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Page xxii - That it will be to the advantage of the Empire if a Conference, to be called the Imperial Conference, is held every four years, at which questions of common interest may be discussed and considered as between His Majesty's Government and his Governments of the self-governing Dominions beyond the seas.
Page xxiii - Conference, with the exception of His Majesty's Government, who placed on record its inability to give its assent, so far as the United Kingdom was concerned, to a re-affirmation of the resolutions in so far as they imply that it is necessary or expedient to alter the fiscal system of the United Kingdom.
Page xxii - Colonies will be an ex-officio member of the Conference and will take the chair in the absence of the President. He will arrange for such Imperial Conferences after communication with the Prime Ministers of the respective Dominions.
Page xxiii - Zealand, by the best service available within reasonable cost ; that for the purpose of carrying the above project into effect such financial support as may be necessary should be contributed by Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in equitable proportions.
Page xxxiv - An additional grant of one hundred thousand dollars shall be made yearly to the Province of British Columbia for a period of ten years from the commencement of this act.
Page xviii - Any such license may provide that the quantity of power or fluid to be exported shall be limited to the surplus, after the licensee has supplied for distribution to customers for use in Canada power or fluid to the extent defined by such license, at prices and in accordance with conditions, rules and regulations prescribed by the Governor in Council.
Page xxiii - That the Prime Ministers of the Colonies respectfully urge on His Majesty's Government the expediency of granting in the United Kingdom preferential treatment to the products and manufactures of the Colonies, either by exemption from or reduction of duties now or hereafter imposed.
Page xxii - That it is desirable to establish a system by which the several Governments represented shall be kept informed during the periods between the Conferences in regard to matters which have been or may be subjects for discussion...
Page xxv - From time to time, in consideration of benefits satisfactory to the Governor in Council, extend the benefit of the intermediate tariff, in whole or in part, to any British or foreign country the produce or manufactures of which have previously been subject to the rates of customs duties set forth in the general tariff, and from and after the publication of such order in The Canada Gazette...
Page xxiii - That in the opinion of this Conference the interests of the Empire demand that in so far as practicable its different portions should be connected by the best possible means of mail communication, travel and transportation. That to this end it is advisable that Great Britain should be connected with Canada, and through Canada with Australia and Now Zealand, by the best service available within reasonable cost.

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