Code of Federal Regulations

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U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1969 - Administrative law

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Page 175 - Termination; and (9) take such action as may be necessary, or as the Contracting Officer may direct, for the protection and preservation of the property related to this contract which is in the possession of the Contractor and in which the Government has or may acquire an interest.
Page 176 - Contractor has failed to submit his claim within the time provided in paragraph (c) above and has failed to request extension of such time, he shall have no such right of appeal. In any case where the Contracting Officer has made a determination of the amount due under paragraph (c) or (e) above, the Government shall pay to the Contractor the following...
Page 174 - The performance of work under this contract may be terminated by the Government in accordance with this clause in whole, or from time to time in part, whenever the Contracting Officer shall determine that such termination is in the best interest of the Government.
Page 337 - Comptroller of the Currency, Bureau of Customs Bureau Federal Procurement Regulations System Fiscal Service Foreign Assets Control, Office of Internal Revenue Service Monetary Offices Narcotics Bureau Secret Service Secretary of the Treasury, Office of United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency United States Information Agency Federal Procurement Regulations System United States Tariff Commission United States Soldiers...
Page 95 - States, or if articles, materials, or supplies of the class or kind to be used or the articles, materials, or supplies from which they are manufactured are not mined, produced, or manufactured, as the case may be, in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality.
Page 116 - ... hostile or warlike action, including action In hindering, combating, or defending against an actual, impending or expected attack...
Page 324 - Economic Development Service, Department of Agriculture XXIV Board of Contract Appeals, Department of Agriculture XXV Export Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture XXVI Office of the Inspector General, Department of Agriculture Title 8 — Aliens and Nationality I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice...
Page 191 - The contract price also shall be similarly decreased if the Contractor, through his fault or negligence or his failure to follow instructions of the Contracting Officer, is required to pay or bear the burden, or does not obtain a refund or drawback of any such tax, duty, interest, or penalty.
Page 190 - Incident to a refund of taxes shall inure to the benefit of the Government to the extent that such Interest was earned after the Contractor was paid or reimbursed by the Government for such taxes.
Page 212 - fissionable material" means plutonium, uranium enriched in the isotope 235, any other material which the Commission determines to be capable of releasing substantial quantities of energy through nuclear chain reaction of the material, or any material artificially enriched by any of the foregoing ; but does not include source materials, as defined in section 5 (b) (1).

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