The middle States: a handbook for travellers [ed. by M.F. Sweetser].4th ed

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Moses Foster Sweetser

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Page 429 - ... it then known that on this day the Union of the United States of America stands firm, that their constitution still exists unimpaired, and with all its original usefulness and glory growing every day stronger and stronger in the affections of the great body of the American people, and attracting more and more the admiration of the world.
Page 277 - HOW doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow ! she that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!
Page 176 - It was not until I came on Table Rock, and looked — Great Heaven, on what a fall of bright green water ! — that it came upon me in its full might and majesty. Then when I felt how near to my Creator I was standing, the first effect, and the enduring one — install!
Page 176 - I think in every quiet season now, still do those waters roll and leap and roar and tumble all day long ; still are the rainbows spanning them a hundred feet below ; still, when the sun is on them, do they shine and glow like molten gold ; still, when the day is gloomy, do they fall like snow...
Page 183 - The waters which fall from this horrible precipice do foam and boil after the most hideous manner imaginable, making an outrageous noise, more terrible than that of thunder ; for when the wind blows out of the south their dismal roaring may be heard more than fifteen leagues off.
Page 75 - On motion, resolved unanimously, that the officers of the American army view with abhorrence, and reject with disdain, the infamous propositions contained in a late anonymous address to the officers of the army, and resent with indignation the secret attempts of some unknown persons to collect the officers together, in a manner totally subversive of all discipline and good order.
Page 213 - When your army entered the country of the Six Nations, we called you the town destroyer; and to this day, when that name is heard, our women look behind them and turn pale, and our children cling close to the necks of their mothers.
Page 68 - March on ! carry me into the fort, for I will die at the head of my column...
Page 289 - It is finishing a noble career 'early ; I die the victim of my ambition and of the avarice of my sovereign.

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