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Breeders' Ass.; Soc. Agron; Dry Farming Cong. (Chairman exec. committee, 5th Congress); Plains Coop. Exp. Ass. (v. pres.). Dry farming investigations in Montana.—Soil moisture control and nitrate formation in irrigated and non-irrigated soils of western states. Bulletins on Spring Wheat, Oats, Barley and Winter Wheat in Montana, and Dry Farming Investigations in Montana.

Atkinson, George Wesley, lawyer, jurist, governor, author and poet of Washington, D. C., was born June 29, 1845, in Virginia, now West Virginia. In 1870 he graduated from the Ohio Wesleyan university; took a post-graduate course at Mount Union College; studied law two years; took the law course at Columbia university; he graduated from the law department of Howard University; and was admitted to the bar in 1875. He has been eminently successful as a lawyer; was four years United States marshal for West Virginia. In 1889-91 he was a representative from West Virginia to the fifty-first congress. In 1897-1901 he was governor of West Virginia; and for four years was United State district attorney for West Virginia. Since April 15, 1905, he has been associate justice of the United States court of claims at Washington, D. C. He is the author of seven different books, all of which have been popular and had a large sale. He has recently published a volume of original poems entitled Chips and Whitstones. Being a classically educated man, all of his public addresses are of a high order. He has received the degrees of B.A., A.M., Ph.D., LL.B., LL.D. and D.C.L. The latter degree was conferred upon him by the university of West Virginia, and is the only degree of its grade ever conferred. It will be observed that all of the degrees, which have been conferred on him by colleges and universities, were for work actually done, except two: LL.D. and D.C.L. He is regarded by the people of West Virginia as one of the state's ablest men.

Atwell, William Hawley, attorney-general of Texas, was born June 9, 1869, in La Crosse, Wis. He attended the Dallas public .schools, Texas; the Southwestern University, and the State University. In 1889 he was assistant attorney of Dallas County; in 1894 was nominee for attorney-general of Texas. He has been secretary of the State Republican League; of the National Committeeman League in 1896; and is a prominent member in various societies. He is one of the finest speakers in the south, his oratory being strong, sparkling and convincing. Since 1898 he has been United States district attorney; and resides in Dallas, Tex. He is the author of Atwell's Federal Criminal Law.

Atwood, John A., Chief Engineer Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd. Office Pittsburgh, Pa. Born Feb. 8, 1857, at Chatham, Mass. Graduated from New York University, 1878. Entered railway service 1878 since which he has been consecutively to March, 1879, transitman New York Elevated Rd; March, 1879, to 1880, rodman and leveler Elizabeth City & Norfolk Rd; 1880 to 1883, draftsman New York West Shore & Buffalo Rd; 1883 to 1885, assistant to chief engineer Tenth Avenue Cable Ry. in New York City; 1885 to 1887, resident engineer Chautauqua Lake Rd.; 1887

to 1889, assistant engineer Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry.; 1889 to 1896, engineer of construction Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd.; 1896 to date chief engineer same road.

Auchincloss, William Stuart, civil engineer of Atlantic Highlands, N. J., was born March 19, 1842, in New York. He has been instructor in the construction department of the A. and G. W. Ry. He is the author of the Line and Valve Motions, Chronology of the Holy Bible, and other works.

Augustin, George, author, journalist, poet; son of the late judge James Augustin by his wife Micaela Fortier, born February 22, 1866; educated in private schools and colleges; was a pupil of Mrs. Virginia Dimitry Ruth (deceased), daughter of the late Professor Alexander Dimitry, who was a distinguished author and linguist. Mr. Augustin is assistant secretary and librarian of the Orleans Parish Medical Society; assistant secretary Louisiana State Medical Society and of the Charity Hospital Alumni Association of Louisiana; official stenographer of United States Board of Pensions Examiners No. 2, New Orleans; manager of Augustin Medical Book Agency. Author of several novels; has written many short stories and sketches for the local press, and has edited two literary publications. Novels : Romances of New Orleans (L. Graham & Son, 1894); The Haunted Bridal Chamber (Searcy & Pfaff, 1902); The History of Yellow Fever (Searcy & Pfaff, 1909); the Vigil of a Soul, poem (E. P. Brandao, 1899). Married, in 1903, Emma Chapotin. Office, 141 Elks Place. Residence, 1032 Jena St., New Orleans, La.

Austin, Richard Loper, banker; born March 28, 1859; son of John Brander and Sarah (Bell) Austin; educated at Central High School of Philadelphia; married 1886, Miss Fleming. Formerly president of Independence National Bank; now president and director Girard National Bank; director Insurance Co., state of Pennsylvania; treasurer Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia. Residence, Rex St., corner Seminole Ave., Chestnut Hill. Office, 116 S. Third St., Philadelphia.

Austin, Richard W., congressman, was born Aug. 26, 1857, in Decatur, Ala. For eight years he was United States marshal for the eastern district of Tennessee; and in 1906-1908 was American consul to Glasgow, Scotland. In 1909-1911 he was a representative from Tennessee to the sixty-first and sixty-second congresses; and re-elected to the sixty-third congress for term of 1913-1915; and resides in Knoxville, Tenn.

Avey, Oliver H., physician and surgeon; born, Logan, Ohio, Dec. 31, 1857; son, George L. and Mary (Fox) A.A.B., Penn. College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1881; M. D., Rush Med. College, 1901. Married, Lorie Pomeroy, July 6, 1885, at Oskaloosa, Iowa. Pres., Payette Natl. Bank; Pres., Payette Valley Land and Orchard Co.; Pres., Board of Education at Payette, since 1906. Clubs: Payette Commercial, Payette Rod and Gun. Res.; 105 9th St., N. Office: 13, 8th St., Payette, Ida.

Avis, Samuel Breshear, United States congressman from the Third district of West Virginia, was born Feb. 19, 1872, in Har

risonburg, Va. He served in the Spanish-American War, and has been prosecuting attorney of his county. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Charleston, W. Va.

Ayer, Frederick Fanning, lawyer; born Lowell, Mass., son James Cook and Josephine Mellen (Southwick) Ayer; grandfather, Royal Southwick, Lowell, Mass.; grandmother, sister of late H. B. Claflin; grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1873; studied at Harvard Law School; unmarried. Admitted to Mass. Bar, 1875; since father's death, 1878, has managed the great properties of the Ayer estate; presented Ayer Memorial Library, costing $40,000, to town of Ayer, Mass., director Lowell & Andover R. R., J. C. Ayer Co.; large stockholder in the N. Y. Tribune Assn., the Tremont and Suffolk Mills, etc. Clubs: Union League, Uni. versity, Metropolitan, Riding, Down Town. Residence: 5 W. 57th St. Address: Mills Bldg., N. Y. City. Author of "Bell and Wing” (1260 pages of verse).

Ayer, George E., Division Superintendent Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Office Chillicothe, Ill. Born Dec. 30, 1860, at De Ruyter, N. Y. Educated at Franklin Institute, St. Paul, Minn. Entered railway service May 19, 1880, with the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe, since which he has been consecutively Dec., 1881, to Dec. 1, 1882, rodman; Dec. 1, 1882, to Nov. 1, 1883, assistant division engineer same road; Nov. 1, 1883, to May 1, 1884, assistant chief engineer New Mexico & Arizona Ry.; May 1 to June 1, 1884, assistant resident engineer Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. at Las Vegas, N. M.; June 1, 1884, to Jan. 1, 1885, manager El Paso Coal & Lime Co.; Jan. 1 to May 10, 1885, clerk Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Ry.; May 10, 1885, to July 1, 1886, assistant resident engineer New Mexico division; July 1, 1886, to March 1, 1887, in charge of water service improvements; March 1, 1887, to March 1, 1897, roadmaster; March 1, 1897, to Jan. 1, 1899, trainmaster; Jan. 1, 1899, to Oct. 8, 1900, assistant superintendent; Oct. 8, 1900, to date, successively superintendent Pan Handle, Western, Middle and Illinois divisions same road.

Ayres, Brown, president of the University of Tennessee, was born May 25, 1856, in Memphis, Tenn. In 1879-80 he was a fellow in Johns Hopkins University, and in 1800-1904 was professor of physics in Tulane University of Louisiana. Since 1904 he has been president of the University of Tennessee. He was a member of the electric jury of the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893; of the Atlantic Exposition in 1895; and of the Nashville Exposition in 1897.

Babb, George W., fire insurance mg'r, of 55 John St., New York city, was born, Boston, Mass., Oct. 17, 1847; ed. in Boston public and private schs.; m. Nova Scotia, 1886, Janet C. Megsinger. Employed in a Boston dry goods jobbing house, 18651870; mn'g clerk in a Boston fire insurance agency, 1870-1875, and local fire insurance ag't in Boston, 1876-1880; appt'd gen. ag't Commerce Insurance Co. of Albany, N. Y., and removed to Albany, 1880; appt'd sp'l ag't of Northern Assurance Co. of London, 1882; in 1885 appt'd mg’r of New England Dep’t of the

Northern and removed to Boston; in 1889 appt'd mg'r of N. Y. Dep't of the Northern, comprising the Middle and Southern States, and also gen. att’y and financial ag't for that company, and removed to New York. In 1896 again became mg'r of the New England Dep’t of the Northern on its consolidation with N. Y. Dep’t Mem. of original Com. of Four which prepared the Universal Mercantile Schedule. Pres. N. Y. B'd of Fire Underwriters, May, 1907-May, 1909, and Pres. Nat. B'd of Fire Underwriters, May, 1911-May, 1913. Independent. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Merchants’ Ass’n, New England Soc. of Brooklyn. Club: Down Town Ass'n.

Babb, Washington Irving, lawyer, manufacturer, jurist and statesman of Aurora, Ill., was born Oct. 2, 1844, in Des Moines county, Iowa. In 1884-1885 he was a member of the Iowa state legislature; in 1890-1895 was judge of the second judicial district of Iowa; and in 1897-1906 was regent of the state university of Iowa. He is president of the Western Wheeled Scraper company of Aurora, president of the Inland Fuel company and president of the Western Iowa Development company. He is also vice-president of the Old Second National bank of Aurora and other corporations.

Babst, Earl D., lawyer, a member of a well known Ohio family of bankers and lawyers, was born at Crestline, Ohio, July 6, 1870, the son of Jacob and Mathilda (Stoll) Babst. Mr. Babst completed the work of the Crestline Public Schools and spent two years in Babst Banking House before finishing his college preparatory work at Kenyon Military Academy, Gambier, Ohio, in 1889. He was a student at Kenyon College, 1889-1891, when he entered the University of Michigan, receiving the degrees of Ph.B. in 1893 and of LL.B. in 1894. Mr. Babst was in practice in Detroit from 1894 until 1902, in association with Hon. Otto Kirchner, gaining a prominent place at the Detroit Bar, taking an active part in public and political matters, especially in the Sound Money Campaign of 1896. He was one of the founders of the Detroit University School and of the University Club of Detroit, and a director of the Citizens' Savings Bank and other corporations. In 1902 Mr. Babst became a member of the law firm of Green, Peters & Babst, of Chicago, General Counsel to the National Biscuit Company, American Radiator Company and other large corporations. In 1906 he removed to New York, succeeding his firm as General Counsel to the National Biscuit Company, of which his associate, A. W. Green (q.v.) was president. Mr. Babst has taken an active part both on the legal and business sides in furthering the well known success of that company, Mr. Babst was president of the University of Michigan Club of New York in 1912-1913, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Advisory Council of his University, of the Executive Council of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity, of Phi Beta Kappa, of American Bar Association, of the University (and Union League) Club of Chicago, of the Association of the Bar, University, Ardsley, and other clubs of New York. In 1911 the University of Michigan conferred upon him its honorary degree

of Master of Arts. Mr. Babst was married in 1903 to Alice Ed. wina Uhl of Grand Rapids, Michigan, daughter of late Edwin F. Uhl (q.v.) Ambassador to Germany, and has two children, Katherine de Garmo and Alice Edwina.

Baca, Eleuterio, born, Feb. 20, 1853, at Las Vegas, N. Mex., parents Juan Maria Baca, and Dolores Sandoval de Baca; ed. St. Michael's College, Santa Fe, N. Mex., and St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. (A.B., June 27, 1872). Bookkeeper for five years; teacher twenty-eight years; contributed several articles in defense of the church to a Las Vegas newspaper in 1873; has been at divers times associate editor of La Voz del Pueblo, at Las Vegas; is the author of several minor poems in English and in Spanish; and translated into English the “Historia Ilustrada de Nuevo Méjico" by Benjamin M. Read, of Santa Fe; resides actually at Las Vegas, pursuing his favorite profession-teaching.

Back, Ernest Adna, entomologist and scientist of Honolulu, Hawaii, was born Oct. 7, 1880, in Northampton, Mass. He received the degrees of B.S. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts College; and in 1904-1906 was instructor in entomology and in 1906-1907 of botany in that institution. In 1907-1909 he was field agent in the Bureau of Entomology in the United States Department of Agriculture; in 1909-1910 in field charge of white-fly investigation; and in 1910-1912 entomologist of Virginia crops and pest commissioner. Since 1912 he has been expert in field charge and special dispersing agent, fruit-fly investigations and control work, Hawaiian Islands, in the Bureau of Entomology of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Bacon, Alexander Samuel, lawyer; born in Jackson, Mich., Nov. 20, 1853; son of John A. and Harriet (Smith) Bacon. He was graduated in the “Stars'') in 1876 from the United States Military Academy, in which he was the first captain in the corps of cadets, and served as lieutenant in the 1st United States Artillery, from which he resigned. He was admitted to the bar in 1879, and he has a wide practice, extending to many countries; is a director and vice-president of the Webster Piano Company. He served in the New York Legislature as assemblyman, 1887, and in the National Guard of the State of New York, as captain, major and lieutenant-colonel of the Twenty-third Regiment, and as colonel of the Second Provisional Regiment. Colonel Bacon is a member of the Quill and Winter's Night Clubs of Brooklyn. He married in Denver, Colo., Sept. 1, 1886, Harriet Whetelsey Schroter, and they have two children. Residence: 101 Rugby Road, Brooklyn. Office: 46 Cedar St., New York City. He is the author of various books and widely known as a lawyer, lecturer and writer.

Bacon, Augustus Octavius, United States senator from Georgia, was born October 20, 1839, in Bryan County, Ga. In 1871 he was elected to the Georgia house of representatives, on which body he has served as a member for fourteen years, and during eight years was speaker. He was several times a candi. date for the democratic nomination for governor of Georgia; and was elected to the United States Senate as a democrat in


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