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Hon. Lewis C. Lawson of Holdenville, has by presistont labor made himself famous in the base of Welty vs, Rood. The case has been determined by the principles involved in section's 6 and 28 of the original Creek A. greement relative to lands whose title will pass by pur. chase but not by descent. The labor bestowed on this subject by Mr. Lawson in the briefs he prepared has been so thorough that his briefs are now used as procedents on the law of like cases..

Pool Hall's Must Go.--- The pepole of Whetherford ale most unanimous have voted against the maintaining of of pool halls from their City. It is natural to ask, of what benefit are they to any oity; Simply to encourage idlones and have a certain class oke an existence in maintaining them and degrade the youth-men who do not want to work for a living.

1. A widow owning a dower interest in real estate has no power jo make an oil and gas lease and bind the remainderman.

2. Where a widow owning a dower interest had ex. souted an oil and gas lease, and thereafter executed a second lease to a third person who expressed the opinion that the first lease was invalid on the ground that she had no authority to exeoute it, and the widow had the advice of her son-in-law before exeouting the second leage, the second loage was not invalid, as having been prooured by fraud.

Prout, et al. vs. Hoy Oil Co., et al. 105 N. E. 26.


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HUMOR The following letter was received by one of our lawy. er friends relative to a claim: Dear Sir: "I received your letter. I found out whar my

: brother is. He is ded-& tran gtruok him three weeks on the side Saturday and he is not able to pay anything at present while he is ded."

With ruspeoks

The jurers filed into the jury box, and after all the twelve seals were filled there still remained one juror standing outside.

"of the Court piaase," said the clork, ''they have inade A mistake and sunt us thirteen jurors instead of twelvo. "Vliat do you want oro with this extra 019 :")

"What is your l' asked the judge of the extrı man.

so joseph A. Erlies," he replied.

"Mr. Clerk," said the judge, take this inan back to ihe jury commissionais aad isil them we don't need him As we alrestly hare here twelve men without Braines."

The National Corporation Reporter

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Molasses for Holdup, Two men wearing gooj olcthes, sraias Tit Bits, stap

i one night lately before the shop of a foreign langar !! burst into loud laiglater. "I tell you what I will do it,” declared one, "I'll bet you à dollar you joni," said the oiher. "Done! I'll take your bet." Both men unieron the sho;). "Do you sell nilasses'' said the firsi, *Yes, genileren," said the grocer. "Putiwo pounds of it in my har," said the first. "It's for a wäger."

The astonished groeer placed the hat in the scale and pure'l in ihe required purchase. The price was handed Over, The grocer begin to count the change when the purchaser said:

"Pardon me, but your molasses has a queer emell." "li is very good, I assure you.' "No. : Smell it."

The grocer put down his head, one of the men thruet the min's head into the hat, the other man grabbed what he could from the ull and both got clear off before the alarm could be given. The Law Student's Helper.

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