Anecdotes of painting in England. [Abridged. Followed by] A catalogue of engravers ... born in ... England

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Page 300 - Pretty ! in amber to observe the forms Of hairs, or straws, or dirt, or grubs, or worms ! The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.
Page 494 - The press and the public, alike in Great Britain and her Colonies, and in the United States, unite in their testimony to the immense superiority of Messrs. Moxon's Popular Poets over any other similar collections published by any other house. Their possession of the Copyright works of Coleridge, Hood, Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, and other great National Poets, places this series above rivaliy.
Page 102 - ... at last, being provoked by Mr Crofts, a young gentleman of family, a challenge ensued, and Mr Crofts coming to the rendezvous armed only with a squirt, the little creature was so enraged that a real duel ensued, and the appointment being on horseback, with pistols, to put them more on a level, Jeffery, with the first fire, shot his antagonist dead.
Page 236 - There is no instance of a man before Gibbons who gave to wood the loose and airy lightness of flowers, and chained together the various productions of the elements with a free disorder natural to each species.
Page 323 - None of the sober grief, no dignity of suppressed anguish, no involuntary tear, no settled meditation on the fate she meant to meet, no amorous warmth turned holy by despair ; in short all was wanting that should have been there, all was there that such a story would have banished from a mind capable of conceiving such complicated woe ; woe so sternly felt and yet so tenderly.
Page 101 - Buckingham, who resided at Burleigh on the Hill. Soon after the marriage of Charles I., the king and queen being entertained at Burleigh, little Jeffery was served up to table in a cold pie, and presented by the duchess to the queen, who kept him as her dwarf. From seven years of age till thirty he never grew taller ; but after thirty he shot up to three feet nine inches, and there fixed.
Page 88 - He wrote, besides the Breviary of Health, A Dietary of Health, the Merry Tales of the Mad Men of Gotham — a book extremely admired, and often reprinted in that age. A right pleasant and merry history of the " mylner " of Abingdon, with his wife and his fair daughter, and of two poor scholars of Cambridge : and other things which may he seen in Antony Wood, vol.
Page 3 - A poet or a painter may want an equipage or a villa, by wanting protection ; they can always afford to buy ink and paper, colours and pencil. Mr. Hogarth has received no honours, but universal admiration.
Page 319 - ... countenance, his lips are contracted by tremor, his face advances as eager to lie, his legs step back as thinking to make his escape; one hand is thrust precipitately into his bosom, the fingers of the other are catching uncertainly at his button-holes. If this was a portrait,-f- it is the most speaking that ever was drawn ; if it was not, it is still finer.
Page 323 - He set the price of 400/. on it, and had it returned on his hands by the person for whom it was painted. He took subscriptions for a plate of it, but had the sense at last to suppress it.

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