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JOSTICA, [HD] of Brunswick, Me., had chil

Jisona? (1010) b. 4 Apl. 1820, m. Clarissa Crockett of her Leund, Me,, 24 Jan. 1841. Resides at Beungwick, M., and had 6 chil.

KENELAM, [400] of Wiscasset, Me., had chil.

1102 I MARTHA DELANO, b. 10 Jan. 1700, m. 1- Moses Lyons, m. 2d Winthrop G. Babbit, m. 5d Seth Copeland 6 Nov. 1851. Lives in Rosta.

1103 II Jeux Nurrun? 1. 30 July 1700, d. 25 MUR. 1820. 1166 TA , b. 23 Oct. 1801, 6, 1st Angs alia A. Ilovey. He load and d.

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HANWAR Bockros, b. 25 Mch. 1595, m. ledhat tuck. Lives in Newcastle, Me. Had 10 chil.

1106 V DAVID, Rev. (2401). [is sutobiography, written so faithfully, fairly and judiciously, wo give as a poodleb of tha kind of writing, withough not designed for publication.]

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in the way they should go.' old age.' He d. Mch. 1855. "In my early days I narrowly escaped drowning three times. First I fell into a well, from which I was extricated by a brother. When I was four or five years of age I fell into the same well and escaped an early death by climbing out of it alone, without any aid. When I had ascended about my length, the rocks being wet, I. had the misfortune to lose my hold, and down I went the second time. However, I tried the perilous ascent the second tíme, and as Providence directed, I succeeded in getting out,how, I hardly know; and to this day it is a matter of the greatest astonishment to me that I had not lost my life. As soon as I was out of the well I ran to the house as fast as my legs, encumbered by a heavy dress, would carry me. The family were seated around the dinner table. Seeing me, they all sprang from their seats, my mother exclaiming, 'Oh, David, where have you been?' 'In the well!' cried I. This was the last of my hairbreadth escapes in that quarter.

They both lived to enjoy a 'green
She is yet living.

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"At the age of eleven, I fell into a river from a boat, and narrowly escaped drowning the third time. I was saved by some men on the shore.

"In my seventeenth year I began to study the Latin language at a town school. This was at a short winter term, and the next autumn following I began to attend a private boarding school for boys, kept in my own native town by the late Rev. Dr. Packard. Here I fitted for College, which I entered in my 20th year. This was in 1826. Bowdoin College was my Alma Mater. In 1830 I graduated. The year following I taught school, a part of the time in N. York city. In Sept. 1831, I entered Andover Seminary where I remained three years. Some months succeeding, I was employed by the Maine Missionary Society, and preached in the towns of Litchfield, New Sharon and Pittston, in that State. In the spring of 1835, I went to Millville, on the Blackstone river, where I remained till Nov. 1837, when having a call to Boothbay, Me., I left the former and came to the latter place. In the summer of 1836, I was ordained as an Evangelist' in Millville; and Feb. 7th, 1838, I was installed' over the congregational church and society in Boothbay, Me. The next week, Feb. 13th, 1838, I was married to Miss Emeline H. Sewall of Bath, Me. My ministry in Boothbay, lasted about 5 years. This, to me, was a most interesting part of my ministry. The most of the time I spent there, was a period of deep religious interest. The church, when I went there, numbered 92; when I left it, it numbered 213; the additions amounting to 121. In May, 1843, I left there and went to Richmond, Me., where I labored one year. Here I


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