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Alexander, Joshua W., congressman of Gallatin, Mo.; was born in Cincinnati, O., Jan. 22, 1852. In 1882 he was elected representative to the general assembly of Missouri from Daviess County, and re-elected in 1884 and 1886. He was elected to the sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses; was re-elected to the sixty-third congress for the term ending 1913-15.

Allee, William S., physician, banker; born in Missouri, Jan. 20, 1852, son of James V- and Sabra (Bowlin) Allee; educated in public schools, Missouri State University Medical School; Rush Medical College, Chicago and Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, M.D., 1875; married at St. Louis, April 29, 1875, to Laura C. Huston; four sons. Engaged in retail drug business since 1882; president of Miller County Exchange Bank since 1890; vicepresident of Lee Jordan Lumber Company, Jefferson City, Mo. Member Missouri State Senate, 1908-1912. Democrat. Member of American Medical Association, Missouri State Medical Association (ex-president), Miller County Medical Society, Missouri Society for Prevention of Tuberculosis. Mason, Odd Fellow, Maccabee, and Modern Woodman. President of Olean Commercial Club. Address, Olean.

Allen, Andrew Aniel, railroad president of St. Louis, Mo.; was born March 19, 1856, near Monmouth, Ill. Since 1869 he has been in railroad service. He has been general superintendent of the Wisconsin Central Railroad; and general manager of the Chicago and Northern Pacific Railroad. Since 1895 he has been assistant general manager, and since 1903 has been president, vicepresident and general manager of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad Company. He was one of the directors of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company.

Allen, Alfred G., congressman, was born July 23, 1867, near Wilmington, Ohio. Since 1890 he has practiced law in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a democrat.

Allen, Benjamin Franklin, educator and college president of Jefferson City, Mo., was born Sept. 8, 1872, in Savannah, Ga. He has been principal of the grammar and high schools in the South; professor of the Georgia State Industrial College and teacher in the Atlanta University of Georgia. He is now president of the State College for Negroes of Missouri.

Allen, Edward P., clergyman and bishop of Mobile, Ala., was born in Lowell, Mass. He entered Mount St. Mary's College, and received the degree of A.B. in 1878, and A.M. in 1880. He was later chosen president of Mount St. Mary's College. In January, 1897, the Holy Father Leo XIII, appointed Dr. Allen, bishop of Mobile, in succession to the late Bishop O'Sullivan of happy memory. He was later consecrated in the Cathedral at Baltimore, on May 16, 1897, and was installed in his Cathedral Church at Mobile, May 30, 1897. .

Allen, Eugene Thomas, of 1348 Euclid St., N.W., Washington, D. C., was born at Athol, Mass., April 2, 1864. A.B., Amherst, 1887; Ph.D., Hopkins, 1892; Harvard, 1893-95. Associate professor of chemistry, Woman's College of Baltimore, 1890-91; act

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ing professor, Colorado, 1892-93; professor in Mo. School of Mines, 1895-1901; chemistry geologist, United States Geological Survey, 1900-06; research chemist, geophysical laboratory, Carnegie Institution, 1907; instructor in summer school, Harvard, 1893-95. Chemistry Society; Washington Chemistry Society (president, 1904). Inorganic and mineralogical chemistry.

Allen, Frederick Hobbes, lawyer, of 63 Wall St., New York City; was born in Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands; son of Ilon. Elisha Hunt Allen, M.C. (also chief justice Hawaiian Islands and minister plenipotentiary to U.S.), and Mary Harrod (Hobbes) Allen; graduate A.B., 1880 (A.M.), LL.B., 1883, Harvard University; married, New York City, 1892, Adele Livingston Stevens; children: Frederic Stevens, Mary Dorothy Adele, Barbara Frances Gallatin, Joan Livingston, Julian Broome Livingston, Priscilla Alden Sampson. Studied law in office of Holmes & Adams; admitted to bar, 1884; became managing clerk Miller, Peckham & Dixon; later practiced alone; in 1894 formed firm of Adams & Allen, and on death of senior partner, 1900, formed firm of Allen & Cammann. Secretary Hawaiian legation, 1882, charge d'affaires; resigned 1883; has been corporation counsel, also president Village of Pelham Manor. Chairman Democratic county committee, Westchester county, N.Y.; has been delegate at various state conventions; delegate to Democratic national convention at Denver, 1908; twice member executive committee of Democratic state committee of N.Y. (in last campaign member general finance committee of Democratic national committee). Member permanent American commission that went abroad to study agricultural finance, production, distribution and rural life. Member Sons of Revolution, Society Colonial Wars. Recreations: Hunting, polo. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Union, Manhattan, City.

Allen, George Gardner, general storekeeper Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Office: Milwaukee, Wis. Born, Dec. 15, 1862, at Austin, Minn. Educated in the public schools at Austin, Minn. Entered railway service May 1, 1881, as brakeman Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, since which he has been consecutively, Nov., 1881, to Nov., 1890, clerk in store department at Minneapolis; Nov., 1890, to Nov. 1894, storekeeper at Green Bay, Wis.; Nov., 1894, to April, 1904, chief clerk general store department same road at Milwaukee; April, 1904, to Oct., 1909, assistant general storekeeper Chicago Great Western Rd., at Oelwein, Ia.; Oct., 1909, to date, general storekeeper Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry, at Milwaukee.

Allen, John Robbins, 837 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mechanical engineer, Milwaukee, Wis., July 23, 1869; B.S., Mich., 1892; M.E., 1896. Secretary L. K. Comstock Construction Co., 1893-95. Instructor mechanical engineering, 1896-99; assistant professor, 1899-02; junior professor, 1902-05; professor, 1905 to date. Past president American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers; past president Michigan Engineering Society; member A.S.M.E., American Society for Promotion of Engineering Education; honorary member M.A.S.E., Detroit Engineering

Society. Dean of engineering department, Robert College, Con-
stantinople, Turkey, 1910-12. Specialties, heating and ventilat-
ing and production of power.

Alling, Newton Duelle, banker, of 233 Broadway, New York

City, was born, Town of Stanford, Dutchess county, N.Y., March

31, 1869; son of J. Sackett and Ann Eliza (Bertine) Alling;

educated in private schools of Dutchess county and preparatory

Chappaqua Mt. Institute, Friends Academy, Chappaqua, and

Eastman Business College; married, Brooklyn, N. Y., April, 1898,

Edyth Spencer; one daughter, Kathryn Spencer. Entered em-

ploy of Nassau Bank, N.Y., Dec., 1887; promoted to assistant

cashier, 1910; vice-president National Nassau Bank since Jan.,

1912. Through consolidation of Nassau with Irving National

Bank, became assistant cashier of latter institution May 6, 1914.

President N.Y. Chapter American Institute of Banking, 1905-06,

having been interested in this institution since 1901; elected pres-
ident of whole organization, at Seattle convention, 1909. Was
largely instrumental in 1907, as member board of trustees, in
bringing about reorganization of institute. Democrat (candi-
date for assembly in Brooklyn, 1894); Presbyterian. Member
Dutchess County Society. Has written considerably on banking
and allied subjects, including: Negotiable Instruments, Collec-
tion of Country Checks, Bank Reserves, Substitute for a Central
Bank, Treasury Issue vs. Bank Issue. Recreations: Golf, farm-
ing, fishing, outdoor sports.

Allis, Charles, manufacturer, of Milwaukee, Wis., where he

was born May 4, 1853. Son of Edward P. and Margaret M.

(Watson) Allis; educated in public schools and Markham Acad-

emy of Milwaukee, Wis., and Little Blue Academy, Farmington,

Me. Married at Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 19, 1877, Sarah Esther

Ball. Secretary and treasurer The Edward P. Allis Co.; presi-

dent for first four years of the Allis-Chalmers Co.; now a director;

president Chicago Belting Co.; vice-president and director First

Savings and Trust Co.; director First National Bank; director

and member finance committee of the Northwestern Mutual Life

Insurance Co. Republican. Presbyterian. President Milwaukee

Art Society. Clubs: Union League, Lawyers' (New York City),

Chicago Athletic Association (Chicago), Milwaukee, Athletic,

Town and Country (Milwaukee).

Allison, James William, window glass manufacturer; presi-

dent, treasurer and owner of the Reliance Window Glass Manu-
facturing Co.; factory, Du Bois, Pa.; general office, 411 Olive St.,
suite 211 and 212. Born in Boone county, Oct. 11, 1844, son of
Dr. Nathaniel Allison and Martha Frances (Sullinger) Allison;
began business career as apprentice in 1858 in retail drug busi.
ness. Afterwards as clerk for several years, when he entered
the drug business on his own account. Later was in the jobbing
drug business until 1872, when he engaged in the manufacture of
window glass and bottles. Educated in the private schools of
Mexico. Entered McGee College, Macon county, Mo., and St.
Charles College, St. Charles, Mo. Was appointed by Governor
Folk president board of election commissioners, 1906.

Is mem-

ber of University Club, Noonday Club and Society of Sons of Revolution. Thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason.

Alwood, William Bradford, Stonehenge Laboratories, Rio Road, Charlottesville, Va. Born, Delta, O., Aug. 11,1859. Ohio State, 1882-84; George Washington, 1887-88; teacher, public schools, 1879-81; superintendent, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, 1882-86; assistant entomologist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1886-88; vice-director, entomologist and botanist, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, 1888-91, horticulturist, entomologist and mycologist, 1892-04; professor horticulture, entomology and mycology, Virginia Polytechnic, 1891-04; special agent in charge investigations in cenological technic, bur. chemistry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1904-07, ænological chemist, 1907- Special agent to study cnology in Europe, division of chemistry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1900 Cross, Officier du Mérite Agricole; silver medal and diploma, Soc. Nat. d'Agr. de France. F.A.A.; Washington Biological Society; fellow Royal Horticultural Society. Horticulture; alcoholic ferments and malfermentations. Biology of alcoholic ferments, wine, cider and vinegar; economic disposal of unmerchantable fruits.

Amberg, Emil, physician and surgeon, of 270 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. He received a thorough education, graduated with the degree of M.D., and has attained success in the practice of medicine. He is a member of several medical associations and societies; and has filled various positions of trust and honor.

Ames, Edwin G., lumberman; born, East Machias, Me., July 2, 1856; son of John K. and Sarah A. (Sanborn) Ames. Education, public schools of Machias, Me., and high school, Providence, R.I., 1875. Married, Maud Walker, Oct. 17, 1888, at Port Gamble, Wash. Went to Washington, 1881. Business manager, Puget Mill Co., Seattle, and its associated companies; vice-president, Seattle National Bank; director, Metropolitan Bank, Seattle; trustee, Washington Saving & Loan Assn., Seattle; trustee, Washington Forest Fire Assn.; trustee, West Coast Lumber Manufacturers' Assn.; president, Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau. Republican. Clubs: Golf, Rainier, Metropolitan, Commercial, Arctic, Athletic, Automobile (Seattle); Union (Tacoma); HooHoos, Knights Templar, Scottish Rite, Thirty-second degree, Shriner. Residence: 808 Thirty-sixth Ave., N. Office: Walker Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Amidon, Charles Fremont, lawyer and jurist of Fargo, N.D., was born Aug. 7, 1856, in Clymer, N.Y. In 1893 he was a member of the commission to revise the codes and statutes of North Dakota. Since 1896 he has been United States judge for the district of North Dakota.

Ammons, E. M., governor of the state of Colorado. He is governor of Colorado for the term of 1913-15, and resides in Denver, Colo.

Anders, Dr. Howard S., 1700 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Born at Norritonville, Pa., Nov. 12, 1866. A.B., Central High School, Philadelphia, 1885, A.M., 1892; M.D., Penn

sylvania, 1890. Interne, Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, 1890-91; instructor of clinical medicine, Medico-Chirurg, College, Philadelphia, 1894-96; lecturer, 1897-99; professor of physical diagnosis, 1899. Physician to Samaritan and Philadelphia General Hospitals. American Medical Association; Climatic Association; Public Health Association; Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Tuberculosis (past president); Pennsylvania Medical Society; Philadelphia County Medical Society. Street-width and pulmonary tuberculosis; the weather and epidemic influenza; the dust menace and municipal diseases; pioneer in recommending adoption of individual communion cups, and individual cups in public places generally. “Diet in Tuberculosis," text-book on Physical Diagnosis (Appleton), etc.

Anderson, Albert, journalist and publisher of Clearbrook, Minn., was born Dec. 23, 1875, in Red Wing, Minn. He was one of the organizers of Clearwater county, Minn. In 1902 he became postmaster of Olberg; and is editor and publisher of the Olberg Journal, now changed to the Clearbrook Journal. In 1910 the Olberg postoffice was moved to the new railway site and its name changed to Clearbrook, of which he is still postmaster. He was one of the organizers of the Clearbrook Lumber Company, of which he is a director.

Anderson, Charles Lee, banker; born at Corinth, Miss., April 25, 1864; son of John F. and Mary McKinney (Dishoghn) Anderson; educated in public schools in different districts; married at Independence, Texas, March 24, 1894, to Nette Houston Williams; three sons. Worked as a farmer until 19 years of age, then worked as messenger boy for Western Union Telegraph Company for a while, later employed as local ticket agent for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad, during which time acted as express agent for the Pacific Express Company. Organized the First National Bank of Ardmore, Okla., in 1889, and has been its cashier continuously since 1889. Vice-president of Ardmore Loan & Trust Company. Republican; Episcopalian. Address, Ardmore.

Anderson, Galusha, clergyman, educator, college president and author of Boston, Mass., was born March 7, 1832, in North Bergen, N.Y. For eight years he was president of the University of Chicago; and for three years was president of Denison University of Ohio. For seven years he filled the chair of sacred rhetoric, church polity and pastoral duties the Newton Theological Institution of Massachusetts. For fourteen years he filled the chair of practical theology at Morgan Park, ill.; and in the divinity school of the University of Chicago. He was in St. Louis during the Civil War; preached the first loyal sermon in that city in 1861; and was one of a band of loyal men who succeeded in keeping Missouri in the Union. He is the author of “The Story of a Border City During the Civil War.”

Anderson, George Bradley, merchant, founder, was born April 18, 1841, in Canandaigua, N.Y. In 1863-66 he was buyer and assistant manager for G. H. Seelye. In 1866-71 he was partner in Squiers, Anderson & Co., dry goods merchants; and since

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