Compulsory Licensing of Patents: Hearings Before the Committee on Patents, Subcommittee on Compulsory Licensing, House of Representatives, Seventy-fifth Congress, Third Session, on H.R. 9259, H.R. 9815, H.R. 1666. March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, and 31, 1938

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Page 16 - Whenever it shall appear to the court before which any proceeding under section four of this act may be pending, that the ends of justice require that other parties should be brought before the court, the court may cause them to be summoned, whether they reside in the district in which the court is held or not ; and subpoenas to that end may be served in any district by the marshal thereof.
Page 308 - Such oath may be made before any person within the United States authorized by law to administer oaths, or, when the applicant resides in a foreign country, before any minister, charge d'affaires, consul, or commercial agent holding commission under the Government of the United States...
Page 308 - The applicant shall make oath that he does verily believe himself to be the original and first inventor or discoverer of the art, machine, manufacture, composition, or improvement for which he solicits a patent ; that he does not know and does not believe that the same was ever before known or used; and shall state of what country he is a citizen.
Page 14 - ... patents for new inventions are granted not only to encourage invention but to secure that new inventions shall so far as possible be worked on a commercial scale in the United Kingdom without undue delay.
Page 103 - The importation by the patentee into the country where the patent has been granted of articles manufactured in any of the countries of the Union shall not entail...
Page 81 - O'MALLEY. Do you care to express an opinion upon my own measure ? Mr. THORNHILL. I do not believe that I have given that enough thought to express an opinion on your measure, Mr. O'Malley. Mr. O'MALLEY. The committee is pleased to have you here, and on behalf of the committee I want to thank you for your time, and "will you note also that you have an opportunity to file any additional written statement you wish to make before the close of the hearings. Mr. THORNHILL. Thank you very much, Mr. O'Malley....
Page 2 - Every patent shall contain a short title or description of the invention or discovery, correctly indicating its nature and design, and a grant to the patentee, his heirs or assigns, for the term of seventeen years, of the exclusive right to make, use, and vend the invention or discovery throughout the United States and the Territories thereof, referring to the specification for the particulars thereof.
Page 103 - ... by the patentee into the country where the patent has been granted of articles manufactured in any of the countries of the Union shall not entail forfeiture of the patent.
Page 103 - March 20, 1883. revised at Brussels December 14, 1900, at Washington June 2, 1911, and at The Hague November 6, 1925...
Page 278 - Its object is, as outlined in its charter, "to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner the advancement of chemistry in all its branches...

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