and practiced law under the firm name of Baker & Greeley until he went into stocks and bonds in 1896; and he purchased in October, 1896, a membership in the New York Stock Exchange, of which he is still a member. He is a director of the Chicago & Calumet Canal & Dock Co. Mr. Baker was president of the Chicago Stock Exchange for three years, from 1898 to 1900. He is vice-president of the National City Bank. Mr. Baker married at Chicago, Illinois, June 6, 1894, Mary Corwith, and they have two children, Isabelle, born in 1897, and Mary Landon, born in 1901. Residence: Lake Forest, Illinois. Office address: 141 South La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Baker, Hugh Potter, dean the N. Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse Univ.; was born St. Croix Falls, Wis., Jan. 20, 1878; son Maj. J. Stannard and Alice (Potter) Baker; attended Macalester College, St. Paul, 1894-1895; grad. Mich. Agr'l College, B.S., 1901 ; Yale, M.F., 1904; Univ. of Munich (D. of Economics), 1910; married Dec. 27, 1904, Fleta Paddock, of Three Oaks, Mich.; children: Carolyn, born 1906; Stephen Paddock, born 1908; Clarence Potter, born 1910. For ten years forest ass't U. S. Forest Service, examining public lands and making forest studies in Nebraska, Wyoming, Central Ida., Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Iowa. Professor of Forestry, Iowa State College, 19041907; Pa. State College, 1907-1912; dean and professor silviculture N. Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse Univ., since 1912. Traveled and studied in France, Germany and Austria, 1909-1910. Member State B'd of Geographic Names of N. Y. State since 1913. Presbyterian. Fellow A.A.A.S., Royal Geog. Soc.; member Am. Geog. Soc., Geog. Soc. of Philadelphia, Soc. Am. Foresters, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Am. Genetic Ass'n, Am. Civic Ass'n, Deut

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