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of Hibernians. President of Manassas Club. Address, 51 N. Royal St., Mobile, Ala.

Glessner, John Jacob, manufacturer, was born at Zanesville, 0., in January, 1843, being a son of Jacob and Mary (Laughlin) Glessner. He was educated in the public schools of Zanesville, and broadened his education by some years of work on the local newspapers of his native city. On attaining his majority, however, in 1864, he found his life's vocation by engaging in the manufacture of harvesting machinery, becoming a member of the firm of Warder, Bushnell & Glessner. To the business of that firm he brought organizing abilities which were the leading factor in its success. In 1870 he removed to Chicago and there established the administrative and executive headquarters of the business, retaining the factory at Springfield, O., and as vice-president of the Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co. built up a business of very extensive proportions in the Champion machines manufactured by the company. In the subsequent organization of the International Harvester Co. when the business of the Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co. was combined with the McCormick, Deering and other large harvesting interests, he became vice-president of the company, and was elected to the position of chairman of the executive committee of that great corporation. Mr. Glessner's executive abilities have been exercised not only in behalf of the business corporations with which he has been connected, but also, with much effectiveness, in measures for public benefit. He was president of the Citizens' Association of Chicago during the period when that organization prepared the bill for the establishing of the Sanitary District of Chicago and secured its passage through the legislature of Illinois, and from the initiative efforts in which Mr. Glessner had so important a share has resulted the great Drainage Canal, which is the greatest engineering work ever undertaken by a city for the purposes of sanitation. He is a trustee of the Chicago Orphan Asylum, of Rush Medical College (now the medical department of the University of Chicago), the Chicago Orchestral Association which organized, sustained and has built a home for the Chicago Orchestra (of which the late Theodore Thomas was, until his death, the director), and of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mr. Glessner is a member and former president of the Commercial Club of Chicago, and is also a member of the Chicago, Union League, Quadrangle and Literary Clubs. Mr. Glessner married in December, 1870, Frances, daughter of James R. and Nancy (Bayard) Macbeth. Residence:

Residence: 1800 Prairie Ave., Chicago. Office address: Michigan Ave, and Harrison St., Chicago, Ill.

Glynn, Martin H., governor of N.Y.; Albany, N.Y., was born at Kinderhook, Columbia County, N.Y., Sept. 17, 1871; educated at public schools, Fordham Univ., A.B. (honor man), 1894; studied law and admitted to bar; has received degree of LL.D. from Syracuse Univ., Union Univ., Fordham Univ. and Georgetown Univ. Married Jan. 2, 1900, Mary C. E. Magrane, daughter P. B. Magrane, of Lynn, Mass. Entered journalism ; editor and publisher of the Albany Times-Union. Democrat. Elected 1898 to Fifty.

sixth congress, serving 1899-1901; appointed by Pres. McKinley, 1901, mem. Nat. Comm’n of the La. Purchase Expo.; elected vicepresident of the Commission; elected, 1906, Comptroller of the State of N.Y., for term 1907-09; renominated in 1908, but defeated with ticket. Elected lieut-gov. State of N.Y., Nov. 4, 1912; became gov. of N.Y. State Oct. 17, 1913. Mem. Albany County Bar Assn., N.Y. State Bar Assn., Am. Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Albany, Fort Orange, Albany Country.

Goadby, Clarence, banker; born New York City, Dec. 14, 1857; son of Thomas and Amelia A. Goadby; educated Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. Member of New York Produce Exchange; Independent; Baptist, Member Chamber of Commerce. Club: Saint Nicholas. Residence: 21 West 35th St.

Goddard, Henry Herbert, of Vineland, N.J. Vassalboro, Me., Aug. 14, '66. A.B., Haverford, '87, A.M., '89; Ph.D., Clark, '99. Prof. psychol. and pedag., State Nor. Sch., West Chester, Pa., '99-'06 ; director, dept. psychol. research, Training Sch. at Vineland, N.J., for Feeble-Minded Boys and Girls, '06-. 'Acting prof. psychol., Haverford, '00-'01; asst. and lecturer, Clark Summer Sch., '97, 98, '03; lecturer psychol. mental defectives, N.Y. Univ., '08- A.A.A.S.; Psychol. Ass.; Ass. Study Feeble-Minded; Health League; Sch. Hygiene Ass.; Soc. Belge de Pédotech, 0.B.K.L.Y. The psychology of faith cures. The height and weight of feebleminded children in American institutions; The Kallikuk Family (Macmillan, 1912); Feeble mindedness: Its Causes and Consequences (Macmillan, 1914); psychology of the subnormal child.

Goddard, John, clergyman and author of Newtonville, Mass., was born Oct. 9, 1839, in North Bridgewater, Mass. He has filled pastorates in the Swedenborg church; in 1865-91 was pastor of the New Jerusalem church of Cincinnati, Ohio; and since 1901 pastor at Newtonville, Mass. He is the author of Swedenborg's Alleged Hallucinations; The Brahmo-Somaj and the New Church; What is Spiritual Living; and Right and Wrong Unveilings of the Spiritual World.

Godwin, Hannibal Lafayette, congressman, was born Nov. 3, 1873, in Harnett County, N.C. He has been mayor of Dunn, N.C.; a member of the North Carolina State Senate and presidential elector. He was elected to the sixtieth, sixty-first and sixtysecond congresses; and was re-elected to the sixty-third congress from the sixth district of North Carolina for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Dunn, N.C.

Goeke J. Henry, congressman, was born Oct. 28, 1869, near Minster, Ohio. Since 1891 he has practiced law; and served six years as prosecuting attorney of his county. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a Democrat; and resides in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Goff, Nathan, United States senator from West Virginia, was born Feb. 9, 1842, in Clarksburg, W.Va. He entered the Union Army, and served throughout the war, rising to the rank of brevet brigadier-general. He was elected a representative in the State Legislature in 1867-68; and was United States district attorney in 1869-81. In 1881 he became secretary of the navy.

He was a member from West Virginia to the forty-eighth, fortyninth and fiftieth congresses. In 1888-89 he was governor of West Virginia. In 1892-1913 was judge of the fourth judicial circuit court of the United States. He was elected a member of the United States Senate for the term of 1913-19; and resides in Clarksburg, W.Va.

Going, Charles Buxton, editor; born Westchester, N.Y., April 5, 1863, son Charles Henry and Eliza (Buxton) Going; educated public schools, N.Y.; graduated grammar school 35, M. W. Lyon and M. R. Hooper private schools, Yonkers high school, Columbia University, Ph.B., 1882; M.S. (hon.), 1910; married Glendale, Ohio, 1887, Mary Evelyn Thompson (deceased); married second, Hartford, Conn., Dec. 18, 1912, Marie Overton Corbin. Engaged in professional practice, 1882-87; director and manager various manufacturing companies, 1887-96; trustee, secretary and treasurer Glendale (Ohio) Water Works, 1892-96; associate editor, 1896-98, managing editor, 1898-1912, editor and vice-president since 1912, of The Engineering Magazine, N.Y., and London. Author: Summer Fallow (poems), 1892; Star Glow and Song (poems), 1909; Methods of the Santa Fe (Engineering Magazine), 1909; Principles of Industrial Engineering (McGraw Hill Book Co.), 1911; also, with Marie 0. Corbin, Urchins of the Sea, 1900; Urchins at the Pole, 1901; contributor to literary and technical periodicals. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, corr. member Canadian Mining Institute, member American Academy Political and Social Science. Trustee Home for Old Men and Aged Couples. Clubs: Salmagundi, Columbia Uni . versity. Address : 140 Nassau St., N.Y. City.

Goldfogle, Henry M., congressman, was born in New York City. In 1887-1900 he was justice of the Fifth District Court of New York. He was a member of the fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses from New York as a Democrat. He was reelected to the sixty-third congress from the ninth district of New York for the term of 1913-15; and resides in New York City.

Goldsborough, C. S., assistant to president Erie Rd. Office New York, N.Y. Born Nov. 28, 1863, in Talbot County, Md. Left Baltimore City College at the age of 16 years. Entered railway service 1889, since which he has been consecutively to 1891, clerk in office of general roadmaster New York, Lake Erie & Western Rd., now the Erie Rd.; 1891 to Jan. 8, 1900, chief clerk to general superintendent same road; Jan. 8, 1900, to May 15, 1901, superintendent Rochester division Erie Rd. at Rochester, N.Y.; May 15, 1901, to Aug. 1, 1902, superintendent Allegheny division same road at Hornellsville, N.Y.; Aug. 1, 1902, to Feb., 1903, superintendent New York, Susquehanna & Western and Wilkesbarre & Eastern Rds.; Feb., 1903, to July 1, 1912, president's assistant Erie Rd., and president Bath & Hammondsport Rd. Appointed assistant to the president, Erie Rd., July 1, 1912; also manager Erie Rd. Lake Line, July 15, same year.

Goldsborough, Phillips Lee, governor of the State of Maryland for the term of 1912-16; and resides in Annapolis, Md.

Good, James William, congressman, was born Sept. 24, 1866, in Linn County, Iowa. He attained success in the practice of law; and became city attorney for Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 190911 he was a representative from Iowa to the sixty-first and sixtysecond congresses, and was reelected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15 as a Republican; and resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Goodhart, Simon Philip, physician, of 34 W. 87th St., New York City, was born, New Haven, Conn., Jan. 8, 1870; s. Philip and Clara (Phillips) Goodhart; grad. Yale, Ph.B., 1891, M.D., 1894; awarded Campbell gold medal at Yale for highest standing in class; m. Macon, Ga., Oct. 4, 1898, Hattie Wolff; one son, Edward, b. 1899. Took post-graduate medical studies abroad two years at Heidelberg, Vienna and Berlin; engaged in practice of medicine in N.Y. City; specialist in mental and nervous diseases. U.S. pension surgeon ten years, appt'd by Pres. McKinley ; physician to several institutions for nervous diseases. Author, with Dr. Sidis: Multiple Personality (Appleton). At Yale elected mem. Delta Epsilon Iota fraternity. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine; mem. various med. socs.

Goodhue, Edward Solon, physician and author of Holualoa, Hawaii, H.I., was born Sept. 29, 1861, in Province of Quebec. He has received the degrees of A.B. and A.M. In 1892-95 he practiced medicine in Riverside, Cal.; and in 1895 was appointed government physician to Hawaii. În 1909 he was a delegate to the international congress on inebriety held in London and the same year was a delegate to the international congress on leprosy held in Norway. Since 1909 he has been proprietor of the Kona hospital. He is the author of Verses From the Valley; Beneath Hawaiian Palms and Stars; Songs of the Western Sea; and other works.

Goodnow, Charles M., general manager, Loyal Protective Assn., Boston, Mass.; b. in Northampton, Mass., April 28, 1867. He was connected with the Bay State Beneficiary Assn. of Westfield, Mass., 1887-1893, during the latter part of which period he was treasurer. He then organized the Merchants and Manufacturers' Life Assn., of Westfield, and was connected with that association until 1901, when he became manager of the Loyal Protective Assn. Address: Colonial Bldg., Boston, Mass.

Goodrich, Wallace, musician; born in Newton, Mass., May 27, 1871; son of John B. and Anna L. (Woodward) Goodrich. After graduating from the Newton High School in 1888, he attended the Royal Academy of Music in Munich, 1894-1895; and continued his studies in Paris and Leipzig, 1895-97. From 1902 to 1907 he was conductor of choral works of the Worcester County (Massachusetts) Musical Association, and was also the founder and conductor of the Choral Art Society of Boston. In 1907 he founded and conducted the Jordon Hall Orchestral Concerts in Boston, and became conductor of the Cecilia Society. He has been organist of Trinity Church, Boston, since 1902 and organist at the concerts of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and since 1897 has been a member of the faculty of the New England Con

servatory of Music, of which he is now the dean. Upon the organization of the Boston Opera Company in 1908 he became one of its conductors. He is a member of the St. Botolph and Tavern Clubs of Boston. Mr. Goodrich married at Manchester, Mass., April 20, 1904, Madeline Boardman. Address : 145 Beacon St., Boston.

Goodwin, Forrest, United States congressman from the third district of Maine, was born June 14, 1862, in Skowhegan, Maine. He has been a member of the Maine State Senate. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15, and resides in Skowhegan, Maine.

Goodwin, Henry Timrod, physician and surgeon; born, Charleston, S.C.; son of George Munro and Emily (Timrod) Goodwin; nephew of late Henry Timrod, the poet of South Carolina ; father descended from old English family of Bury St. Edmonds; paternal grandmother was Miss Munro, of Scottish birth; great-grandfather, Henry

Henry Timrod, was president German Friendly Society of Charleston, S.C., organized 1766, and was a member German Fusilliers, a patriotic organization, and in May, 1775, when the thrilling news of Lexington and Concord was received, was first man to sign the document pledging to take up arms against Great Britain, though in doing so he realized that in such a gathering, condemnation to death might be the result; educated in private schools and Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.D.; married, first, Baltimore, Md., Laura Wineow (who died); 2d, Brooklyn, N.Y., Anna Moody (also now deceased); children: Hugh M., George Munro. For about ten years was medical officer in United States Marine Hospital Service; now surgeon to St. Vincent's Hospital, Richmond Borough, New York City; examiner for New York Life Insurance Company. Passed assistant surgeon to United States Marine Service up to 1906, when resigned while in command of Marine Hospital, Louisville, Ky., to take up private practice on Staten Island, where had been stationed at Marine Hospital previous to going to Louisville. Democrat. Episcopalian. Member Richmond County Medical Society, Fellow Medical Association of Greater New York, State Medical Society and American Medical Association.

Goodwin, William Shields, congressman, was born in Warren, Ark., May 2, 1866. In 1895 he was a member of Arkansas General Assembly; in 1900 was democratic presidential elector; in 1905 and 1907 was state senator; since 1907 has been a member of the board of trustees of the University of Arkansas; was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses.

Goodykoontz, Wells, lawyer, banker; born, Pulaski County, Virginia, June 3, 1872; son of William M. and Lucy (Woolwine) Goodykontz; educated in Oxford Academy, Washington and Lee University; married, Williamson, Dec. 22, 1898, Irene Hooper. Engaged in practice of law; in law firm of Sheppard, Goodykoontz & Scherr, of which is still member, specialty being coal practice, representing over fifty coal and coke companies operating in Thacker and Pocahontas fields. President National

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