The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volumes 1-11; Volume 12, Parts 1-3; Volumes 13-16; Volume 17, Parts 1-2; Volume 18; Volume 19, Parts 1-2; Volumes 20-22; Volume 23, Parts 1-2; Volume 24, Parts 1-3; Volume 25, Parts 1-2; Volume 26, Parts 1-2; Volume 27, Parts 1-3; Volume 28, Parts 1-2; Volume 29, Parts 1-2; Volume 30; Volume 31, Parts 1-3; Volume 32, Parts 1-3; Volume 33; Volume 34, Parts 1-4; Volume 35, Parts 1-2; Volume 36, Parts 1-3; Volume 37, Parts 1-2; Volume 38, Parts 1-5; Volume 39, Parts 1-3; Volume 40, Parts 1-3; Volume 41, Parts 1-4; Volume 42, Parts 1-3; Volume 43, Parts 1-2; Volume 44; Volume 45, Parts 1-2; Volume 46, Parts 1-3; Volume 47, Parts 1-3; Volume 48, Parts 1-2; Volume 49, Parts 1-2; Volume 50, Parts 1-2; Volume 51, Parts 1-2; Volumes 52-53; Volume 56; Volumes 58-59; Volume 62; Volume 81; Volume 83; Volumes 101-102; Volumes 118-121; Volumes 124-125

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Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52 to the 56th Congress./ Each number has special index. Inserted in each volume: Additions and corrections ... Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1902./ Series 1,v. 1-53, series 3,v. 1-5, and series 4,v. 1-3 include "Alternate designations of organizations mentioned." /Vol 54-55 of series 1 (serial no. 112-113)"HAVE NOT BEEN PUBLISHED, AND NO MATERIAL FOR THEM IS IN HAND." cf. General Index, p. xi. Series 2,v. 1 (serial no. 114) with imprint 1894, was not issued until 1898./ Edited in the War Records Office, 1880-July 1899; in the Record and Pension Office, July 1899-1901 Robert N. Scott compiled and edited v. 1-18, 1880-87, and also collected the greater part of the material for v. 19-36, 1887-91. After his death in 1887 the work was continued by Henry M. Lazelle, 1887-89, and by a board of publication, 1889-99, consisting of George B. Davis, 1889-97, Leslie J. Perry, 1889-99, Joseph W. Kirkley, 1889-99,and Fred C. Ainsworth, 1898-99; from 1889-1901 edited by Fred C. Ainsworth and Joseph W. Kirkley. A digital reproduction made from a copy held by Cornell University is available from Cornell University's Making of America Web Site.

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Page 123 - Also to the ninth and tenth sections of an act entitled "An act to suppress insurrection, to punish treason and rebellion, to seize and confiscate the property of rebels, and for other purposes," approved July 17, 1862, and which sections are in the words and figures following: "SEC.
Page 163 - Majors general, brigadiers general, colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors, captains, and subalterns, shall be elected by the persons subject to military duty in their respective districts.
Page 125 - It shall moreover be the duty of any person in the service of the United States, or of any Indian, to take and destroy any ardent spirits or wine found in the Indian country, except such as may be introduced therein by the War Department.
Page 172 - Sea, I beg leave to inform you that I have this day received a communication from my colleague the Attorney-General, informing me that his telegram to the United States' Marshal at Sitka of the 26th January last, ordering the release of the British schooners "Onward," " Carolina," and
Page 684 - DEAR SIR,— I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of your letter of the 30th ultimo. It could hardly have surprised you...
Page 238 - Colonel : I have the honor to report, for the information of the Secretary of War, that on arriving here on the night of the 17th instant, in obedience to Special Orders No.
Page 302 - GENERAL : I have the honor to submit, for the information of the General commanding the Department, the following report of the operations which resulted in the capture of this place.
Page 564 - June 12, 1858. MAJOR: I have the honor to report that in obedience to Special Orders No. 50, dated headquarters army of Utah, Camp Scott, Utah Territory, November 24, 1857, directing me to proceed to New Mexico for the purpose of procuring animals for service in Utah, I left Camp Scott on the 27th day of November last, having an escort of forty soldiers from the 5th and 10th regiments...
Page 669 - ... this department, I need not recapitulate the delays and difficulties I have encountered in my efforts to comply with the orders and regulations from the War Department. One thing is certain, the peace and quiet of a country extending from the British possessions on the north to the Republic of Mexico on the south, and from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the farthest limits of the Territory of Utah in the east, have been preserved; and besides that, the troops which I organized and sent forth...
Page 898 - HON. EM STANTON, Secretary of War. SIR : — I have the honor to submit...