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prietor and editor of the Commoner. He is the author of The First Battle, A Story of Campaign of 1896; Old World and Its Ways; and other works.

Bryant, Charles Page, physician and surgeon; born, Allegheny, Pa.; son, Milton Charles and Katherine (Page) B.; descendant of Major Street, William C. Bryant, James Livingston. M.D., Jefferson Med. College, Philadelphia ; post grad., Rush Med. College, Chicago. Married, Elizabeth Sibbett, April 16, 1906, at Philadelphia. Sec. and treas., King County Homeopathic Med. Soc. Pres. Wash. State Homeopathic Med. Soc., 1913-14. Res. 3820 E. Olive St.; office, 904 Cobb Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Bryant, Edward Francis, banker; born Dedham, Mass., April 30, 1861; son of Oliver F. and Minerva (Richardson) Bryant; educated in Chauncy Hall School, Boston, Mass.; married, Nashua, N. H., July 18, 1888, Florence Runnells; children: Donald R., Dorothy F., Marion. Assistant cashier First National Bank, Woburn, Mass., 1880-1886; cashier and president Pullman Trust and Savings Bank since 1886. Republican; Congregationalist. Mason. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Chicago, Boston Art Club, Chicago Athletic Association (Boston), and sundry golf and country clubs. Residence: 1442 E. 51st St. Office: Pullman Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago.

Bryant, Waldo Calvin, manufacturer, financier, was born in Winchendon, Mass., Dec. 17, 1863; son of Calvin T. and Almeda (Dexter) Bryant; educated in Worcester Polytechnic Institute and graduated in 1884 with degree of B.A.; married, Waterbury, Conn., April 5, 1887, Ida Gerald ; two children, son, Waldo Gerald, daughter, Doris. Started in business manufacturing electric lighting devices in 1888; incorporated The Bryant Electric Company in 1889. President, treasurer and general manager of The Bryant Electric Company, The Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Company; vice-president and director The Siemon Hard Rubber Corporation; director Bridgeport Brass Company, Bridgewater Hydraulic Company, First Bridgeport National Bank, Bridgeport Trust Company; trustee People's Savings Bank. Republican; Congregationalist. Member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers; director Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport Boys' Club. Mason (thirty-second degree). Clubs: Union League, Lawyers', Engineers', Railroad Club, City Lunch Club, New England Society in the City of New York (New York City); Brooklyn Country Club, Bridgeport Yacht Club, University, Algonquin, Contemporary (Bridgeport); Metabetchouan Fishing and Game Club (Canada); Accomack Club (Virginia).

Buchanan, Frank, congressman, was born June 14, 1862, in Jefferson County, Ind. He has been international president of the Bridge and Structural Iron Workers' Union. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses; and resides in Chicago, nii.

Buchanan, J. P., state representative and congressman of Brenham, Tex., was born Aug. 30, 1867, in Midway, S. C. He was educated in the law department of the University of Texas. He is a successful lawyer of Texas; for two years was justice of

the peace; for seven years was county attorney for Washington County; and for seven years was district attorney for the twentyfirst judicial district of Texas. He is identified with the Democratic party; and was a state representative in the Texas Legis. lature in 1908-10. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15.

Buchanan, J. W., merchant, born in Obion County, Tenn., son of J. A. and Nannie Buchanan; moved to Obion, Tenn., December, 1899; made general manager of Obion and Glass Hdw. Co. in May 14, 1901, and sold his interest in business, Jan. 1, 1909; resigned as manager and began business in the firm name of J. W. Buchanan & Co., and Jan. 1, 1914, bought out his partners and dropped the company from the firm name. Was elected on the board of mayor and aldermen, as alderman in April, 1904, and served continuously until April, 1913, when he resigned; was elected a member of the county court in August, 1913, which place he now holds.

Buck, Harold Winthrop, consulting engineer of 49 Wall St., New York City, was born, N. Y. City, May 7, 1873; son of Albert H. and Laura (Abbott) Buck; graduate. Yale Coll., Ph.B., Columbia Univ., E.E.; married, 1902, Charlotte R. Porter; children: Winthrop Porter, Gurdon, Charlotte Abbott. Elect. engr. of Niagara Falls Power Co., 1900-07 and allied companies. Since 1907 consulting engr. and vice-pres. of eng'ring corp. of Viele, Blackwell & Buck. General Utilities Corp. Mem. Am. Inst. Elect. Engrs., Am. Electro Chemical Soc., Nat. Electric Light Assn., Franklin Inst., Pa. Clubs, University, Engineers, Rockaway Hunting.

Buehler, Lytton Briggs, artist of 11 Main St., Gettysburg, Pa., was born Aug. 6, 1888, in Gettysburg, Pa. He is of old American family, on both sides. He was educated in public and private schools. Entered the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1906, where he studied for four years, winning a traveling scholarship to Europe in 1908. Exhibited at the Paris Salon. Since then represented in the annual exhibitions throughout the country. Has painted many notable portraits and landscapes. Member of the Fellowship of the Academy of Fine Arts and Fellowship Pafa.

Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner, U. S. senator, banker, born, E. Haddam, Conn., Dec. 26, 1837; son of Eliphalet Adams (first president Aetna Life Insurance Co.) and Lydia S. (Morgan) Bulkeley; family removed to Hartford, Conn., 1846; educated in high school of Hartford; honorary degree, Yale College, A.M., 1890; married, San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 11, 1885, Fannie B. Houghton. Engaged as merchant in Brooklyn; after Civil War returned to Hartford and organized in 1872 and was first president (1872-79) United States Bank of Hartford, Conn.; now president since 1879 Aetna Life Insurance Co. Served in 13th New York Regiment during Civil War; was councilman 1875, alderman 1876, mayor 1880-88 of Hartford, Conn.; elected governor of Connecticut for term of 1889-91, and as no candidate for election in 1890 received a constitutional majority of the votes cast, he retained

the office of governor for term 1891-93; candidate for U. S. senator 1893; elected U. S. senator 1905 for term 1905-11. Delegate Republican National Conventions, 1884-96. Republican. Address, 650 Main St. Hartford.

Bulkley, Robert Johns, congressman, was born in Cleveland, Oct. 8, 1880; from Harvard College with the degree of A.B. in 1902; studied law at Harvard Law School and in Cleveland; received the degree of A.M. from Harvard University in 1906; married Miss Katherine Pope at Helena, Mont., Feb. 17, 1909; engaged in practice of law; never was a candidate for public office prior to 1910; was elected to the sixty-second and sixtythird congresses.

Bull, Frank Kellogg, manufacturer and capitalist of Racine, Wis., was born in Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wis., May 7, 1857; son of Stephen and Ellen (Kellogg) Bull; graduated from Racine College, 1878; married, 1880, Belle Jones. Began in employ of J. I. Case & Co., as apprentice in repair department; appointed secretary, 1881, treasurer, 1896, president, 1897 of J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co., which is now the largest manufacturer of threshing machinery in the world. President Belle City Manufacturing Co., farm implement manufacturers. Clubs, Union League (New York), Milwaukee (Milwaukee), Chicago Club, Chicago Athletic (Chicago), Racine (Racine, Wis.).

Bullitt, William Marshall, lawyer, banker; born, Louisville, Ky., March 4, 1873; son of Thomas Walker and Annie P. (Logan) Bullitt; graduated from Princeton College, B.S., 1894, LL.B., from University of Louisville, 1895. Married, May 31, 1913, Nora Iasigi at Stockbridge, Mass. Has been engaged in practice of law at Louisville since 1895; solicitor general of the United States, 1912-13; Republican nominee for the United States Senate, 1914; member of law firm of Bullitt & Bullitt. Director in and counsel for First National Bank, Union National Bank, Kentucky, Title Savings Bank and Trust Co., and Kentucky Title Co., director and member executive committee Fidelity & Columbia Trust Co. of Louisville and Louisville, Henderson & St. Louis Railway Co. Delegate-at-large Republican National Convention, Chicago, 1908 (member of Committee on Resolutions). Chairman Board of Public Safety of Louisville, 1907-09. Clubs: Metropolitan, City Midday, Princeton (New York), Metropolitan, Chevy Chase (Washington), Pendennis, Country Golf, Arden (Louisville). Editor: “Bullitt's Civil and Criminal Codes of Kentucky, 1899, 1902." Residences (summer), “Oxmoor," St. Matthews, Jefferson County, Ky.; (winter), 1019 S. 4th Ave., Louisville. Office, 1200-1214 Lincoln Bank Bldg., Louisville.

Bunting, Charles Henry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., was born, La Crosse, Wis., May 22, 1875. B.S., Wisconsin, 1896; fellow, 1896-97 ; M.D., Hopkins, 1901. Asst. demonstrator path., Pennsylvania, 1902-03; asst. Hopkins, 1903-04, instr. 1904-05, assoc. 1905-06; prof. Virginia, 1906-08; Wisconsin, 1908, A.A.; Assn. Path. and Bact.; Assn. Anat.; Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Biol.; Am. Med. Assn.; Wis. Med. Soc.; Chicago Path. Soc. Hematology.

Buongiorno, Donatus, artist of 106 East Twenty-third St., New York City, was born Nov. 11, 1865, in Solofra, Italy. He is a pupil of the Institution of Fine Art, Naples. Some of his paintings are Glory of St. Clara, Saint Clara's Church in New York ; St. Charles Borromeo, Sacred Heart Church, Boston, Mass.; and the Fall of the Angels, Brattleboro, Vt.

Burbank, Luther, naturalist and new plant originator, born, Lancaster, Worcester Co., Mass., March 7, 1849; son of Samuel Walton and Oliver (Ross) B. Educated at district school and Lancaster Academy; D.S., Tufts College, 1905. Unmarried. Special lecturer, Stanford Univ. Originator of the Burbank Potato, of the Santa Rosa, Formosa, American, Climax, Wickson, Apple, Gold, Plums, and numerous other standard plums, also the Sugar and Standard Prunes; also an entirely distinct new species of fruit,—the plumcot; originator of the Burbank and Abundance Cherry, Santa Rosa, Peachblow, Burbank and other roses; the Shasta Daisies; numerous giant and dwarf callas; also numerous new flowers, vegetables, grasses, grains, trees, nuts and fruits, but above all and of greatest importance, perhaps, originator of a series of Spineless Cactus, of great value for forage and fruit. Almost 3,000 distinct experiments are now under way, with 6,000 distinct botanical species of plants, many of them new, which have been introduced through his collectors in foreign lands. Fel. low, Am. Assn. Advan. of Science. Member, Am. Pomological Soc., Am. Breeders' Assn. (hon, member); Pacific Coast Nurserymen's Assn. (hon. member); Cal. Academy of Sciences (hon. member); State Floral Soc. (hon. member); State Board of Trade (hon. member); and hon. member of many other clubs, socs., etc. Address, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., Cal.

Burchard, John Ely, lawyer and statesman of St. Paul, Minn., was born in 1865 in Clinton, N. Y. After leaving college he was admitted to the bar; became owner and editor of the Soo-Democrat; and was collector of customs during Cleveland's second term. For three years he was city attorney and for three terms was mayor of Marshall, Minn.; and since 1900 has practiced law in St. Paul, Minn. He is president of the John E. Burchard Co., the Burchard-Hulburt Investment Co., the Southwest Land and Orchard Co., the St. Paul Machinery Manufacturing Co.; and is vice-president and director in several other companies and banks. He is a thirty-second degree Mason; and in 1907 was appointed on the governor's staff, with the rank of colonel.

Burdett, Cyril Herbert, lawyer, of 135 Broadway, New York City, was born, Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 1865; son of Michael B. and Albina (Long) Burdett; grad. Quincy Acad., 1884; Harvard Univ., 1888; married, Boston, Feb. 21, 1890, Winella White Stratton. Practiced law in Boston for two years; became mem. N. Y. bar and for ten years was associated with Title Guarantee and Trust Co., N. Y. City; in 1902, upon the organization of the Title Ins. Co. of N. Y., was elected sec. of that company, as well as of N. Y. Mortgage and Security Co., two allied corps; now vicepresident and general manager. Elected president Chelsea Realty Co., sec. and treas. the Lawyers' Eng'ring and Surveying Co.,

treas. Hudson Mortgage Co., and pres. Montrose Realty Co., all of which positions retains. Independent politically ; Unitarian. Vicepres. Nat. League of Unitarian Laymen; treas. of Unitarian Conf. of Middle States and Canada; mem. B'd of Trustees and sec. L. I. Hist. Soc. Clubs, Lawyers, Unitarian of N. Y. (pres.), Hamilton (Brooklyn).

Burdick, Francis Marion, law professor, Columbia University, New York City. Residence, West 115th St. and Riverside Drive. Born in De Ruyter, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1845. Educated at Hamilton College and Hamilton College Law School. (Married.) Dwight Professor of law in Columbia University School of Law. Member Barnard and Patria (president) clubs, Century Association, Phi Beta Kappa Society, and Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

Bureau, Hon. Jacques, LL.B., advocate; son of J. Napoleon Bureau, and Sophie Gingras, his wife, both French-Canadians; born at Three Rivers, Que., June 9, 1860; educated at Nicolet College and Laval University, LL.B. Married, July 15, 1884, Ida Beliveau. First elected to House of Commons at general election, 1900; re-elected at general election, 1904; sworn as solicitorgeneral of Canada, Feb. 14, 1907; re-elected by acclamation, Feb. 28, 1907; re-elected 1908 and 1911. Address, Three Rivers, P. Q., Canada.

Burgess, George Farmer, congressman, was born Sept. 21, 1861, in Wharton, Texas. He is a successful lawyer of Gonzales, Texas. He was a member of the fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fiftyninth, sixtieth, sixty-first congresses from Texas as a Democrat. He was re-elected to the sixty-third congress from the ninth district of Texas for the term of 1911-13; and resides in Gonzales, Texas.

Burke, Charles H., congressman, was born on a farm in Genesee County, N. Y., April 1, 1861. He was elected to the Legislature in 1894 and re-elected in 1896; was elected to the fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth and fifty-ninth congresses; was defeated in the convention in 1906, but was again nominated in June, 1908, in a state-wide primary, and elected to the sixtyfirst and sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a Republican; and resides in Pierre, S. D.

Burke, Very Rev. Alfred, D.D., LL.D., author, born September 8, 1862, in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada; descendant of the Burkes of Tipperary, Ireland; educated in public schools, Georgetown; St. Dunstan's College, and Laval University, LL.D. Received all the degrees from B.A. to D.D. After ordination by Cardinal Taschereau in 1885, was secretary to the Bishop of Charlottetown; pastor of Alberton, P. E. I., 1888; First President of the Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada, 1908. Has taken an active part in church work and in every movement for the social and moral uplift of Canada; headed delegations from his Province on numerous occasions; elected to highest positions in social work by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Contributor to all the Canadian publications; author of numerous monographs; editor of the Catholic Register and Cana

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