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Includes "Statistical tables compiled from the annual returns of the railroad companies of the state."

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Page 49 - Statutes, which provides that "every person who shall threaten, or use any means to intimidate any person to compel such person, against his will, to do or abstain from doing any act which such person has a legal right to do, or shall persistently follow such person in a disorderly manner, or injure, or threaten to injure, his property, with intent to intimidate him, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than six months.
Page 15 - State, commence the construction of its road, and expend thereon ten per cent. of the amount of its subscribed capital, or shall not finish or put in operation its railroad within five years from the time of recording its articles as aforesaid, its corporate existence and powers shall cease.
Page 23 - Bureau, as herein provided, he shall be liable to the United States in the sum of fifty dollars, to be recovered in an action of debt, for each and every certificate not properly accounted for or returned.
Page 22 - ... commissioners shall order, and the convenience and safety of the public travel upon said turnpike, highway or street may require...
Page 27 - SEC. 6. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent here- Repeal, with are hereby repealed, and this act shall not affect any suit or proceeding now pending, but such suit may be proceeded with as if such acts had not been repealed.
Page 56 - ... in which they are jointly interested, and the manner in which the business shall be done, and apportion to the corporations their respective shares of the expenses, receipts, and income of the same...
Page 20 - ... be subject to the payment of such claim; and said claim shall be a lien on...
Page 13 - ... whole of the capital stock is not before subscribed, open books of subscription to fill up the capital stock of the company, in such places and after giving such notice as they may deem expedient, and may continue to receive subscriptions until the whole capital stock is subscribed. At the time of subscribing, every subscriber shall pay to the directors ten per cent on the amount subscribed by him, in money ; and no subscription shall be received or taken without such payment.
Page 26 - It must state the conviction and judgment, and appoint a day on which the judgment is to be executed, which must not be less than sixty nor more than ninety days from the time of judgment, and must direct the sheriff to deliver the defendant, within ten days from the time of judgment, to the warden of one of the state prisons of this state, for execution, such prison to be designated in the warrant.
Page 21 - ... in such manner as to afford security for life and property; but the corporation shall restore the stream or watercourse, road or highway, thus intersected, to its former state, or in a sufficient manner not to unnecessarily impair its usefulness or injure its franchises.

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