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97 III CHARLES,5 (344) b. at Plymouth; m. and brought up his family at Norwich, Conn., where he worked in iron and carried on a forge; removed to Milford, remained there but one year; thence to Bennington, Vt., and subsequently to Rutland, Vt., where he d. at the residence of his son Isaac, Sept. 1791. "His wf. was an English woman by the name of Mary Harvey, whose history is a romance. Her father was an Episcopal clergyman of London, with a large fortune and title blood, but a younger son. Her mother d. when she was young and her step mother treated her ill, as step mothers often do. Her father resolved upon separating them, and entrus ted her, with all her mother's valuables and a sum of money to be invested for her education, to the care of a gentleman, who engaged to place her with some friends in Scotland. The gentleman proved a scoundrel, took possession of all her effects and landed her and left her at service in America, utterly destitute. A young girl, alone and unfriended, her story found sympathizers, but none to undertake to right her wrongs. Her father, getting no tidings of her, died, as she learned, of grief; while she m. Charles Cushman, the Forgeman,' as the title runs in some of the old papers of the day. Her husband and herself formed many plans, wrote many letters, and made many resolves, all having in view the recovery of her property. Several years since, her grandson, John Cushman, (who lived at Ellisburg, N. Y.,) was fitted out for England, with that aim; but waiting in New York city for a ship, he took a fever, and after long suffering, returned home. Nothing was ever obtained of her property from England." She d. at the house of her son Frederick, in Georgia, Vt., Jan. 1810.

MOSES, Dea., [32] of Halifax, had chil.

98 I ABNER,5 (336) b. —, m. m. Mary, dau. John Tillson, 6 Feb. 1745-6. He d. and his widow m. James Faunce 17 July 1777. She was b. 1 Jan. 1729, and d. 10 Oct. 1816. He lived in a house in Halifax, near his father's.

99 II SARAH,5 b. -, m. Amos Perry of Scituate about the year 1757. She had chil. : Hannah and Polly.

100 III MARY,5 b

m. Benj. Washburn of Bridgewater

5 Apl. 1748. She had chil.:

1 Benjamin;

2 Ssannah, b. 18 May, 1749;

3 Molly, b. 8 June, 1751;

4 Eunice, b. 5 Sept. 1753;
5 Olive;

6 Asa, b. 9 Oct. 1756;
7 Joshua, b. 4 Sept. 1759;
8 Keziah, b. 16 Oct. 1769.

101 IV HANNAH,5 b.
water, 30 July 1754.

1 Sarah, b. 1755;

2 Hannah, b. 1757;

3 Betty, b. 1762;

4 Jonathan, b. 1764;

5 Mary, b. 1767;

6 Moses Cushman, b. 1770; 7 Lavinia, b. 1773.

102 V SUSANNAH,5 b.

m. Jonathan Hayden of Bridge

Had chil. :

103 VI BETTEE,5 b. 3 Sept. Bridgewater 20 Aug. 1761.

1735, m. Nathan Hartwell of

She must have d. soon after

her marriage, as her husband m. again in 1762.

104 VII DEBORAH,5 b. 8 July 1737, m. Thomas Hooper 4

Mch. 1762. Her husband d. and she m. William Dunham.

She d. 9 Sept. 1815.

105 VIII HULDAH,5 b. 16 May, 1739, m. Samuel Osgood of

Stoughton, about 1761.

106 IX MOSES,5 b. 22 Mch. 1740–1, d. unm.

107 X ELEAZUR,5 b. 13 Aug. 1744, d. unm.

JAMES, [33] of Dartmouth, had chil.

108 I JAMES,5 (374) b. and settled in Dartmouth, and d. in Farmington, Me., in the family of his son Jonathan. m. Hannah Negus, who was b. in Dartmouth and d. in Farmington, Me.

109 II EBENEZER,5 (353) b. 27 Jan. 1727, m. Zurviah Sherman, and d. 9 Jan. 1813. She was b. 11 July 1730. Lived in New Bedford, Mass.

110 III THOMAS,5 (380)
cluded in Fair Haven.
a saddler by occupation.
in Taunton.

b. in a part of Dartmouth now inm. Ruth Carver of Taunton. Was Had three daughters; lived and d.

111 IV SETH,5 (378) b. —, m. and resided a number of years in Dartmouth, and d. with his chil. in State of N. Y.

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116 IX ELIZABETH,5 b. ——, m. Ephraim Delano, and lived and d. in Fair Haven.

117 X TEMPERANCE,5 b., m. 1st

Blair, and lived and d. in State of N. Y

Dyer, and 2d

118 XI ELISHA,5 (362) b. 20 May 1737, m. Reliance Eastlin 26 Nov. 1760. She was b. 11 Apl. 1736. He d. 8 May 1814, ae. 77, and she d. 3 Feb. 1795, ae. 59.

WILLIAM, [34] of Willington, Ct., had chil.

119 I SARAH,5 b. 19 Mch. 1732, d. Sept. 1820 at Burlington, Vt. m. Hezekiah Allen of Mansfield, Conn.

120 II SOLOMON,5 (391) b. 17 Feb. 1734, d. Feb. 1814 at Norwich, Vt. m. Cross of Conn. Had nine chil. He removed to Norwich, Vt., with his family in 1787.

121 III

LYDIA,5 b. 15 Dec. 1736, d. 29 Nov. 1792 at Stafford, Conn. She m. and went to Tunbridge, Vt., and had chil.

122 IV WILLIAM,5 (383) b. 24 June 1738, d. 1820. Lived in Stafford, Conn.; had six chil.

123 V JOB,5 b. 16 May 1740, d. 15 Dec. 1760 at Willington, Ct., of the small pox.

124 VI ABIGAIL,5 b. 27 Oct. 1743, m. Stephen Orcutt of Stafford. Had chil. and d. there.

125 VII MARY,5 b. 18 July 1746, m. Phineas Artisdale. Lived in Willington, Conn. Had chil.

126 VIII OLDERTON1,5 (397) b. in Willington, Conn., 29 Sept. 1748, m. Abigail Clark of Mansfield. Lived in West Stafford and Ellington, Conn.; the latter part of his life in 'This is undoubtedly a corruption of the name Allerton, from Isaac Allerton.

Somers, and d. there 23 Oct. 1827, ae. 79. She d. 23 Aug. 1828; had five chil. 127 IX JOSHUA,5 (367) b. at Willington, Conn., 27 Jan. 1751, O. S.; m. Bathsheba Allen of Mansfield, Conn. 6 May 1773. She was b. 30 July 1752, and d. of consumption at Hartford, Vt., 25 Sept. 1808. He d. at Bolton, N. Y., 22 Apl. 1832, with old age.

128 X BENJAMIN,5 b. 8 June 1753. Removed to Cooperstown, N. Y.

129 XI JOSEPH,5 (395) b. at Willington, Conn., 23 Feb.

1759. Lived there till he enlisted in the army of the Revolutionary War, in which he served four years, to its close. He belonged to the second Connecticut Regiment and second Company. He served under Gen Wayne at the storming of Stoney Point; was in the battle of Monmouth, and in other decisive engagements with the British Army. He subsequently received a pension from the United States government on account of his Revolutionary services, of $96 per annum during his life. After the close of that war he m. Tabitha Johnson, dau. of Capt. William Johnson of Willington, Conn., 27 Jan. 1785, and soon after removed to Norwich, Vt., and lived in the same house till his death, 6 Apl. 1848. His widow still survives (Aug. 1854). He was a farmer, and had three dau. and one son.


ROBERT, [35] of Kingston, had chil.

138 I LYDIA,6 b. 29 Sept. 1726, m. Josiah Fuller of Kingston. Had ten chil. five of whom had families, viz :

1 Josiah, m.

Holmes and lived in Kingston.

2 Zephaniah, m. Loring of Kingston.

3 Lydia, m. Elisha Cushman (see 159) of Kingston.

4 Charlotte, m. Sylvanus Everson.

5 Joanna, m.


139 II JERUSHA,6 b. 15 Jan. 1727-8, m. Ebenezer Cobb of Kingston. Had 17 chil.

1 Sylvanus, m. Chandler and removed to New Gloucester, Me.

2 Ruth, m. Job Cobb of Plymouth.

3 Elanor, m. John Honarel (?) of Plymouth.

4 Molly, m. Gershom Drew of Kingston.

5 Francis, m. Phebe Hob.

6 Ebenezer, m. Mercy Porter.

7 Mattiah (?) m. Rebecca Brewster of Kingston.

8 Jerusha, m. Barnabas Cobb of Carver.

9 Mercy, m. Paul Tinkham.

10 William, m. Charlotte Coffin of Nantucket.

11 Fear, m. Ariel Brewster of Kingston.

12 Joseph, m. Jerusha Loring.

13 Zenas, m.

And 4 d. young.


140 III REBEKAH, b. 9 Apl. 1730, m. Barnabas Fuller of Kingston. Removed to Hebron, Me., and had 7 chil.

141 IV MERCY,6 b. 5 June 1731, m. James Harlow of Plympton, d. 19 Jan. 1770.

142 V HANNAH,6 b. 2 July 1732, m. John Cobb of Kingston. Had 6 chil. as follows:

1 Hannah, b. 17 June 1756, unm.

2 Patience, b. 29 Apl. 1758, m. Samuel Atwood of Carver.

3 Joanna, b. 4 Dec. 1759, m. Thomas Morton of Plymouth.

4 Lydia, b. 3 Nov. 1761, m. Wm. Pettingall of North Bridgwater.

5 Sarah, b. 5 Nov. 1763, unm.

6 Abigail, b. 30 Nov. 1765, m. Jonathan Rickard of Buckfield, Me.

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