Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950

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Kent Receiver v Illinois Central R Co 201 I C C 563
Federated Metals Corp v Central R Co of New Jersey 146 I C C 455
Illinois Coal Traffic Bureau v Arkansas Valley I Ry Co 161 I C C 337
Stickell Sons Inc v Alton R Co 255 I C C 333
Larabee Flour Mills Corp v Atchison T S F Ry Co 148 I C C
Flory Milling Co v Central N E Ry Co 93 I C C 129 193
Florida East Coast Ry Co 270 1 C C 239
Limefrom to and between Points in the Southwest 205 I C C 282 497
Imperial Paper Color Corp v Delaware H R Corp 272 I C C 141 51
Increased Railway Rates Fares and Charges1942 264 I C C 695
Potash Co of America v Aberdeen R R Co 258 I C C 109 498
Increases in Kansas Freight Rates and Charges 231 I C C 137 463
Industrial Sand Cases 1930 204 I C C 159
Tanning Extract from the South to Western Territory 272 I C C 393 536
Fulton Bag Cotton Mills v Southern Ry Co 160 I C C 117 89
United States 289 U S 627
Georgia Hardwood Lbr Co v Pennsylvania R Co
Municipal Belt Line Ry of Tacoma Wash 251 I C C 263
Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the South and Southwest 259 I C C 55
Nassau Lbr Co v Long Island R Co 144 I C C 267
National Mortar Supply Co v Pennsylvania R Co 216 I C C 75 68
New York N H H R Co v Interstate Commerce Commission 200
Proportional Rates on Grain to Central Territory 237 I C C 213 707 741
Tillman and Levenson v Louisville N R Co 272 J C C 681 111
Maryland Distillery Inc v Baltimore O R Co 232 I C C 179 794
Mead Johnson Co v Atlantic Coast Line R Co 168 I C C 157
North Carolina Corp Comm v Akron C Y Ry Co 213 I C C 259
Pulpwood North Carolina and Virginia to Cypress Va 235 I C C 11
International Pulp Co v New York Central R Co 195 I C C 185

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Page 411 - employer" shall not include any street, interurban, or suburban electric railway, unless such railway is operating as a part of a general steam-railroad system of transportation, but shall not exclude any part of the general steam-railroad system of transportation now or hereafter operated by any other motive power. The...
Page 326 - That every common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act shall file with the Commission created by this Act and print and keep open to public Inspection schedules showing all the rates, fares, and charges for transportation between different points on its own route...
Page 547 - railroad" as used in this act shall include all bridges and ferries used or operated in connection with any railroad, and also all the road in use by any corporation operating a railroad, whether owned or operated under a contract, agreement, or lease; and the term "transportation" shall include all instrumentalities of shipment or carriage.
Page 543 - States and the duly authorized officials thereof; and to encourage fair wages and equitable working conditions; all to the end of developing, coordinating, and preserving a national transportation system by water, highway, and rail, as well as other means, adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the postal service, and of the national defense. All of the provisions of this act shall be administered and enforced with a view to carrying out the above declaration of policy.
Page 320 - The transportation of oil or other commodity, except water and except natural or artificial gas, by pipe line, or partly by pipe line and partly by railroad or by water...
Page 547 - ... shall include cars and other vehicles and all Instrumentalities and facilities of shipment or carriage, irrespective of ownership or of any contract, express or Implied, for the use thereof and all services In connection with the receipt, delivery, elevation, and transfer in transit, ventilation, refrigeration or icing, storage, and handling of property transported...
Page 358 - That in case any common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act shall do, cause to be done, or permit to be done, any act. matter, or thing in this Act prohibited or declared to be unlawful, or shall omit to do any act. matter, or thing in this Act required...
Page 325 - Commission it is practicable to prescribe such uniformity and methods of keeping accounts) a period of time within which all common carriers subject to the provisions of this Act shall have, as near as may be. a uniform system of accounts and the manner in which...
Page 357 - The commission may, after hearing, on a complaint or upon its own initiative without complaint, establish reasonable rules, regulations and practices with respect to car service by carriers by railroad...
Page 411 - employer" means any carrier (as defined in subsection (b) of this section) , and any company which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by one or more such carriers or under common control therewith, and which operates any equipment or facility or performs any service (except trucking service, casual service, and the casual operation of equipment or facilities) in connection with the transportation of passengers or property by railroad...

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