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Genealogical and Personal Memoirs.

ninetieth year.

(For first generation see Thomas Sawyer 1.)

and all three generations spent their lives on (II) Caleb Sawyer, son of this farm. He had the third seat in the meetSAWYER Thomas Sawyer (1), born at ing house in 1775.

ing house in 1775. He marched to LexingLancaster, April 20, 1659, died ton, April 19, 1775, under Captain Joseph there February 13, 1755. He married, De- Fairbanks, regiment of Colonel Asa Whitcember 28, 61687, Sarah, daughter of Ralph comb. He was too old to enter the ContinenHoughton, died November 15, 1757, in her tal army, but on the Rhode Island alarm,

He had a grant of thirty 1777, served again under Captain Hezekiah acres on the east side of Bare Hill, now Har Whitney, Colonel Josiah Whitney's regiment. vard. He probably built his house soon after He married at Harvard, February 18, 1756, the massacre of 1697, and he was in the Bare Lydia, born August 16, 1731, daughter of Hill garrison in 1704. Near his home was Joseph and Mary (Brown) Fairbanks, dethe famous “Rendezvous" tree, often men- scendant of Jonathan Fairbanks, of Dedham. tioned in old records. Sawyer outlived all Children, born at Harvard: 1. Jonathan, other pioneer settlers of Harvard. His old March 9, 1758. 2. Jabez, December 24, 1759. house, now or lately owned by James Ford, 3. Lydia, November 30, 1761. 4. Rhoda, is still known as the Washington Warner March 30, 1764. 5. Abijah, August 12, 1766. place. Before his death Caleb divided his 6. Manasseh, Jr., mentioned below. 7. Jofarm between his sons Seth and Jonathan. seph, April 4, 1771. 8. Luther, April 18, Seth lived in the old house with his father ; 1773 Jonathan built a new house to the northward. (V) Manasseh Sawyer, Jr., son of ManCaleb was selectman in 1737. He married, asseh Sawyer (4), was born in Harvard, December 28, 1687, Sarah Houghton, whose September 6, 1768. He received a common brother James went to Harvard to settle with school education, was naturally studious, him and is the ancestor of the Houghtons of given to reading, and took a lively interest in Harvard. Children: 1. Jonathan, mentioned public questions. He was one of the ten who below. 2. John. 3. Hepsibah, baptized at founded the Harvard Social Library, 1808. Lancaster, 1708. 4. Abigail, baptized 1708. His farm was on Bare Hill, some fifty acres, 5. Seth, born 1705, baptized with Hepsibah and he owned various other lots. and Abigail; died March 29, 1768.

prosperous, and for his time had a large (III) Captain Jonathan, Sawyer, son of property.

property. Of large physique, quiet and selfCaleb Sawyer (2), born in Lancaster, 1690. possessed in manner, he commanded the reHe removed with his parents to Harvard spect of all his townsmen. He was a memwhen a lad, and lived there all his life; was ber of the Harvard church. He died at Harselectman 1734, on building committee of the vard. He married, April 22, 1789, Mercy

He was in the Lancaster Mead, born at Harvard, February 15, 1769, Troop, and in and in 1737

succeeded Captain daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Willard) Thomas Carteras captain under Colonel Mead. Her father was born June 18, 1732, Samuel Willard. He married Elizabeth son of Samuel Mead, who came from LittleWheelock. Children, baptized in First Church ton, Massachusetts, to Harvard. Children, of Lancaster: 1. Jonathan, born 1716. born at Harvard: 1. Jonathan, July 26, 1789. Elizabeth, 1717. 3. Caleb, 1720; a prominent 2. Manasseh, July 28, 1791. 3. Rebecca, Nocitizen of Harvard. 4. Lois, 1724. 5. Olive, vember 14; 1793'; died September 16, 1798. 1726. 6. Sarah, 1727. 7. Manasseh, men- 4. Nathaniel, born December 10, 1795. 5. tioned below. 8. Lois, 1732.

Mercy, December 26, 1798. 6. Josiah. (IV) Manasseh Sawyer, son of Jonathan (VI) Josiah Sawyer, son of Manasseh Sawyer (3), was born in Harvard, 1729, bap- Sawyer(5), born in Harvard, December 9, tized in First Church of Lancaster. He had 1802, died March 2, 1884. He attended the half his father's homestead, upon which he district schools, and worked on the farm of built his house. He bequeathed his home to his father. . He employed workmen under his son, Luther, who left it to his son Arad, contract for Silas Baker, a manufacturer of


He was

church 1732.


boots in Boston. He brought the stock from bridge, Massachusetts, October 4, 1840. He Boston and returned with the finished boots. attended the common schools of Cambridge He carried on a general store at Harvard until he was eighteen years old, when he enunder the firm name of Whitcomb & Saw- tered the employ of William Wallace, wholeyer. At the time of the financial crash of sale coal merchant at ni Devonshire street, 1837 Mr. Baker was one of the multitude Boston, and was clerk in Mr. Wallace's ofthat failed. Mr. Sawyer closed his store and

fice five years.

He then decided to study the paid all his debts at Harvard. In 1838 he profession of dentistry, and after the custom of opened a shoe store in East Cambridge and that time became an apprentice in the office of employed a number of hands manufacturing Dr. Royal A. Munsell, Boston. After a year shoes there also. In 1840 he moved his he left Dr. Munsell and worked in various: store to Cambridge. His store there was on dentist's offices for the experience. He was what is now called Massachusetts avenue, near with Dr. Charles Bullock, of Boston, for six the corner of Brookline street. He resided at months. When the civil war broke out he took the corner of Pearl and Franklin streets, Cam- a position in Colt's Armory, at Hartford, Conbridge. After a year he engaged in the man- necticut, and remained there until 1866. Among ufacture of ladies' shoes for the custom trade, other work in this shop he made guardplates and for about five years had all of the best for guns and sidearms. When he left Harttrade of the city. Later he engaged in the ford it was to return to the office of Dr. Bulmanufacture of slippers on his own account. lock to complete the apprenticeship which had He bought the residence on Brookline street been interrupted by the war. He remained in where he lived to the time of his death, Varch the employ of Dr. Bullock as assistant dentist 2, 1884.

until during the eighties, when he was adMr. Sawyer was an active member of the mitted to partnership under the firm name of Unitarian church. He served on the music Bullock & Sawyer. In 1890 he bought out the committee of the Harvard Unitarian church, interests of his partner, and since then has and for some years played the violincello in the been alone in business. His son now occupies church choir. In politics he was a Whig or- offices with him, in the Harvard Trust Buildiginally, but having strong anti-slavery senti- ing, Massachusetts avenue, having moved rements joined the Free Soil party and, when cently from 569 Massachusetts avenue. Dr. it was organized, the Republican party. He Sawyer is one of the charter members of served on the school committee at Harvard, Emanuel Church ( Baptist) at Cambridge, and was town treasurer, was lieutenant of the mili- is at present a member of the First Baptist tary company and was chosen captain, but de- Church on Magazine street, Cambridge. He clined the honor. He was active in various is a Republican in politics. He is a member of temperance movements. He read much and Cambridge Lodge of Odd Fellows, and of thought seriously on political and social ques- Amicable Lodge of Free Masons. tions. He was distinctly a man of public spirit, He married, Varch 2, 1862, Emma Betsey doing the utmost for the community in which Carrier, born at Hartford, Connecticut. Febhe lived and for all men to the extent of his ruary 8, 1845, daughter of Salmon and Betsey means and opportunities. He was universally (Bullock) Carrier, of Hartford, Connecticut. respected and had many warm friends. Her father was in the freight department of

He married, at Sandwich, Massachusetts, the New York, New Haven & Hartford Rail1827, Agatha Gardner, who died the following road Company. Children of Dr. Albert Josiah year. He married second, at Boston, May and Emma B. Sawyer: 1. Frederick Albert, 1829, Mary Sanger, born August 16, 1809, at born January 14, 1869; mentioned below: Hopkinton, Massachusetts, daughter of Zede- Edith Lillian, born February 22, 1875: markiah and Mary (Dench) Sanger, of Hopkin- ried June 15, 1899; Harrison Gardner Bourne, ton. Her father was a farmer and music mas- of Dorchester, Massachusetts; child : Har ter. The only child of Josiah and Agatha rison Gardner Bourne Jr., born March 6, 1907. Sawyer was: 1. Gardner, born 1828. Chil- 3. Arthur Harold, born April 26, 1879; gradudren of Josiah and Mary Sawyer: 2. Mary ate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; Ellen, born April 9, 1834; unmarried. She now a mining expert in Michigan. was a teacher in the public schools of Cam- (VIII) Dr. Frederick Albert Sawyer, son of bridge for over fifty years. 3. Albert Josiah, Dr. Albert Josiah Sawyer (7), was born at mentioned below.

Cambridge, January 14, 1860. He attended (VII) Dr. Albert Josiah Sawyer, son of the public schools of his native city, and the Josiah Sawyer (6), was born at East Cam- high school for two years, leaving to take a position in the office of Rogers, Wood & Lor- tember 28, 1679; married, December 31, 1659, ing, bankers, in Boston. He was there two Mary Johnson, who married (second), Noyears and then for one year clerk in the store vember 1, 1682, Edward Clarke. 5. Samuel, of Fenno Brothers & Childs, dealers in wool. married, December, 1663, Deborah Barnes. 6. In the fall of 1887 he entered the Boston Den- Sarah, married, June 18, 1683, John Page. tal College, graduating in 1890 with the de- (11) James Davis, son of James Davis (I), gree of D. D. S. He immediately began to was born about 1620. He was admitted a practice his profession in the office of his freeman in 1666, took the oath of allegiance father, as assistant dentist, and has been as- and fidelity 1677. He married (first) Elizasociated with his father ever since. At present beth Eaton, daughter of John Eaton (1), Dethey have offices at 689 Massachusetts avenue, cember 1, 1648. He married (second) Mary in the Harvard Trust Building, each having a

who is mentioned in his will, proved separate business, however. He resides at August 2, 1604. dated the day of his death Arlington. In politics he is a Republican. July 18, 1694. Children, born at Haverhill: 1. He is a member of Amicable Lodge of Free Hannah, born June 19, 1650, died July 8, Vasons of Cambridge ; of the Economy Club 1650. 2. Esther, born October 8, 1651. 3. of Cambridge; of the Citizens' Trade Associa- Elizabeth, born March 11, 1653-54; married, tion, and of the Young Men's Christian Asso- October 31, 1676, Robert Hastings. 4. Ann, ciation. He is a member of the Alumni Asso- born February 13, 1655; married James ciations of Boston Dental College of Tufts Pecker, Jr. 5. Saralı, born August 5, 1658; Dental School; of the Vassachusetts Dental married, May 2, 1603. Thomas Litchfield. 6. Society. He served as a private in Company James, born October 3. 1660. 7. John, born B. First Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer June 30, 1664, soldier slain in Phipps expediMilitia, in 1886, 1887, 1888 and 1880).

tion to Canada, October, 1690. 8. Daniel, He married, June 1, 1898, Grace Edna Dean, born September 19, 1666, died at Pemaquid, born November 7, 1875, at Boston, daughter pril, 1689. 9. Elisha, mentioned below. of Frederick Brainard and Anna Brookings (III) Elisha Davis, son of James Davis (2), (Loud) Dean. Her father is a leather mer- born August 30, 1670; married, June 14, chant of Boston. They have no children. 1694, Grace Shaw. He died January 18,

1738-39, at Haverhill.

His will was dated

January 15, 1738-39, and proved February James Davis, immigrant ances- io following. His widow's will was dated DAVIS tor, born in England, in 1583-84, August 18, and proved September 21 1741.

was among the early settlers of Many of this family resided at Haverhill and Newbury. Massachusetts, whence


Oyster River (Dover) Maine. Children. 1640 he removed to Haverhill, and was one seven of whom were born at Haverhill: 1. of the first selectmen, 1646. He was probably James, born June 24, 1695; married, March brother of Thomas Davis, sawyer, born about 29. 1716, Sarah Bagley. 2. Daniel, born De1602, who came from Varlborough, Eng- cember 2, 1697; married Esther Barney, land, in the ship “James," April 5, 1635, and April 22, 1729: five children born in Haversettled at Newbury also; was admitted free- hill. 3. Elizabeth, born February 29. 1699man June 2, 1641; removed also to Haver- 1700; married Caleh Dalton. 4. Abigail, hill, where he was a proprietor and town offi- born March 11, 1702-03; married, December cer: wife Christina died April 7, 1668; he died 27, 1722, Richard Hubbard, of Kingston, July 27, 1683; so far as known he had no male New Hampshire. 5. Esther, born October descendants. James Davis was excused from 31, 1706, married Ford. 6. John, born training by Hampton Court on account of his March 13, 1708-09), mentioned below. 7. Suage, in 1650. His sons James Jr., and John

sanna, married

Black. 8. Moses, marwere also proprietors of Haverhill. His wife ried Hepzibah Richardson. 9. Daughter, Cicily died there May 28, 1673; he died, aged married Wilson. about ninety-six years, January 29, 1678. His (11) John Davis, son of Elisha Davis (3), will dated March 17, 1675. with codicil July was born March 13. 1708-04, at Haverhill, 22. 1678, proved 1680, named children given and was of that place when he married, June below and various grandchildren. Children : 1. 30, 1732, Sarah Barney, of Rehoboth. He James. Jr., mentioned below. 2. John, born was called “Jr..” 1730-40; died July 14, 1781, about 1623, married. December, 1646. Jane at Haverhill. He was living in Rehoboth in Peaslee.

3. Judith, married, September 1, 1750, when his son Joseph was born there, 1647, Samuel Gile. 4. Ephraim, died Sep- and his brother Daniel was also in Rehoboth

for a time. Children, all recorded at Haver after the settlement of Warwick he owned the hill, where all but the youngest was born: 1. lot originally drawn by Shubael Seaver. Barney, born August 18, 1733; married Ann (II) John Weeks, son of Richard Weeks Bullock; settled in Rehoboth. 2. John, born (1), was born about 1695, in Attleborough. January 4, 1734-35; married, at Rehoboth, He administered his father's estate, and lived September 4, 1760, Joanna Hix. 3. Anne, at Attleborough. He married Mary Rowley; born August 31, 1738. 4. Mary, born April second, Silence Converse. He and his wife 3, 1742. 5. Sarah, born August 28, 1744; were living as late as 1753; date of their married, January 10, 1765, Nathan Pearce. deaths unknown. Children, born in Attle6. James, born February 9, 1746-47; married borough: 1. Mary, born March 21, 1720; died Nanne Haskins; son Daniel born there No before 1732. 2. Richard, born December 26, vember 8, 1781, and other children in Reho 1721. 3. Nathan, born August 26, 1725. 4. both. 7. Joseph, mentioned below.

John, born March 15, 1726-7; was a soldier in (V) Joseph Davis, son of John Davis (4), 1745 in the French war, and took part in the born at Rehoboth, May 24, 1750, was reared attack on Louisburg; married October 15, at Haverhill, and settled later with most of 1757, Hannah Day. 5. Samuel, born April the family at Rehoboth. He married, April 6, 1730. 6. Mary, born December 25, 1732; 12, 1772, Sarah Baker. Children, all record died July 19, 1740. 7. Sarah, born July 11, ed at Rehoboth except Daniel: 1. Joseph, 1735; married (published August 1, 1755) born August 24, 1772, died November 27, John Clark. 8. William, born August 14, 1775. 2. Betty, born November 5, 1774. 3. 1737; see forward. Child of second wife: 9. Daniel, born about 1776, mentioned below. David, born March 26, 1744. 4. Joseph, born June 20, 1780, married (III) William Weeks, son of John Weeks

Campbell. 5. Nathaniel Baker, born (2), was born in Attleborough, MassachuFebruary 9, 1783. 6. Barney, born January setts, August 14, 1737. He and his brother 9, 1787. 7. Rufus, born May 12, 1790. 8. Samuel settled in Warwick, Massachusetts, John, born September 30, 1793.

during the Revolution. Samuel removed to (VI) Daniel Davis, son of Joseph Davis Warwick in 1778, and to Amherst, Massachu(5), was born in Rehoboth about 1776. Set setts, in 1785. Children: 1. Joseph, born tled in Ashby, Massachusetts, from whence 1773; father of L. F. Weeks, late of Keene, he removed to Washington, Maine. He mar New Hampshire. 2. Richard, married Judried Olive, daughter of Josiah Winslow, ith

children: i. Joseph, settled at granddaughter of Edward Winslow, and Richmond, New Hampshire; ii. Caleb; iii. great-granddaughter of Kenelm Winslow. Samuel; iv. Susannah; v. Betsey. (See Winslow family). They were the par iam. 4. Caleb, mentioned below. ents of fourteen children.

(IV) Caleb Weeks, son of William Weeks (VII) Hannah Davis, daughter of Daniel (3), was born in Hinsdale or Warwick, in Davis (6), was born at Washington, Maine, 1776, and died in Warwick, February 1, 1854, 1827. Married, in Warwick, Massachusetts, aged seventy-eight. He married Sarah Taft, Richard Weeks (see Weeks family).

a native of New Hampshire, and she lived to be over seventy-five years old. He was a

hatter by trade, residing in Warwick. ChilRichard Weeks, immigrant an dren, born in Warwick : 1. Amariah. WEEKS cestor, born in England about Caleb, Jr., lived in New York, and had sev

1670, came to America in 1690.eral children. 3. William, married Julia CorHe settled in the town of Attleborough, Mas- nell, of Worcester, Massachusetts; one sachusetts. He may have been a soldier in daughter and three sons. . 4. Richard, menthe expedition of 1690, as the town of War tioned below. 5. Amzi, unmarried; was livwick, where his descendants lived, ing at Saratoga, New York, in 1855. 6. granted to the heirs of soldiers, and known Sarah, married first, Othniel Day; three chilas Roxbury, Canada, but his record does not dren, one of whom, Caleb Day, resides at appear. He married second, at Attleborough, present at South Royalston, Massachusetts; August 10, 1724, Mary Leonard, widow, who married second, Lewis Fisher. 7. Amanda. 8. died March 9, 1728-9. Children: 1. John, Angeline; married first, George Orcutt, of mentioned below. 2. Mehitable, married July Vermont; second, James Bishop, of New Jer3. 1724, Moses Rowley. 3. Joseph (?), of sey: one daughter by first marriage. 9. Hanwhom nothing is known except that soon nah; married Fisher; one son; married

3. Will



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