Treasury and Post Office Departments Appropriations: Hearings Before the Subcommittee

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Page 24 - ... or of such officer, or if there be none, then the chief clerk of such bureau shall, unless otherwise directed by the President, as provided by section one hundred and seventy-nine, perform the duties of such chief or of such officer until a successor is appointed or such absence or sickness shall cease.
Page 110 - the classification act of 1923, $318,000; in all, $333,000: Provided, That in expending appropriations or portions of appropriations, contained in this act, for the payment for personal services in the District of Columbia in accordance with the classification act of 1923...
Page 28 - ... necessary efficiently to execute the functions vested in the Board, in case such assistants and such expenditures are not suitably provided for by the Secretary under subdivision (j). All expenditures of the Board shall be allowed and paid upon the presentation of itemized vouchers therefor, signed by the chairman, out of any moneys appropriated for the collection of internal-revenue taxes and allotted to the Board, or out of any moneys specifically appropriated for the purposes of the Board.
Page 24 - The assistant secretaries of the treasury shall «xamine letters, contracts, and warrants prepared for the signature of the secretary of the treasury, and perform such other duties in the office of the secretary of the treasury as may be prescribed by the secretary or by law.
Page 6 - Treasury (1) to study and investigate the cause, treatment, and prevention of venereal diseases; (2) to cooperate with State boards or departments of health for the prevention and control of such diseases within the States; and (3) to control and prevent the spread of these diseases in interstate traffic...
Page 1 - Washington, DC The subcommittee met, pursuant to call, at 10.30 o'clock am in the committee room, Capitol, Senator Francis E. Warren presiding. Present: Senators Warren (chairman), Smoot, Keyes, Overman, Glass, McKellar, and Broussard. The subcommittee thereupon proceeded to the consideration...
Page 79 - May make regulations necessary for the efficient execution of the functions vested in it by this title...
Page 11 - Information, a magazine published by the Division of Venereal Diseases of the United States Public Health Service.
Page 145 - that pneumatic tubes as now installed for carrying letter mail are necessary for proper postal service and should be continued in the cities of New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and St. Louis.
Page 110 - Secretary, the average of the salaries of the total number of persons under any grade in any bureau, office, or other appropriation unit shall not at any time exceed the average of the compensation rates specified for the grade by such act...

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