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Edited and Published by
D, H, Fernandes

Guthrie, Oklahoma

P P 1913



Abondonment Business homestead-How affected by Bankruptcy.

18 Bankruptcy-Promise to pay after adjudication. 18 County Attorneys Responsibility.

21 Elections-New Law Concerning them: State and County Boards of Election.- pages 1 and 2 State Central Committee.

pages 2 and 3 Duties of Secretary.

3 Laws Ropealed, Soo. 6.

3 Definition of Party, Sec. 9.

4 Qualification of voter, Sec. 10.

5 Penalty for defacing ballots, Soc. 14.

7 Election certificates, Soc. 25.

10 Bankruptcy-Incidents in some cases—Medioal practice-Can it be sold in bankruptcy proceedings?

19 Information when not signed by proper authority. 22 Re-registering of documents when not necessary. 17 Rights of légsees in leasing for oil and gas.

20 Relocating gas pipes—Expenses. who pays?

20 Supreme Court of the United States: Indian Lands-Contests-Rights of the Secretary of the Interior as to final decision-Discretion to alter his decision when equity demands it. United States ex rel. Knight vs. Lane.

12 Parol evidence-Clearing a doubt in written instrument and when admissible, Cohee vs. Wiggins.

29 Responsibility of trial courts for reversals.

36 Police Court methods reprehensible

37 Reversals on evidence not the rule-But where there is not sufficient evidence to support the verdict the case will be reversed. Benson vs. State, Testimony of Accomplice must be corroborated 38 Editorials-Banquet-Blood money

39. Bar of Blackwell— Appointment of Preston C. West 41 Professional News

41 and 42 Humor.


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(The following LAWYER'S CARDS will hereafter appear elsewhere with the rest of the Professional Cards)


Attorney-at-Law. Practice in all Courts.

McAlester, Okla.


Attorney-at Law. Practice in all Courts.

Coweta, Okla.



Practice in all courts, State and Federal.

Norman, Okla.

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Oklahoma Law. OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS for SALE by the STATE. OKLAHOMA REPORTS-Vol. 1, $1.50; vols. 2 & 3, $2. each; vols. 4 to 9, inc., $2.50 each; 10 to 18, inc., $3. each. Special price for vols. 1 to 18, inc., $43.50. Vol. 19 et seq. $1.50 each.

Decisions of the State Supreme Court begin with volume 20. OKLAHOMA CRIMINAL REPORTS. Criminal Reports proper, begin with Statehood. Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, $1.50 each. STATUTES-Compiled Laws of Oklahoma (Sny. ed. 1909) $3.00 Session Laws 1907–8 Paper

.30 Session Laws 1909 Sheep

$1.25 Session Laws 1910, buckram

$1.00 Paper

.50 Session Laws 1916–1911, Buckram

$1.00 All prices quoted Net. All reports for sale by the State Librarian; all Statutes for sale by the Secretary of State.

No personal checks accepted. Volumes now in Press : 35 Supreme.



Adjudioating New Anti-cigarette Law,

Allen vs. State, 69 Bankruptcy Points Decided

74 Confidential Communications

60 Duty of Master to furnish Safe Machinery, Tools and Safe place to work not to be delegated.

47 Duty to keep in Repair

52 Degree of Care in the Carriage of Passengers

56 District Courts oannot fix Telephone rates

62 Digest of New Law Points

73 Exemplary Damages

57 Editorial Notes

76 Fire by Locomotive-Burden of Proof

61 Humor

78 Jury Lists—Legal Juries

70 Motion for Judgment on Pleading8-Difference in Replevin Cases.

55 Ownership of Natural Gas. Sec.1,

45 Notes on Oil and Gas

72 Restrictions on Output, Sec. 2, Taking More than Share, Sec. 3, and 4,

46 Penalties Sec. 4, and 5,

46 Resulting Trust-How may Arise

59 Statutes of Limitations must be Specially Pleaded.

58 School Teacher may whip unrully Pupil


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