Departments of State and Justice, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations: Department of Justice

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Page 17 - Time statute (hirect.s the FBI to investigate every employee of the Commission itself. We estimate, and the Commission agrees, that. that will entail about a hundred thousand investigations. That is now in process. We have recruited about 900 people to do that so far. We hope to be able to get that out of the way sometime this year¿ Then there are recurring investigations from time to time that will have to be carried out, and those are covered in this appropriation, too. IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION...
Page 105 - Well, what did you do with the money we gave you last year? We didn't like it." Of course, that is what you want to get away from. You don't want the political influence, or pressure, too often. By the same token you say, "Well, you are going to have the local boards and they are going to look after it.
Page 353 - January 1, 194-5, on account of damage to or loss of property or on account of personal injury or death...
Page 284 - We believe in the freedom of the individual to live his own life but that freedom is conditioned by his not cramping and restricting the freedom of his fellow men. There is and always will be scope for enterprise, but when big business gets too powerful so that it becomes monopolistic, we hold it is not safe to leave it in private hands.
Page 210 - General, and for all necessary expenses incident to the maintenance, care, detention, surveillance, parole, and transportation of alien enemies, including transportation and other expenses in the return of such aliens to place of bona fide residence or to such other place as may be authorized by the Attorney General...
Page 173 - Includes aliens to whom visas were issued during the latter part of the preceding year which were charged to the quota for that year. Nationality for quota purposes does not always coincide with actual nationality. See sec. 12 of the act of 1924.
Page 57 - EXAMINATIONS, ETC. Mr. STEFAN. Mr. Andretta, the committee asked for a statement on four items: Information on the cost of preparing and conducting examinations for appointment to the civil service; also information on the cost of the extra work imposed by the Administrative Procedure Act: information on the additional cost of the recently approved Health Service Act for Federal Employees; and the cost of preparing and publishing histories of the war agencies in World War II. Are you prepared to...
Page 19 - I'll try and be around all day. If any of you have any questions you would like to ask, or if you would like any of these Fact Sheets mailed to you, please contact me. Thank you very much. Senator. SENATOR CHURCH: Thank you, Verne. Joe HcCarter, please.
Page 40 - Government; and assisting the Attorney General in the performance of his functions as legal adviser to the President and as a member of, and legal adviser to, the Cabinet.
Page 40 - Reviews as to form and legality, and makes necessary revisions of all proposed Executive orders and proclamations prior to their final submission to the President, as well as regulations which require the approval of the President or the Attorney General...

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