The Genealogical Exchange, Volumes 1-7

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Solomon Norton + Deborah Smith

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Page 87 - Eighth or the Stile and Title of King of Great Britain, hath not any right or title whatsoever to the Crown of this Realm or any other the Dominions thereto belonging; and I do renounce, refuse and abjure any allegiance or obedience to him. And I do swear...
Page 87 - Swear that I will, to the utmost of my power, support, maintain and defend the said United States against the said King George the Third, his heirs and successors, and his or their abettors, assistants and adherents, and will serve the said United States in the office of Lieutenant which I now hold, with fidelity, according to the best of my skill and understanding.
Page 87 - Resolved, That every officer who holds or shall hereafter hold a commission or office from Congress shall take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation : I do acknowledge the United States of America to be free, independent and sovereign States, and declare that the people thereof owe no allegiance or obedience to George the third, King of Great Britain...
Page 85 - A partial record of the descendants of John Tefft. of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and the nearly complete record of the descendants of John Tifft, of Nassau, New York, Together with other miscellaneous records compiled by Maria E.
Page 93 - In the report of the treasurer of the United States for 1791 appears the following item, "Toward discharging certain debts, contracted by Abraham Skinner, late Commissary of Prisoners, $38,683.13." Aside from a "bill of about three hundred dollars of Dr. James J. Van Beuren, "for medicine and attendance on sundry officers of the late army, whilst in captivity on Long Island," the amount was "for subsistence" of the same persons. For the sake of reference, I have arranged the names alphabetically,...
Page 73 - All of this name in America are supposed to have originated from William Dyckman, (a native of Holland,) who was among the early settlers of New Amsterdam. This individual was a lineral benefactor of the Dutch Reformed Church of Fordam Manor. His grandson Jacobus mar. Kesur. The children of Jacobus were, 1. Jacob, mar. Tryntje Benson of Haarlem, and had 1. Jacob, the father of Jacob and John. 2. Sampson, mar. Rebecca Odell, da.
Page 59 - Mr. Layne was a subject of four British Sovereigns, and a Citizen of the United States for nearly 48 years. Until within a few years, he enjoyed all his faculties, with vigorous bodily health.
Page 41 - Boston Pamphlet," and a member of the Committee on Correspondence the same year. In 1774 he was one of the committee to consider the acts of the British Parliament for raising revenue from the colonies.
Page 13 - ... gushed out of his mouth like a torrent. His wife was soon brought to him. He tried but was unable to speak to her, and died in about twelve hours.
Page 75 - Mag. line will help you dress stylishly at a moderate expense by keeping you posted on the latest fashions In clothes and hats.

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