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PROCLAMATION respecting the Introduction of Currency of British India into the East Africa Protectorate. Mombasa, March 18, 1899.

[No. 86.]

WHEREAS under Section 7 of the Order in Council made by Her Majesty the Queen for regulating the coinage of the East Africa Protectorate,* the Commissioner may, by Proclamation made with the approval of the Treasury and a Secretary of State, provide for giving coins which are legal tender by virtue of that Order in exchange for any coins specified in the Proclamation which are not so legal tender, and which were in circulation as current money prior to the commencement of the Order under the conditions and at the rates specified in the Proclamation.

Now therefore I, Arthur Hardinge, &c., &c., &c., having received the assent of the Treasury and of Her Majesty's Secre tary of State for Foreign Affairs, do hereby proclaim as follows:

(1.) From the date of the commencement of the Order in Council and for a period of 24 days thereafter, the Treasurer of the East Africa Protectorate in the District of Mombasa, and the District Officer or other officer duly authorized to act for or on behalf of the Treasurer at the head-quarters of any district in the remaining districts of the Protectorate will be prepared to exchange the coins hereafter mentioned at the following


(a.) For every rupee of any denomination other than the rupee of British India or the rupee of the late Imperial British East Africa Company, 1 rupee of British India.

(b.) For every silver or copper coin representing any fraction of a rupee of any denomination other than of the rupee of British India or of the late Imperial British East Africa Company a corresponding silver or copper coin of British India representing the like fraction of a rupee.

(2.) On every parcel of coins so exchanged a deduction of per cent. will be made on the total value of the coins exchanged.

(3.) The Treasurer in the District of Mombasa, and any officer authorized to effect the exchange as above described in the remaining districts of the Protectorate shall have power to refuse to accept any coins whatsoever tendered him to be exchanged under this Proclamation should he have reason to believe that the coins so tendered for exchange have been imported into the East Africa Protectorate subsequently to the issue of this Proclamation or that they have been imported at any time with the intention of so offering them for exchange.

* See Page 87.

(4.) The words " commencement of the Order" shall for the purpose of this Proclamation be held to mean the date at which the Order is formally published in each district.

ARTHUR H. HARDINGE, Her Majesty's Commissioner and

Mombasa, 18th March, 1899.

RULE regulating the Scale of Fees to be levied in Her Majesty's Court for British East Africa. March 18, 1899.


WHEREAS, under the provisions of Article 48 (a) of "The East Africa Order in Council, 1897,"* the Commissioner may, with the approval of the Secretary of State, and concurrence of the Treasury, make Rules imposing fees leviable in respect of any proceedings in, or processes issued out of, any Court established under the said Order, and in respect of the registration of any instrument under the said Order:

Now, therefore, in pursuance of the said provision, I, Sir Arthur Henry Hardinge, Her Majesty's Commissioner hereby direct, with the approval of Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and with the concurrence of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, that the fees specified in the Table annexed hereto shall henceforth be leviable in respect of the several proceedings, processes, and registrations mentioned therein.

March 18, 1899.

(Approved) SALISBURY.


Published in Mombasa, April 1st, 1899.

SCALE of Fees to be Levied in Her Britannic Majesty's Court for

British East Africa.


1. For service of summons, petition, answer, motion paper, notice, warrant, decree, order, or other document on a party, witness, assessor, or other person under any branch whatever of the civil jurisdiction :


Within two miles (English) of the Court issuing the same..
Such fees as will cover the
cost of service, but not
less than 2 rupees.

Beyond that distance


On submission of special case, to include hearing

* See Vol. 20. Page 67.


Amount. Rs. a. P.


30 0 0

[ocr errors]

Amount. Rs. 3. P.


Where the amount involved is-
Not exceeding 50 rupees
Exceeding 50 rupees and not exceeding 100 rupees

Exceeding 100 rupees



(An additional fee of 2 rupees for every 100 rupees or part thereof up to 1,000 rupees, and an additional fee of 1 rupee for every 100 rupees in excess of 1,000 rupees. The whole fee levied not to exceed 1,000 rupees. Rs. 8. P.

1 0 0

On the issue of every witness summons 28. In every suit where it is not possible to estimate the subject matter at a money value, and which is not particularly charged 10 0 0 Provided that in every case where by reason of any finding or order of the Court a declaration of ownership of any money or property is made, an ad valorem fee at the same rate as in fee No. 25 shall at once become payable in addition to the fee already paid.



On application for every interlocutory injunction .. On application for a mandamus or final prohibitory injunction 31. In a suit for arrears of rent by

landlord against tenant where

an order for the possession of
the property occupied is sought
from the tenant

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An‍ad valorem fee of 5;per cent. on the yearly rental of the property in addition to the fee leviable for recovery of rent under fee No. 25.

32. On every summons, motion, application, or demand taken out, made, or filed (not particularly charged)..

33. On every decree or order (not particularly charged)

34. On order for adjournment of hearing rendered 10 rupees (or necessary by default of either party (to be


paid by that party)..

On every warrant of execution against goods

To include keeping possession for
15 days unless the Court other-
wise order..

[blocks in formation]

Rs . P.



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For less than 100 rupees
For 100 rupees, and not ex-
ceeding 500 rupees
For 500 rupees, and not ex-
ceeding 1,000 rupees
[For 1,000 rupees or upwards
otherwise than in Court by an



37. For attending to view, in addition to all expenses incurred
38. On taxation of any bill of costs, for every ten folios, from each
party to the taxation

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42. For attending to administer an oath or affirmation, or to take a declaration beyond the offices of the Court, in addition to the ordinary fee thereon

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1 0 0

[blocks in formation]

2 per cent. of the value of the subject matter not exceeding 25 rupees.


48. For filing any document whatever 49. For certifying signature or seal

50. For attendance at a sale

At request of parties interested, or of local authorities, if absent
less than two hours

[ocr errors]


At request of parties interested, for each [Rupees 7: 8:0, with a maxiadditional hour or fraction thereof

[blocks in formation]

mum per day of 60 rupees.

53. For an official certified translation of any document

For first 100 words..

For every further 100 words

54. For communication with another tribunal out of the jurisdiction
of the Court..

[ocr errors]


55. On every summons or warrant, unless specially directed by the
Court, to be issued, to include service

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An ad valorem fee of 2 rupees for every 100 rupees, or part thereof, such fee not to exceed 20 rupees.

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A like fee to that paid on filing the { memorandum of appeal.

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In Civil Matters.

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65. On record of appeal (including expenses of transmission)

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[subsumed][subsumed][merged small][ocr errors][subsumed]
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