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dian Extension. Went to Northwestern States and the Pacific Coast, in 1902, to study colonization schemes for the government of Canada. Member of the Canadian Forestry Society, the Dominion Alliance, and trustee of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. Address, 119 Wellington St., Toronto, Canada.

Burke, Edmund, agricultural experiment station, Bozeman, Mont., was born, Niles, Mich., April 26, 1865. B.S., Mont. Col., 1907. Instr. chem., Mont. Col., 1901-06, asst. prof., 1906-07; asst. chemist, Mont. Agr. Exp. Sta., 1900-08, chemist, 1908, meteorologist, 1906. Lecturer, farmers' institutes. Chem. Soc.; West Assn. Tech. Chem. and Metal. Occurrance of salicylic acid in fruits; effect of alkali on Portland cement. The effect of alkali salts on cements; artificial incubation of eggs. The formation of vitriols in soils. A study of Gumbo soils.

Burke, James Francis, congressman, was born Oct. 21, 1867, at Petroleum Center, Pa. He founded the American Republican College League, and became its first president, establishing a branch organization in every leading university of the United States. He began the practice of law in Pittsburgh in 1893. He was elected to the fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses. He was re-elected to the sixty-third congress from the thirty-first district of Pennsylvania for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Burke, John H., lawyer, Ballston Spa, born in Mechanicsville, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1856. Educated at Mechanicsville Academy, Fort Edward Institute and Williams College. (Married.) Director Ballston Spa National Bank. Was member of Assembly from Saratoga County, 1887.

Burke, John James, born Jan. 4, 1857, Avon, Ill.; educated public schools, and later at Notre Dame University, Ind., receiving the degree of A.B. in 1883, and that of A.M. in 1885; author of “Reasonableness of Catholic Ceremonies and Practices" (Benziger Bros., 1892); “Characteristics of the Early Church” (Murph 1899; Christian Press, 1909); has visited Rome and the Holy Land, and has traveled over Continental Europe and in Ireland. Father Burke was mainly instrumental in bringing the late Mrs. Julia Palmer Stevens into the church. Member of the Father Mathew League; K. C. Address, St. Mark's Church, Peoria, Ill.

Burke, Michael E., congressman, was born Oct. 15, 1863, in Beaver Dam, Wis. Since 1888 he has practiced law in his native city; served four years in the state assembly; and four years in the state senate. He served fifteen consecutive terms as city attorney of Beaver Dam; and has served two terms as mayor of that city. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a Democrat.

Burleigh, Edwin Chick, ex-governor of Maine, congressman and United States senator; born at Linneus, Aroostook County, Maine, Nov. 27, 1843. He was educated in the common schools and the Houlton Academy. He taught school and was land surveyor and served in the office of the state adjutant-general. He is now publisher of the Kennebec Journal, daily and weekly. From 1876 to 1878 he was state land agent, was state treasurer

from 1885 to 1888, and governor from 1889 to 1892, inclusive. He was elected in 1897 from the third Maine district to the fiftyfifth congress in place of Seth L. Milliken, deceased, re-elected in 1908 and was biennially re-elected and served until March 4, 1911. In 1913 he was elected United States senator. His term of service will expire March 3, 1919. Address, Augusta, Maine.

Burleigh, George William, lawyer, born, Somersworth, N. H., April 18, 1870; son of Hon. George William and Louise H. (Bryant) Burleigh; educated, St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., Princeton University, A.B., 1892, A.M., 1895; N. Y. Law School; married, Trenton, N.J., Nov. 21, 1894, Ísis Yturbide Potter Stockton, daughter of Gen. Robert F. Stockton, of Trenton. Admitted to bar of N. Y., 1894. Director, secretary and treasurer Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co., director Princeton Publishing Co., Princeton University Press. Republican; Episcopalian. Life member, N. Y. Zool. Soc., mem., Met. Mus. of Art., Am. Museum of Natural History, Am. Bison Soc., Am. Geog. Soc., Am. Soc. of Intl. Law. Clubs, Down Town Assn., University, New York; University, Washington, Princeton of N. Y., Camp Fire of America (N. Y. City); Nassau, University Cottage (Princeton). Residence, 42 W. 9th St., Address, 52 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Burley, David E., general passenger and ticket agent Oregon Short Line Rd. Office, Salt Lake City, Utah. Born March 8, 1849, at Amanda, 0. Educated in the public schools and at Asbury University, now Depauw University, at Greencastle, Ind. Entered railway service 1879, since which he has been consecutively to July 1, 1889, traveling passenger agent Union Pacific Ry. at Baltimore, Md.; July 1, 1889, to July 1, 1891, traveling passenger agent same road at Philadelphia, Pa.; July 1, 1891, to March 17, 1897, general agent passenger department same road at Salt Lake City, Utah; March 17, 1897, to date, general passenger and ticket agent Oregon Short Line Rd.

Burnett, Edgar Albert, 3256 Holdrege St., Lincoln, Neb., was born, Oakland Co., Mich., Oct. 17, 1865. B.S., Mich. Agr. Col., 1887. Instr. agr., Mich. Agr. Col., 1889-91, asst. prof., 1891-93; prof. S. Dak. State Col., 1896-99; animal husbandry, Nebraska, 1899-1909, assoc. dean, indust. col., 1901-09, director, Agr. Exp. Sta., 1901-, dean, col. agr., 1909-; supt. farmers' institutes, Neb., 1899-1909. Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci., Am. Soc. Animal Nutrition, Am. Genetic Assn., Nat. Geog. Soc., Assn. Am. Agr. Cols. and Exp. Stas.

Burnett, John Lawson Brandon, congressman, was born Jan. 20, 1854, in Cedar Bluff, Ala. He was elected to the Alabama Legislature in 1884; and to the State Senate in 1886. He was elected to the fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses from Alabama as a Democrat. He was re-elected to the sixty-third congress from the Seventh District of Alabama for term of 1913-15; and resides in Gadsden, Ala.

Burnett, Samuel Howard, New York State Veterinary Coll., Ithaca, N. Y., was born at Webster, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1869. A.B., Cornell, 1892, M.S., 1896, D.V.M., 1902. Instr. biol., Fairmount,

1896-98; asst. comp. path, and bacter., Cornell, 1899-1901, instr., 1901-08, asst. prof., 1908-13, prof., 1913. Assn. Path. and Bact. Clinical hematology of domesticated animals; comparative morphology of the blood; comparative pathology.

Burns, William John, business president of New York City, was born Oct. 19, 1861, in Baltimore, Md. He has been connected with the United States secret service in the treasury department, has been special agent in the interior department and made graft investigation in San Francisco. Since 1909 he has been president of the international detective agency, and among their clients are the American bankers' association and other important institutions.

Burr, Nelson B., 165 Broadway, New York City; residence, 1 East 51st St., N. Y. City; born in Auburn, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1871. Educated at Phillips Andover Academy, Yale University and Harvard Law School. Lieut.-Col. 12th Rgt. Inf. N. Y. N. G.; vice-pres. St. Louis & So. Western Rwy. Co.; director Am. Writing Paper Co., etc. Married 1904 to Helen Van Cortlandt Morris, of New York City. Member Union, University, Lawyers’, St. Anthony, Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, Yale, Racquet and Tennis, Foreign Wars and Spanish Am. War Vets.

Burras, Howard Kissam, bond and stock broker; born New York, Feb. 28, 1851; son of Thomas H. and Mary E. (Hawkins) Burras; educated in Ward School 35, and Columbia College; married, Savannah, Ga., 1890, Kate Wheaton. Member New York Stock Exchange since 1876, and member firm H. K. Burras & Co. Republican; member Christian Church. Member Georgia Society. Clubs: Lotos, New York Athletic, Automobile Club of America, Metropolitan Club of N.Y. Address: 66 Broadway, N.Y. City.

Burroughs, Samuel Raymond, physician, surgeon and banker, of Buffalo, Tex., was born in Tuskaloosa County, Alabama, Oct. 3, 1842; son of Benjamin F. and Louisa Fair (Burton) Burroughs; educated at Palestine High School and Mound Prairie Institute, Anderson County, Tex., and was graduated from Galveston Medical College, at which he later held the chair of chemistry, toxicology and medical jurisprudence for four years; married, in Leon County, Texas, May 9, 1867, Rebecca Antoinette Henry; children, Evie May, Robert Edgar, Core Lee and Mary Louella. Engaged in the practice of medicine in Houston, Texas, two years; health failed and removed to Leon County, where recovered health, first living at Raymond, then at Buffalo, Tex., where he has been residing since 1896. Practiced medicine and was engaged in the mercantile and ginning business at Raymond, Tex., before residing at Buffalo, Tex.; now engaged in the practice of medicine and banking business. President and stockholder Buffalo State Bank; director and stockholder in Amicable Life Insurance Company; stockholder Texas Loan and Surety Company, First State Bank of Oakwood, Tex., Western Casualty and Guarantee Company (Dallas), Texas Loan and Guarantee Company, Houston Continental Trust Company, Houston. Served as member Company G, 1st Texas Regiment, Hood's Brigade,

C.S.A., in Army of Northern Virginia. Has served as chairman of the Democratic representative district; chairman Democratic senatorial district; member State Democratic Executive Committee; president Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. Expresident Texas State Medical Association; member of county, state and national medical associations. Missionary Baptist; Democrat; Royal Arch Mason; Elk.

Burrows, Joseph H., farmer, clergyman, congressman, was born May 15, 1840, in Manchester, England. He was educated in the high schools of Keokuk, Iowa; and he studied two years in Quincy, Ill. He was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Keokuk and Centerville, Iowa. In 1867 he was ordained to the Baptist ministry; and for over thirty years has been pastor in Cainsville, Mo. In 1883 he was one of the organizers of Cainsville Bank, of which he was vice-president. He has attained note as a public speaker and temperance lecturer. In 1870-74 and in 1878-80 he was a representative to the Missouri State Legislature. In 1881-83 he was a representative from Missouri to the fortyseventh congress. He preached more than 46 years, clerk of the West Fork Baptist Association 25 years, and moderator of same 12 years. President of the Cainsville Bank. As M.C. he introduced the first bill in the forty-seventh congress for the reduction of letter postage from 3 to 2 cents; this is the congress that gave the reduction.

Burtis, D. J., president Empire City Fire Ins. Co., New York; born in New York, July 21, 1853. He began work in insurance in 1870 as a clerk with the Firemen's Trust Ins. Co. of New York; was connected with the Mercantile Ins. Co. from 1871 to 1873, and with the Howard Ins. Co. in 1873-4. After being for a time an insurance broker, he entered the service of the Empire City in 1875, and has remained with the company ever since, becoming secretary in 1885, and president in 1906. The Empire City was merged with The Williamsburgh Fire Ins. Co., Dec. 31, 1912, and he was elected vice-president and secretary. Address: 95 William St., New York.

Burt, Wellington, manufacturer of Saginaw, Mich., was born 1831 in New York State. He is a manufacturer of the Portland Cement Company. He has been state senator; and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1907.

Burton, Henry Fairfield, university professor of Rochester, N. Y., was born, Elyria, O., July 17, 1851; son Nathan Smith (D.D.), and Sarah John (Fairfield) Burton; grad. Univ. of Mich., A.B., 1872, A.M., 1875; Univ. of Leipzig (student of philology), 1875-1877; Univ. of Berlin (student of philology), 18911892; hon. LL.D., Denison Univ., 1909; married, Rochester, N. Y., June 14, 1898, Marian Williams Perrin; children: Andrew Perrin, born 1899; Sarah Fairfield, born 1900; Henry Fairfield, born 1901. Instr. Latin and Greek, Denison Univ., 1872-1874; instr. Latin, Univ. of Mich., 1874-1875; ass't prof. Latin, Univ. of Rochester, 1877-1883; prof. Latin, Univ. of Rochester, since 1883; acting pres., 1898-1900, and 1908-1909. Democrat. Baptist.

Member Phi Beta Kappa Soc., Amer. Philol. Ass'n, Archæol. Inst. of America. Clubs: Genesee Valley, Fortnightly, Alpha Chi.

Burton, Theodore E., United States senator from Ohio, was born Dec. 20, 1851, in Jefferson, Ohio. He began the practice of law at Cleveland in 1875. He is the author of Financial Crisis and Depressions; and Life of John Sherman. He was a member of the fifty-first congress, but was defeated for reelection in 1890; and was a member of the fifty-fourth, fifty-fifth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth and sixtieth congresses as a Republican. He is now a member of the United States Senate for the term of 1909-15; and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Burwell, Benjamin Franklin, lawyer and jurist of Oklahoma City, Okla., was born April 15, 1866, in Armstrong County, Pa. He was educated in the public and private schools, and at the State Normal School at Glenville, W. Va. He studied law in West Virginia and Kansas, and practiced in Kansas at Gypsum City, where he was city clerk. In 1891 he located in Oklahoma City; and in 1898-1907 was an associate justice of the Supreme Court for the Territory of Oklahoma. He is now actively engaged in the practice of law in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Bush, Irving T., business man; born Ridgeway, Mich., July 12, 1869; son Rufus T. and Sarah M. (Hall) Bush; educated in The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.; married, first, Ridgeway, Mich., Feb. 2, 1891, Belle Barlow; married, second, Lakewood, N.J., April 20, 1907, Maud Howard Beard (widow of Francis D. Beard); has traveled around the world in his father's yacht Coronet," 1888 and 1889, and has been many times abroad. At age of nineteen, entered the Bush & Denslow Mfg. Co., of which his father was president, and a year later became secretary of the company. He early became impressed with the urgency of the problem of congestion of business and traffic in New York, and applied himself to its solution; established a few warehouses in 1895 under the style of The Bush Company, Limited; in 1901 founded the Bush Terminal Company, and has created the Bush Terminal, whose 123 warehouses, seven piers, ten Model Loft or Industrial Buildings, and remarkably complete facilities for receiving, shipping, storing, selling and manufacturing goods, covering about thirty city blocks (200 acres), in South Brooklyn, New York, have attracted there about 200 manufacturers and wholesalers. President, Bush Terminal Co., Bush Terminal Buildings Co., Bush Terminal R.R. Co.; Director of The Merchants Assn. of N.Y.; Congregationalist; Member: American Economic Assn., Holland Society, Pan-American Society of U.S., Chamber of Commerce of State of N.Y.; Clubs: Press, Union League, N.Y. Yacht, Hamilton, Down Town Assn., Economic of N.Y., Automobile Club of Am., American Yacht, Sleepy Hollow Country, Knollwood Country, National Arts, Country Club of Lakewood, N.J., Traffic of N.Y. Residence: Irvington-on-theHudson, N.Y. Office: 100 Broad St., N.Y. City.

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