Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law

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Society of Comparative Legislation, 1905 - Comparative law
Includes annual "Review of legislation" covering the years 1859-1949.

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Page 269 - I hold every man a debtor to his profession; from the which, as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves, by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto.
Page 248 - Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is hereby declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any such contract or engage in any such combination or conspiracy, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor...
Page 248 - SEC. 4. The several circuit courts of the United States are hereby invested with jurisdiction to prevent and restrain violations of this act; and it shall be the duty of the several district attorneys of the United States, in their respective districts, under the direction of the Attorney General, to institute proceedings in equity to prevent and restrain such violations.
Page 339 - ... shall charge against any person accounting the amount of any deficiency or loss incurred by the negligence or misconduct of that person, or of any sum which ought to have been but is not brought into account by that person, and shall in every such case certify the amount due from such person...
Page 199 - English lawyers, that, whenever men act in concert for a common purpose, they tend to create a body which, from no fiction of law, but from the very nature of things, differs from the individuals of whom it is constituted.
Page 406 - And be it further enacted that every person being able wholly or in part to maintain himself or herself, or his or her family, by work or by other means, and wilfully refusing or neglecting so to do, by which refusal or neglect he or she or any of his or her family whom he or she may be legally bound to maintain, shall have become chargeable to any parish...
Page 509 - Knowledge shall be sought for throughout the •world, so that the welfare of the Empire may be promoted.
Page 250 - ... Congress did not intend to reach and destroy those minor contracts in partial restraint of trade which the long course of decisions at common law had affirmed were reasonable and ought to be upheld. The purpose rather was to place a statutory prohibition with prescribed penalties and remedies upon those contracts which were in direct restraint of trade, unreasonable and against public policy.
Page 201 - Hie liber est in quo quaerit sua dogmata quisque Invenit et pariter dogmata quisque sua.
Page 450 - The leases which this section authorizes are — (i). An agricultural or occupation lease for any term not exceeding twenty-one years ; and (ii.) A building lease for any term not exceeding ninety-nine years.

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