Kansas City, Missouri: Its History and Its People 1808-1908, Volume 3

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S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1908 - Kansas City (Mo.)

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Page 576 - Jacobus exercises his right of franchise in support of the men and measures of the republican party and keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day. He...
Page 508 - ... ready to meet any obligation of life with the confidence and courage that come of conscious personal ability, right conception of things and an habitual regard for what is best in the exercise of human activities.
Page 306 - Unflagging application and intuitive wisdom and, a determination to fully utilize the means at hand, are the concomitants which insure personal success and prestige in this great profession, which stands as the stern conservator of Justice, and it is one into which none should enter without a recognition of the obstacles to be overcome and the battles to be won, for success does not perch on the...
Page 596 - Endowed by nature with a sound judgment, and an accurate, discriminating mind, he feared not that laborious attention which made him perfectly master of those subjects, in all their relations, on which he was to decide ; and this essential quality was guided by an unvarying sense of moral right, which would tolerate the employment only of those means that would bear the most rigid examination ; by a fairness of intention...
Page 557 - He is a man of keen discrimination and sound judgment and his executive ability and excellent management have brought to the concern with which he is connected a large degree of success.
Page 313 - This is but the natural result of causes which are manifest and require no explanation. The ability and training which qualify one to practice law also qualify him in many respects for duties which lie outside the strict path of his profession and which touch the general interests of society.
Page 629 - His handling of his case is always full, comprehensive and accurate; his analysis of the facts is clear and exhaustive. He sees without effort the relation and dependence of the facts, and so groups them as to enable him to throw their combined force upon the point they tend to prove.
Page 306 - In no profession is there a career more open to talent than in that of the law, and in no field of endeavor is there demanded a more careful preparation, a more thorough appreciation of the absolute ethics of life, or of the underlying principles which form the basis of all human rights and privileges. Unflagging application and intuitive wisdom and...
Page 207 - An excellent presence, an earnest, dignified manner, marked strength of character, a thorough grasp of the law, and the ability to accurately apply its principles, are factors in Mr.
Page 284 - Some years since he retired from active practice, but few lawyers have made a more lasting impression upon the bar of the state, both for legal ability of a high order and for the individuality of a personal character, which impresses itself upon a community.

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