Proceedings of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin, Volume 1

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Biographical sketches of deceased members of the Wisconsin bar included in many of the volumes.

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Page 26 - Grievances ; who shall be charged with the hearing of all complaints against members of the Association, and also all complaints which may be made in matters affecting the interests of the legal profession, the practice of the law and the administration of justice...
Page 73 - Wilmot has said, the Statute Law is the will of the legislature in writing ; the Common Law is nothing else but statutes worn out by time. All our law began by consent of the legislature ; and whether it is now law by usage or writing is the same thing. (2 Wils. 348.) And Statute Law and Common Law both originally flowed from the same fountain.
Page 77 - It has been long established that, when an Act of Parliament is repealed, it must be considered (except as to transactions past and closed) as if it had never existed.
Page 24 - Three for one year, three for two years, and three for three years, and members shall be eligible for reappointment.
Page 78 - The amount of the whole comes to this, that a repealing clause is such an express enactment as necessarily divests all inchoate rights which have arisen under the statute which it destroys. These rights are but an incident to the statute and fall with it, unless saved by express words in the repealing clause.
Page 251 - This is the first application for admission of a female to the bar of this court. And it is just matter for congratulation that it is made in favor of a lady whose character raises no personal objection: something perhaps not always to be looked for in women who forsake the ways of their sex for the ways of ours.
Page 28 - This committee may receive and hear all complaints preferred by any member against any other member for misconduct in his relations to the Association, or in his profession, provided the same be in writing, plainly and specifically stating the matter complained of, and subscribed by the complainant.
Page 62 - ... no person shall be denied admission or license to practice as an attorney in any court on account of sex" (sec. 256.28). 32. Jury Service — Eligibility of Women. Women are eligible for jury service. However, any woman...
Page 238 - In 1758 he was admitted to the bar, and entered upon the practice of the law in Braintree.
Page 102 - The judge was required by the act to reside in one of the counties, and was paid the same salary and in the same manner as the judges of the Supreme Court. The first judge appointed under this act was JAMES D.

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