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render of such surety bond or deposit to the obligators or owners entitled thereto. (As amended by chapter 77 of the Laws of 1910, and chapter 293 of the Laws of 1911.)

§ 20. Annual inventory and report of institutions. Every state charitable institution, state hospital, reformatory, house of refuge and industrial school shall file with the comptroller annually, on or before October twentieth, a certified inventory of all articles of maintenance on hand at the close of the preceding fiscal year, stating the kind and amount of each article. Every state charitable institution, state hospital, reformatory, house of refuge, state agricultural experiment station, and the quarantine commissioners, required by law to report annually to the legislature, shall state an inventory of each article of property, stating its kind and amount, except supplies for maintenance, belonging to the state and in their possession on October first of each year.

8 21. Rendition of accounts. The comptroller, from time to time, shall require of public officers and other persons receiving moneys or securities, or having the care and management of any property of the state, of which an account is or is required to be kept in his office, to render statements thereof to him; and all such officers or persons shall render such statements at such time and in such form as he requires, and at all times when required by law. He may require any one presenting to him an account or claim for audit or settlement, to be examined upon oath before him touching such account or claim, as to any facts relating to its justness or correctness. He may issue a notice to any person receiving moneys of the state for which he does not account or to the legal representatives of such a person, requiring an account and vouchers for the expenditure of such moneys to be rendered at a time to be fixed not less than thirty nor more than ninety days from the date of the service of the notice. Such notice shall be served by delivering a copy thereof to such person or representative or leaving such copy at his usual place of abode; and if such service is made by the sheriff of the county, where the person served resided, the certificate of such sheriff, and if made by any other person, the affidavit of such other person shall be presumptive evidence of such service.


$ 22. Statements of accounts not rendered. The comptroller shall state an account against every person who receives moneys belonging to the state for which he does not account when required, charging him with the amount received according to the best information which the comptroller may have in regard thereto, with interest at six per centum per annum from the time when the same was due and payable, and shall deliver a certified copy such account to the attorney-general for prosecution, and such certified copy shall be presumptive evidence of the indebtedness of such person to the state for the amount stated therein. The person against whom an action is brought by the attorney-general on any such account, shall be liable for and pay the costs of the action whether final judgment therein shall be against him or in his favor, unless he is sued as the representative of the person originally accountable for such moneys.

$ 23. Statements of accounts rendered. The comptroller shall immediately examine the accounts rendered by every public officer or other person receiving moneys belonging to the state, with the vouchers, and audit, adjust and make a statement thereof. If any necessary vouchers are wanting or defective, he shall give notice to such person to furnish proper vouchers within not less than thirty nor more than ninety days, and at the expiration of such time he shall audit, adjust and make a statement of such accounts on the vouchers and proofs before him.

He shall transmit a copy of every account as settled to such persons, and if any balance is stated therein to be due the state, and is not paid to the treasurer within ninety days after its transmission to such person, the comptroller shall deliver a certified copy of such account to the attorney-general for prosecution. Such certified copy shall be presumptive evidence of the indebtedness of such person to the state for the balance so certified, and if on the trial of any action brought thereon, the defendant gives any evidence other than such as was produced to the comptroller before the statement of such accounts, and by means thereof, the balance so stated is reduced or no balance is found to be due, the defendant shall be liable for and pay the costs of such action.

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$ 35. Indebtedness not to be contracted without appropriation. A state officer, employee, board, department or commission shall not contract indebtedness on behalf of the state, nor assume to bind the state, in an amount in excess of money appropriated or otherwise lawfully available.

§ 36. Specific appropriation not to be used for other purposes. Money appropriated for a specific purpose shall not be used for any other purpose; and the comptroller shall not draw a warrant for the payment of any sum appropriated, unless it clearly appears from the detailed statement presented to him by the person demanding the same as required by this chapter, that the purposes for which such money is demanded are those for which it was appropriated. The comptroller shall not audit any claim for salary, labor or wages, unless an appropriation applicable thereto has been already made specifying the amount thereof appropriated for such purpose.

§ 37. Payments to state treasurer. After this section as amended takes effect every state officer, employee, board, department or commission receiving money for or on behalf of the state from fees, penalties, costs, fines, sales of property or otherwise, shall on the fifth day of each month pay to the state treasurer all such money received during the preceding month and on the same day file a detailed, verified statement of such receipts with the comptroller, who shall keep an account thereof in his office. This section shall not apply to the manufacturing fund of the state prisons known as the capital fund, nor to the receipts of the manufacturing departments of the state hospitals for the insane, nor to the convict deposit and miscellaneous earning fund of the state prisons. This section, as amended, shall be deemed to supersede any other provision of this chapter or of any other general or special law inconsistent therewith. (As amended by chapter 440 of the Laws of 1910, chapter 162 of the Laws of 1912, and chapter 216 of the Law's of 1915.)

$ 38. Contracts in pursuance of appropriations. A contract or contracts made in pursuance of an appropriation by the state for a specific object shall be for the completion of the work contemplated by the appropriation, and in the aggregate shall not exceed the amount of such appropriation. A contract for a part of such work shall not be binding upon the state until contracts are also made covering the entire work contemplated by such ap propriation, except where it is expressly provided by such appro priation that a part of the work may be done by day's labor. Every such contract shall be accompanied by a bond for the completion of the work specified in the contract, within the amount stipulated therein, which bond shall be filed in the office of the state comptroller.

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§ 41. Estimates for purchases of staple articles of supplies. Whenever the superintendent, agent and warden or other managing oflicer of a state institution is required by law to submit to any state commission, department or officer, an estimate of the expense required for such institution during any subsequent period, such estimate may, if authorized by the commission, department or officer whose duty it is to revise the same, and if such authorization be approved by the comptroller, include an amount sufficient for the purchase of certain staple articles of supplies for the use of such institution for a period beyond that for which such estimate is ordinarily made.

§ 42. State raised products to be preferred. The officers, boards, commissions and departments whose duty it is to purchase supplies for the maintenance of inmates in state institutions, shall, in purchasing such supplies, give preference to products raised within the state, price and quality being equal.

$ 43. State contracts not to be assigned without consent; penalties if done. A clause shall be inserted in all specifications or contracts hereafter made or awarded by the state, or any public department or official thereof, prohibiting any contractor, to whom any contract shall be let, granted or awarded, as required by law, from assigning, transferring, conveying, subletting or otherwise disposing of the same, or of his right, title or interest therein, or his power to execute such contract to any other person, company or corporation, without the previous consent in writing of the department or official awarding the same.

If any contractor, to whom any contract is hereafter let, granted or awarded, as required by law, by the state, or by any public department or oflicial thereof, shall, without the previous written consent specified in the first paragraph of this section, assign, transfer, convey, sublet or otherwise dispose of the same, or his right, title or interest therein, or his power to execute such contract, to any other person, company or other corporation, the state, public department or official, as the case may be, which let, made, granted or awarded said contract, shall revoke and annul such contract, and the state, public department or officer, as the case may be, shall be relieved and discharged from any and all liability and obligations growing out of said contract to such contractor, and to the person, company, or corporation to whom he shall assign, transfer, convey, sublet or otherwise dispose of the same, and said contractor, and his assignee, transferee, or sublessee, shall forfeit and lose all moneys, theretofore earned under said contract except so much as may be required to pay his employees; provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to hinder, prevent or affect an assignment by such contractor for the benefit of his creditors, made pursuant to the statutes of this state.

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$ 47. Annual reports to legislature by institutions entitled to receive money from state. All institutions and societies entitled by law to receive money from the state shall make an annual report to the legislature on or before the fifteenth day of January in each year, and no such money shall be paid in any such case until such report is made.

$ 48. Statement of desired appropriations to be filled with comptroller. On or before November fifteenth in each year there shall be filed with the comptroller by each state officer, head of department, or proper officer of each state hospital, asylum, charitable or reformatory institution, the state commission in lunacy, the state board of charities, the state department of health, the forest, fish and game commission, and all other state commissions, commissioners and boards, now existing or hereafter constituted, a statement in detail of all moneys, together with the reasons therefor, for which any general or special appropriation is desired at the ensuing session of the legislature by such state officer, department, commission, commissioners and boards. troller may also, from time to time, and in his discretion, require any such state officers, departments, commissions, commis

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