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and will be ever cherished in honored and grateful remembrance.

"Resolved, That we offer to the afflicted societies on the circuit, our fervent condolence, and our earnest prayers; we deeply sympathize with them in their bereavements, and ardently hope and pray that God will visit them with the consolations of his grace, and, in his own good way, supply them with the spiritual influence and instruction which may be needed to render fruithful the seed which our brother so affectionately and faithfully scattered among them.

"Resolved, That we do heartily tender to the bereaved family our warmest sympathies and affections; we prayerfully commend them to the merciful providence, care and love of the God of the widow, and the Father of the fatherless; may He lift the light of His countenance upon them; may He support and comfort them in this time of need; may they learn, in this season of trial, more than ever the power and excellence of our holy religion; and may they ever meet that human sympathy as well as divine consolation so desirable and valuable in their afflictive circumstances.

"Resolved, That we depute five of our brethren, viz: Revs. T. Marcy, W. Hubbard, L. Fish, W. P. Jordan and A. S. Flagg, to bear these resolutions to the bereaved family and churches, and to attend the obsequies of our departed brother as representatives of this Preachers' Meeting."

"Northampton, Oct. 10, 1853."

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1093 X THANKFUL PHILURA, b. 8 Apl. 1807, m. Daniel Higgins, of Chester, 23 Dec. 1825. Had no chil.

1094 XI CLARISSA, b. 17 Dec. 1809, m. Barney Prentice of Worthington, 28 Mch. 1830. Settled in Goshen and removed in 1838 to Medina, Ohio, where he now resides. Had 4 chil. 1095 XII EUNICE HARMONY,7 b. 7 May 1814, m. Phineas Prentice (brother of the husband of her sister Clarissa) and d. 22 Nov. 1845. Had 4 chil.

SILAS, [223] of Southwick, had chil.

1096 I ELIZA, b. 14 Jan. 1795, m. Elisha Steer of Southwick, 8 June 1818. He was b. in Smithfield, R. I., 4 May 1794. His father removed to Southwick when he was about one year old, and he has lived there ever since. He is a farmer and had chil.

1097 II SILAS,7 (2365) b. 6 Sept. 1797, m. Ruth Steer, (sister of his sister Eliza's husband,) d. at Westfield 25 Jan.

1853, ae. 55. He is a farmer and lived on the same farm and occupied the same house where all his father's family were b., in Southwick. She was b. in that town 25 June 1802.

1098 III SALLY, b. 7 Mch. 1807, m. George Steer, (brother of her sister Eliza's husband.) Lives in Fowler, Trumbull county, Ohio. Was b. in Southwick 2 Oct. 1807. Had no chil.

JESSE, [391] of West Springfield, had chil.

1099 I DAVID LEE,7 (2400C) b. at Stafford, Ct., 23 July 1792. He joined the U. S. army in 1812, m. Tabitha Mead of Floyd, Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1817. He was a carpenter. Had 2 chil. and d. at Geneva, N. Y., in 1833. (?)

II LYDIA, b. Dec. 1795, m. Baker. Lives in Orange, Ohio.

III CASSANDRA, b. at Stafford, Conn., 21 Feb. 1794, m. R. B. Sprague. He d. and she resides at Canton, Ill. Had 8 chil.


IV ABIGAIL or NABBY, b. Mch. 1797, m. Gersham
Cummings of Springfield. She d. at Deerfield, Pa., 1843.
V REBEKAH, b. 20 Jan. 1800, m. Ephraim Farnum.
Resides at Mechanicsburgh, Ill.

VI PERSIS, b. 23 Dec. 1801, d. 23 Oct. 1802.
VII PERSIS, b. 20 July 1803, m. Isaac Morgan.
VIII JESSE, b. 24 Apl. 1805, m. Ann A. Farnum. Re-
sides at Buena Vista, Iowa. Is a farmer.

IX ELVIRA,7 b. 2 May, d. 25 Aug. 1808.

X ISAAC ALONZO,7 b. 7 Sept. 1811. Is unm. Resides at Bennington, Wyoming Co, N. Y., (Fulsomdale P. 0.) Is a carpenter and joiner.

[The above were chil. by his 1st wf., Abigail Orcutt, and were all, (except the first three,) b. in West Springfield.]

SOLOMON, [394] of Floyd, N. Y., had chil. 1099A I PERSIS, b. 29 Dec. 1806, d. 13 Apl. 1827.

II ALMON, b. 26 Oct. 1809, m. Nancy Vanvallenburg in 1840. Is a farmer.

III ANGELINE,7 b. 11 Sept. 1811, m. Hiram Hart 1839.
IV JANE, b. 13 Mch. 1813, m.

V ALONZO,7 b. 14 Oct. 1816, d. 5 June 1821.

VI MARY ANN, b. 21 Jan. 1819, m. Francis Shaler 12 May 1842. Had 2 chil.

VII LAURA, b. 13 June 1822, m. James Toy 15 Oct. 1844. Had 3 chil.

VIII SUSAN, b. 13 July 1828, unm.

[The above chil. were all b. in Floyd, N. Y.]

JAMES, [315] of Mount Holly, N. J., had chil.

1099B I JOSEPH APPLETON,7 b. in Maine, Nov. 1804, d. Sept. 1832.

II MARY,7 b. in Topsham, Me., in 1805, m. David Cooke, merchant of Philadelphia, Pa., 10 June 1829. He d. Nov. 1851, and his widow now lives at a country seat near Norristown, Pa. Had 6 chil.

III ELIZABETH,7 b. 1807, m. John Hodgkiss 17 Dec. 1851. Resides at Pottsville, Pa. Has no chil.

1099C IV WILLIAM JAMES,' (2400A) b. Jan. 1809, m. in Philadelphia, Pa., June 1832 to Frances Bower, dau. Sam'l Bower of that city. Resides in Philadelphia. Is a teacher. Had 6 chil.

V GEORGE MIDDLETON, b. in Plainfield, Conn., May 1811, d. Feb. 1814.

1099D VI ROBERT WATERMAN, (2400B) b. at Plainfield, Conn., 19 Nov. 1814, m. in Philadelphia to Emily, dau. Capt. Joel Whipple, 14 May 1840. He was formerly a merchant; afterwards was two years in the U. S. Navy as Secretary to the Commodore and acting Purser. He resides in Philadelphia, and had 4 chil.

VII HELEN, b. in Norwich, Conn., 1818.

JOHN H.,7 [317] of Retreat, N. J., had chil. 1099E I

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This person desires that he and his family may not be mentioned in this book! We comply with his request. II ANN,7 m. Samuel Bingham, Cashier of the Windham Bank, at Windham, Conn., where they reside and had 4 chil.

III NATHAN, d. in 1837.

SIMEON, [184] of Barnwell District, S. C., had chil. 1099F I SARAH,7 m. William Mosely. Resides in Barnwell District, S. C. Had 8 chil.

II NATHANIEL,7 b. in South Carolina. Was a Surveyor. 1099G III JOHN,7 (2400D) b. in Edgfield District, S. C., (at the mouth of Horse Creek, about three miles below Augusta, Ga.,) m. Nancy Randall. Was a farmer. Had 6 chil. 1099H IV JAMES, (2400F) b. in S. C., m. Elizabeth Woodward, 1803. Resides in Barnwell District, S. C., near the town of Aiken, on the spot where his father lived. Is a magistrate for that district, and a farmer. Had 4 chil. V SIMEON. Was killed by lightning while at school. 1099 I VI CARPUS,7 (2400H) m. Mary Woodward 12 July 1819. Was a farmer and teacher in Barnwell District, S. C. Had 8 chil. Was a magistrate in that district. VII JUDITH,7 m. James Woodward.

VIII REBECCA,7 m. Charles Woodward in 1812. Had 6 chil.


PETER, [316] of Cincinnati, Ohio, had chil.

1099J I JOHN, d. at the age of 19.

II SARAH,7 m. John Harris.

III ELIZA,7 m. Dr. Kieffer and lived in Ohio.

The name of the FATHER of this family is unknown. 1099K I JOHN HEROD,7 (2400P) b. in St. Mary's county, Md. When quite young he removed to Montgomery county, Md., and m. a widow Dempsey, dau. of Patrick McDermont, who with his wf. were from Dublin, Ireland. John H. and his wf. were both Roman Catholics, in which religious faith they had been educated. He had 2 chil., and d. about the year 1817, ae. about 45 years. She m. 1st Dempsey, 2d

Cushman, 3d Austin, and d. in 1846.

II CHARLES, removed to Virginia, and d. there.

1100 III NELLY,7 m. John Powell of Frederickton, Md. IV A dau., m. in St. Mary's county, Md.


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JOSHUA, [403] of Brunswick, Me., had chil. 1101 I JOSHUA,8 (3010) b. 4 Apl. 1820, m. Clarissa Crockett of Deer Island, Me., 24 Jan. 1841. Resides at Brunswick, Me., and had 6 chil.

KENELAM, [406] of Wiscasset, Me., had chil.

1102 I MARTHA DELANO,8 b. 16 Jan. 1796, m. 1st Moses Lyons, m. 2d Winthrop G. Babbit, m. 3d Seth Copeland 6 Nov. 1851.

Lives in Boston.

1103 II JOHN NUTTER,8 b. 30 July 1799, d. 25 Mch. 1820. 1104 III VALENTINE NUTTER,8 b. 23 Oct. 1801, m. 1st Angeline Clifford, m. 2d Julia A. Hovey. He lived and d. in Boston.


1105 IV HANNAH BOYNTON, b. 25 Mch. 1805, m. Levi Shattuck. Lives in Newcastle, Me. Had 10 chil.

1106 V DAVID, Rev.8 (2401). [His autobiography, written so faithfully, fairly and judiciously, we give as a model of that kind of writing, although not designed for publication.]

"I was b. 6 Dec. 1806, and was the 5th child of Kenelam and Hannah Cushman.

"My grandfather was a farmer and lived in Woolwich, Me., after he left the Plymouth Colony, which was during the Revolu tionary War. He was killed before my remembrance, by a fall from a horse.

"My father was both a farmer and a carpenter-mostly the farmer. He lived in Wiscasset from the time of his marriage, with Mrs. Hannah Nutter, where all their children were born.

"My father and mother have been highly respectable, industrious and moral persons all their lives. For many years, they, together with all their living children but one, have been professors of religion. So far as they could, they trained up their children

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